Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

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Raw Title & Source: 穿到女主身边当绿叶
Release Schedule: Tue,Thu
Author: 烟叶
Total Chapters: 103
Genres: Romance School Life Shoujo Transmigration
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Short Description: Why don’t I support the female lead?

University student Yu Nian loved romance dog blood novels. She recently became madly obsessed with a book “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead” written by Xiao Xiangli, a pigeon master.1An author who sometimes doesn’t update and leaves the readers on hang.

In Yu Nian’s eyes, the female lead Liu Manman had a soft and exquisite voice with a gentle and kind personality. She also had a sweet and lovely appearance. She was someone that even a straight woman would hold in the palm of her hand to cherish. But was the male lead, Chi Yao, blind?

Yu Nian was furious. While she frantically blasted Xiao Xiangli with landmines, she didn’t forget to curse as well, an actual rich little black fan.2Anti-fan

Li Xiang: Is the reader seriously ill?

Before transmigrating in the book:

The female lead passed by and the male lead turned a blind eye to the female lead.

Yu Nian: F*ck, dog male lead! Don’t give me the ‘ignore it’ eyes!

The female lead fell ill and the male lead was indifferent to the female lead.

Yu Nian: Sure enough, the dog male lead has no EQ and deserves to be single.

After transmigrating in the book:

Yu Nian was ridiculed for her broad heart and fat body.

Liu Manman stepped forward to help her: Don’t say that to Nian Nian. After all, fat people are potential stocks.

Yu Nian: ???

Yu Nian was ridiculed for her short legs.

Liu Manman: How can you guys say that about Nian Nian? It’s just that my legs are longer.

Yu Nian: ???

Did the gentle, kind, and lovely female lead become a little green tea?3Slang for seemingly innocent and charming but actually calculating and manipulative.

Quirky and die-hard otaku female lead, Yu Nian X Dissed all over, god-level male lead, Li Xiang

Story of a tyrant little black fan and a pseudo-pigeon bigshot

Author’s Note:

Cover thanks to @小王好运来

Reading guide:

  1. Both the male lead and female lead transmigrated.
  2. Xiao Xiangli, the male lead’s romance little pseudonym, was actually a male channel4Novels that are male-oriented or targeted towards men. bigshot.
  3. Reward isn’t related to reality, don’t check.
  4. All plot also has nothing to do with reality, don’t imitate, and it’s still unacceptable to curse.

Jie Jie’s Notes:

Hi! This will be my first BG Novel Project! I hope you’ll like it as much as I did~





















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