Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 5

Next day at 10 am, Beijing Capital International Airport.

Yu Nian pushed her suitcase and stood at the entrance. She looked at her father’s gaze glued to her every three steps, the tip of her nose was a little sour.

It was obviously Yu Ruiping who wanted to send her away, but it was Yu Ruiping who was most reluctant to let her go.

She felt that she really didn’t know if Yu Ruiping’s life was worth it or not. He was single until he was 20 years old and finally met someone he liked. As a result, he hadn’t been in love for 15 years but was separated from the person he liked.

After Zhao Yuyan’s death, Yu Ruiping put almost all his thoughts on academics and Yu Nian. He could no longer divide his thoughts into his own affairs. In fact, Yu Nian was also sometimes quite contradictory.


She not only hoped that Yu Ruiping finds someone to spend the rest of his life but she also didn’t want him to break his loyalty to her mother.

Yu Nian will one day leave home and have her own little family. She couldn’t imagine how desolate it would be for him to sit alone on the sofa and read the newspaper in such a small apartment.

When Yu Nian was about to go in, she dragged her luggage and hurried to Yu Ruiping. Her brows furrowed and she said fiercely, “Old man, you have to cook and eat on time every day while I’m gone. Send me pictures. You can’t eat less than three meals a day. Do you hear me?”

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Zw Lkyd sdnl ypjle bkx, “Ps usw pvkzz clzklhl kd vbkp?”

Zhao Ye unexpectedly shrugged. “I just want the Lord to forgive me after I’ve done something wrong.”


Yu Nian: …

Zhao Ye’s IQ didn’t inherit half of his parents’ at all. He relied on his family’s money and abandoned himself to a life of pleasure all day long.

Fortunately, he wasn’t wicked and was quite upright with his younger sister. Otherwise, Yu Nian would have scolded him.

When Yu Nian used to come to her grandparent’s house to play during the winter and summer vacation, Zhao Ye took her out to have fun several times. They went to play in casinos and bars.

Yu Nian, who successfully inherited her father’s mathematical thinking, watched her cousin stupidly get caught and had a headache before she knew it.

He didn’t listen to what she said. Yu Nian simply didn’t bother to care about him.

Zhao Ye placed her luggage into the trunk and said with a smile, “Nian Nian, you’re here. This time, Grandpa and Grandma asked you to take care of them.”

“Zhao Ye, are you planning to go out and hang out with your group of crooked friends again?” Yu Nian had never been particularly good-tempered with her cousin and it wasn’t surprising when she addressed him with his first and last name.

“I wanted to ah, but my parents have recently become more stricter in controlling my pocket money. I can’t go to many places I wanted to.” Zhao Ye complained bitterly.

Yu Nian gloated when she heard this. “Uncle should’ve done this a long time ago. Otherwise, you would only spend and not earn. You don’t even know how hard it is.”

Zhao Ye: “Hey? I say, Nian Nian, I’m still your cousin, give me some face.”

Yu Nian shrugged, “Alright, cousin. Focus on driving.”


After she said that, she picked up her phone and opened Jelly Network to see if Xiao Xiangli had more updates.

Zhao Ye in the driver’s seat shook his head when he saw Yu Nian open this green software and lamented, “I say, Nina Nian ah, novels are all deceptive. Don’t learn from the women in there. Like a fool, she got scumbag-ed and even cried that the man loved her.”

When Yu Nian heard this, she snorted. “It’s the existence of scums like you that there are stories like this.”

“How am I a scum?”

Yu Nian pierced ruthlessly, “I heard from aunt that you changed girlfriends three or four times when you were in university, right?”

Zhao Ye swat off the hair on his forehead and said elatedly, “I’m attractive unlike you. I heard from my uncle that you were even solo in your mother’s womb with a bit of our Zhao Family’s bloodline.”

Yu Nian glanced at Zhao Ye as if he was mentally retarded. “Shut up. This sister has an IQ of 120+. It’s better to worry about yourself than worrying about me.”

After she said that, she gazed at the “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead” that was still stuck in yesterday’s update. She couldn’t help but urge updates in the comments section.

I’m The Only Lover Of Dog Blood Romance: Is the dog male lead not only blind but also dead today? Why hasn’t he appeared yet?! [Landmine]

I’m The Only Lover Of Dog Blood Romance: It was just a cup of vanilla milk tea and you still let the female lead compensate for it? Can a landmine compensate you?! [Landmine]

I’m The Only Lover Of Dog Blood Romance: Why not princess carry ah, ah, ah! I just want to ask Stinky Li1From the author’s name, Xiao Xiangli., did you receive the blade I sent?2This means that she was upset or angry that she wanted to k!!ll him(as a joke). This is mostly used when someone writes something heartbreaking.

