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Chapter 4

It was almost the end of the meal before Yu Nian realized the significance of this big meal tonight.

“After eating, go back to your room and pack up your things. You’ll fly to Country F tomorrow. The ticket has been booked for you,” Yu Ruiping said softly.

Yu Nian had already eaten her fill and couldn’t resist being gluttonous. The chopsticks in her hand just picked up a piece of prawn when she heard Yu Ruiping. Her hand shook and the prawn fell back into the plate.

Yu Nian’s eyebrow raised and asked, “A farewell meal?”

Yu Ruiping reached out and knocked Yu Nian on the head. “Don’t say it like it’s unpleasant. What farewell meal are you saying? It’s goodbye.1It might sound confusing, but the farewell meal means to see someone off or throw a party to send off someone. For the ‘goodbye’ it’s just simply saying goodbye. Your grandparents called me a few days ago. They missed you a lot. The two elderly had no one to accompany them there. It just so happens that school hasn’t started yet. Go and accompany them.”


“Don’t they have grandchildren? They still need me.” Yu Nian muttered in a low voice with a frown.

Yu Ruiping had always been a person who conducts himself. When he heard Yu Nian’s words, the stubbornness of being a people’s teacher appeared and he said with a serious face, “Yu Nian, their your mother’s parents, my parents-in-law, and your grandparents. You should go see them reasonably. What’s more, don’t substitute our previous life events into yourself.”

Yu Nian immediately felt wronged when she heard Yu Ruiping. Her big round eyes were soaked with some tears which glowed with brilliance and her lips curled, “Can’t I feel aggrieved for you?”

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Later, Zhao Yuyan kneeled towards her parents with a big belly. Her dazzling gaze flashed with tears, “It was this daughter who was unfilial.”


Since then, Zhao Yuyan’s parents hardly had contact with the Yu Family.

It wasn’t until Yu Nian smoothly started elementary school that her mold of Zhao Yuyan became more and more similar when she was young, healthy, and lively. Zhao Yuyan’s parents were relieved and the relationship of the two families eased.

In fact, Zhao Yuyan’s parents have been angry with Yu Ruiping’s selfishness but when they carefully thought about it, wasn’t it them who were selfish?

Zhao Yuyan was their daughter, isn’t Yu Nian Yu Ruiping and Zhao Yan’s daughter?

These were all told by her grandparents2Yu Ruiping’s parents. when she went back to her grandparents’ house on vacation after she remembered them. Thus, she never liked her grandparents3Zhao Yuyan’s parents. very much.

No one likes to be deprived of their right to live before they are born, neither did Yu Nian.

If Zhao Yuyan wasn’t firm enough from the start, Yu Nian would no longer be Yu Nian. She would have already become a grain of sand in the vast universe.

Yu Nian grew up aware of her mother’s poor health, oftentimes she would be sick for a long time in winter. But as long as she was in good health, Yu Nian would be taken around to visit museums in various cities and patiently explain to Xiao Yu Nian the long-forgotten stories in the museum.

In Yu Nian’s heart, Zhao Yuyan has always been the person she admired the most.

Thus, even though Yu Nian had a look that was obviously pampered and received the greatest various kinds of safety, she had never liked being a little princess. She wanted to be a gentle and powerful person like her mother.

“Then what will you do when I’m gone?” Yu Nian asked sullenly.

Since he saw that he got through Yu Nian, Yu Ruiping returned to his old attitude and joked with Yu Nian, “Your father, I, am busy, so I’ll accompany you every day when I have time. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to school to do research. What’s more, there are a group of children waiting for my guidance.”


“Fine, fine. I know you’re tired of looking after me,” Yu Nian said angrily. She turned around, got off the table, and went back to her room to pack her luggage.

That night, Yu Nian tossed and turned but couldn’t sleep. She opened her round eyes and looked at the ceiling. She didn’t know if it was because she would be leaving home soon but she felt some melancholy.

She got up and walked to the balcony. She raised her head and quietly looked at the ink-like night.

The midsummer night sky was bright. The stars seemed to have hibernated for the whole winter. At this time, they all awakened and twinkled.

Sigh, it would be great if you never grow up.

If you don’t grow up, you can refuse many things.

Mother wouldn’t have left either.

Yu Nian didn’t know, Yu Ruiping in the next room also couldn’t sleep at this time.

Compared with Yu Nian, Yu Ruiping was more reluctant to let Yu Nian leave him.

For so many years, Yu Nian was like a benchmark to him. She was a piece of driftwood, a person who must be pulled and looked after, so he can continue to walk forward.

Yu Ruiping couldn’t even imagine what he would do when Yu Nian would’ve someone she likes one day. After she left him, what should he do and how could he calmly hand her over to a man he wasn’t familiar with at his daughter’s wedding?

All Yu Ruiping could do was treat her well while Yu Nian was still by his side.


He wanted Yu Nian to be independent but also didn’t want her to be too self-reliant. But he knew that one day he would grow old and won’t be able to keep up with Yu Nian’s pace. At that time, Yu Nian would have someone by her side to continue to protect her instead of him.

Yu Nian knew that he was just full of nonsense, her father’s thoughts were actually this sensitive.

Yu Nian felt that it was too early for a relationship or something.

She hasn’t had enough fun yet.

Wasn’t she still unhappy with studying?

Wasn’t she still unhappy with reading a novel?

Why would she be in a relationship with a man? To divide her pitiful time with the person.

Not to mention, Yu Nian read those dog blood texts every day and felt deeply moved.

Who doesn’t want to meet someone who only liked their inner qualities and not because of their appearance?

It was a pity that due to her inherited genes, Yu Nian had always looked good since she was little and never had such an opportunity to try.4This Jie can never *cries*.

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