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  • Love Ignites A Prairie Fire


    Translation Status: Completed

    Release Schedule: Sun
    Author: 木今安
    Total Chapters: 39 chapters
    Genres: Fluff Josei Modern Romance Shoujo


    Qi Huan and Qu Jianshen grew up together since childhood, and even though Qu Jianshen had a face more handsome than any male star in the entertainment industry, she never had any other thoughts about him. 

    She didn’t until she was told by her parents that they had been engaged by her grandfather’s generation. 

    Qi Huan’s first thought was to refuse, but no one wanted to cancel a marriage contract made by the elders. So she asked her best friend to help her come up with ideas to make Qu Jianshen to refuse too, so that maybe her parents’ side will give up.

     (1) Qi Huan: “The doctor said I won’t live to be thirty, so I don’t want to get you involved.” 

    Qu Jianshen: “Which quack doctor said that? Other people get sick on occasion, but you have always been healthy. I don’t believe it.

    ” Qi Huan: “……” 

    (2) Qi Huan: “A good-looking man like you will attract butterflies and bees at first glance, and you probably won’t maintain male virtue. You can’t be kept.” 

    Qu Jianshen: “We can sign a prenuptial agreement in advance. If I make a mistake all the property under my name goes to you. I am also at your disposal.

    ” Qi Huan:”……” 

    (3) Qi Huan: “I already have someone I like. We can’t get married.” 

    Qu Jianshen: “Bring them to me. I don’t mind if you keep an extra lover.” 

    Qi Huan:???? 

    After a few rounds, Qi Huan had exhausted all of her options, but Qu Jianshen… the man did not take it lying down.

    She pursed her lips and asked, “Qu Jianshen, what kind of tricks are you trying to play? Do you really want to marry me?” 

    Qu Jianshen’s eyes were quiet as he replied, “Yes.” 

    This was the person he had always wanted to marry. How could he give up so easily? 

    -Love is hot, like a blazing fire. 

    Reading Guide:

    1. Sweet girl x black bellied arrogant guy.
    2. Guaranteed sweet content: heaven’s favourite, the industry elite

    The main character: Qi Huan, Qu Jianshen ┃ Supporting characters: ┃ Others: Jiang Ruixin, Xu Ling

    One sentence synopsis: sweet girl x black-bellied guy. Happiness needs to be earned by one’s own initiative.

    Advanced Chapters of Love Ignites a Prairie Fire

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    1. ClaudeCastle

      *guiltily looks away from the books stacked with dust*…O-Oh look! Finally, something to read!😚✨ Another childhood trope~ah I’m coming~

        1. Jo_Jo
          Jo_Jo [Translator]

          This made me laugh out. lmao

          But FELT! My booklist and to-read list are full, but I spent 2 hours last night looking “for something new to read”. I am also a big fan of the childhood sweethearts trope. It’s why I have recently began to prefer CN novels to JP novels. The childhood sweetheart never wins in those. It’s a trope. Also, another childhood sweetheart trope coming by month end. Stay Tuned!