Yu Nian was still prepared to say more but the system showed that she received a reply.


Xiao Xiangli replied to you: En, the male lead died today, his resurrection depends on my mood.

Xiao Xiangli replied to you: Vanilla bubbling3Consider this as an SFX. milk tea is my favorite, compensation is a must.

Xiao Xiangli: Oh, I didn’t receive it. Why don’t you send it again?

Yu Nian: ???

How come this Xiao Xiangli’s tone doesn’t match with the soft and cute little sister she thought?

When Zhao Ye saw that his cousin’s face didn’t seem too beautiful, he wisely chose to shut up.

China, in a certain high-end residential building in City B.

Li Xiang nestled on the sofa in the living room. He opened his phone and boarded the Jelly App. He clicked on “My” column and saw a red badge at first glance. The information showed 99+. The author’s name at the top had: Free,4English in the raw. with a big V next to it with 111 followers and 1.12 million fans.

Li Xiang clicked on the latest chapter, picked a few readers to reply to, and changed account.

The other account was a lot deserted.

The information showed 53 with the author’s name: Xiao Xiangli, Followers: 0, Fans: 1,120. This data was relatively optimistic for an author who hasn’t yet entered into V. After all, there were only 30 chapters in it and the number of words was less than 100,000.

Li Xiang’s Xiao Xiangli account was established to specifically mix with the female channel that came from Li Xiang and his editor, Baiyu’s5His editor’s name means Whitefish. conversation.


One day, Li Xiang, who had stayed up all night, found that there were fewer and fewer drafts in his saved draft box. Only then did he suddenly realize that as the veteran and high-yielding big shot of the Jelly Network’s male channel station, he actually also fell into the dilemma of his peers… Writer’s block.

Was this to let his group of fathers, who are like cheap cabbage, aware of their terrible heartache?

Jelly Network was currently a well-known novel site. Li Xiang, as the first batch of contracted authors in it, has been mixed in for more than five years.

Li Xiang was in his third year this year and studied at the University of Science and Engineering. He had been continuously writing in Jelly Network since high school.

At that time, Jelly Network wasn’t a big site. It was just one of the many emerging writing platforms and there was no profit. Everyone wrote just to satisfy the world in their hearts.

Later, after years of decline, Jelly Network stood out among the host of writing platforms during the same period. It was ranked as one of the top three writing platform websites.

There were two websites left: Banana and Cookie.

Well, from the websites’ names, it seemed that they have found some secrets about the popular websites.

Li Xiang under the pen name Free, sat on a harem of 3,000 beautiful men. His works comment area urged him to post more every day.

Other authors’ comment section style:

—Dad, pay attention to rest oh.

—Dad, jiayou!6To cheer somebody on as if to say, fighting!7

—Dad, here’s a pen for you, begging you8Courteous address9 to please hurry up!

Li Xiang’s comment section style:

—Dog Free! 3,000 isn’t enough to read! Dad blew up landmines for you, so quickly give me another 2,000. [Landmine]

Landmines were black fans’ favorite and it had the same status as the Gold jelly with the highest price on the website. It can be described as people’s love and hate.

Li Xiang with more than 5,000 words.

—Are there no pocket money? There were actually more than 5,000? One landmine and 2,000 more. [Landmine]

Rebellious Li Xiang with more than 2,000 words.

—Did you play on your phone or did you play games? Quickly roll back and write. [Landmine]

In short, Li Xiang’s number of words that don’t work full time and the number of readers’ inner needs will never be equal.

Li Xiang picked up his phone and pressed the voice button: Baiyu ah, I really have writer’s block.

The other side quickly replied: Ancestor, why don’t you change your writing style?

Li Xiang ah-ed: I currently haven’t moved the whole website except the female channel. What style do I have left that I haven’t written?

As Li Xiang’s editor for five years, Baiyu was silent: This is true, otherwise you

Baiyu didn’t say the latter words, he couldn’t say them. You ask an unyielding straight man to write romance novels for young ladies?

Don’t know if it was the author or the reader who suffered.

If you looked at it now, it was the reader who suffered.

Moreover, Yu Nian was one of the most poisoned among the many victims.

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