Why hasn’t xxx novel released a chapter yet when your release schedule says it should?

Please note that the schedule written on the release schedule page are only for reference and that translating is not a full time job. Most translators are either full-time students or full-time workers wishing to contribute to the community with the spare time we have.

If a novel has an ongoing translation status AND has not been updated for more than a month, please report it to us through our discord or our contact page so we can contact the translator to see whether the novel will be put on hiatus or dropped.

Why isn’t your novel updating at xxxx site?

All our translations are posted only at this site. If you see our works on any other site, please note that those sites are aggregates, which means they steal our work to profit from ad revenue. Unfortunately, aggregates are common in this field and it is a never ending battle to protect our work.

Some ways you can help us is to report those novels. use adblock or stop reading at those sites.

Do you allow retranslations?

It depends the translator. Please either leave a comment at the novel page or contact the translator through Discord to ask for permission.

Will you translate Korean novels?

No. Due to the number of trouble surrounding the issue of Korean fan translations especially with the witch hunt the original authors and kr publishers do, the group will not be picking up any korean novels in order to safeguard our own interests.

Can you update xxx novel faster?

No. If you’d like to to get faster updates without any regard for quality, you may use this site.

If the novel has not been dropped and you would like to get more updates, you are free to translate it yourself provided that you do not continue from where we left off. Please be respectful of our work and start from the very beginning by establishing your own reader base. Thank you.

Can we make epubs/mobi/pdfs of the novels?

No. We do not allow anyone to make unauthorized epubs of our translations given that some people have tried to sell translated works on other sites or aggregates.

Can I have the mtl site of xx novel?

No. Please learn how to use google.

Can I have the source of the novel?

Original Sources of the novels are linked in the TOC page in their raw name. Thank you for supporting the author by purchasing/reading at the official site.

Why did you delete/edit my comment or portions of my comment?

SLT reserves the right to delete any and all identifiable personal information such as your email, address etc. Any comments that goes against the policy stated will also be deleted, that includes linking to external websites, rude, demanding comments, excessive cursing, explicit content etc. Spoilers will also be redacted as it goes against the comment policies.

What are ways we can support the site?

To support the site, you can choose to do the following:

  1. Whitelist us from your ad-blocking. Due to allowing smut content on our site, we can only apply for an extremely limited number of ad networks. That is why we censor our smut as it barely passes Adsense’s policies.
  2. Do not read our works on any other site, especially pirates or aggregates and report them.
  3. Help catch any errors by leaving a comment on the page or our discord.
  4. Support our translators and site through the available Ko-fi pages or Patreon buttons.

For any other inquiries, please go to our contact us page.