Created in 2018, Second Life Translations has been providing free translated web novels of varying genres to the public. Currently looking to expand our team of translators, if you have a novel you would like to translate but don’t want to go through the hassle of establishing a site, why not join the team? We promise we don’t bite 😉 

CN/JP Translator

  • Fluent proficiency in both Chinese/Japanese and English
  • Must be able to read and understand raw text without machine translation help
  • For MTLers, you must have native or near native fluency in English.
  • Must be able to consistently release a full chapter’s worth (2k words) each week (~2-3 hours time commitment)
  • Chapters must be released in full and can only be split once it has beyond 3k words
  • Must have a series that you would like to translate in mind
  • Able to handle constructive criticism and feedback
  • Experience in translation (preferred but not a must)
  • Shared ad-revenue based on view count
  • Pluggable Ko-fi and Patreon account to supplement your income stream
  • Hassle-free. Just add new post and publish! Post navigation buttons are auto-generated.
  • Lifetime gratitude from Little Potato who will give you lots of potatoes.

If you are already a translator and would like to move your posts over, please send me a link through the contact page or through discord, to your translations. If it is passable, you are permitted to skip the recruitment test and can start posting on the site immediately! 

Editor Position

  • Be fluent in English
  • Catch typos and grammatical mistakes
  • Reduce redundancies and fix sentence structure to flow better
  • If need be, add ad-libs to enhance flow of meaning

As such, editors are not only required to be proficient in the language, but must have a certain level of creative literary skill to allow the translation to read smoothly in English.

  • Access to advanced chapters of the novels you are editing
  • ***Some remuneration may be given depending on the translator and the popularity of the novel***
  • Gratitude from translators who may not be able to spend enough time or have enough ability to polish their translations

To check out which novels require editing help, please check out our discord and head on to #recruitment and DM the translator to express your interest.

Question or Inquiries?

Send us an email through our contact form or join our discord server to ask about translations!