Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 3

Li Xiang pressed the post button and the text updated again after a week.

It wasn’t too pleasant to have nothing to collect and the pressure of being urged to post.

Yu Nian’s phone on the table vibrated. She thought it was a spam advertisement. When she pressed the open button and glanced at it casually, her eyes abruptly widened, and exclaimed, “WTF!”

Even if it wasn’t too loud, the people closest to her still heard her.

Tang Ruijie had been paying attention to Yu Nian’s table and naturally didn’t miss Yu Nian’s exclamation. He couldn’t help but laugh. “Why is it nowadays, beautiful women are quite admiring once they talk.”1I decided to tweak it a little since “开口” means to “open one’s mouth,” and “跪” means to “kneel.” This term literally says, “Once someone opens their mouth, I feel like kneeling down in front of that person” which is an exaggerated way to praise someone for their voice or speaking skills.


Li Xiang heard him say this so sincerely and didn’t feel like a lie. With that, he turned his head curiously and followed Tang Ruijie’s gaze, and looked at the table behind him.

At this time, Yu Nian was holding her phone and smilingly apologized to the people at the table next to her. She turned her head and happened to meet Li Xiang’s gaze. She was surprised for a moment then she smiled and bent her eyes, and cast an apologetic smile at him.

When Li Xiang’s dark and deep eyes saw Yu Nian, there seemed to be a stream of light flashing and quickly sank. He turned back silently and pursed his lips without a word, but the hand holding the cup subconsciously tightened.

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“Oh my god! I told you! That man was absolutely handsome in the front! How can he be so white ah! I’m so freakin jealous! If I didn’t have someone, I would’ve definitely rushed up and asked for his phone number.” Xia Meng naturally also noticed Li Xiang when he turned and she couldn’t help but be smitten.


“Not, not bad.” Yu Nian didn’t want to admit that she actually found a real person she met handsome in reality.

However, her attention quickly turned to Xiao Xiangli’s update. After a quick read, the pink bubbles that were still flooding her heart instantly disappeared.

Yu Nian held her phone and mourned, “God ah, I really want to sacrifice this author to the sharks for my female lead.”

“The wife you chased has an update? Tell me what was written, quickly.” Xia Meng looked at Yu Nian curiously.

“No, she’s not a wife.” Yu Nian puffed her cheeks and said in exasperation, “She’s afraid she’s not a reincarnation of Fa Hai!2The villainous Buddhist monk from the Legend of the White Snake. He seeks to stop spirits from causing harm in the mortal realm but goes to any lengths to do this even harming innocents or destroying spirits that are relatively harmless. Fa Hai believes that what he is doing is absolutely right. He wanted to split the relationship between the white snake demon Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian. More info here. Did you know? The female lead accidentally sprained her ankle in physical education class and the male lead was the closest. In the end, the male lead expressionlessly said— ‘Wait for the stretcher.’ The crucial point was that the female lead was in so much pain that her tears fell.”

After listening to her, Medical Student Xia Meng couldn’t understand Yu Nian’s young girl’s heart and said seriously, “If that was really the case, the male lead was doing the right thing ah. After all, they don’t know where the injury was. If it wasn’t a special circumstance, it does require a professional to deal with it. If by any chance the female lead not only sprained her ankle but also other injuries in other parts of her body and didn’t notice it herself, then when you move the patient, you can’t tell if the injury got worse.”

Yu Nian heard her words and hesitantly said, “But on the TV…”

Before she finished her words, she was interrupted by Xia Meng. “Alas, I already told you before to watch less dog-blooded TV dramas. Do you think that once the female lead sprained her foot, the male lead will princess carry her right away? This is why TV series has this kind of plot.”

Yu Nian said weakly with a bitter face, “Fine.”

When it came to medicine, she definitely wouldn’t argue with Xia Meng. She didn’t want to receive strange specimens as her birthday gifts anymore.

Yu Nian finally stepped into the door of her house at 7:00 pm. As soon as she entered, she smelled the scent of food. She hurriedly took off her shoes and entered the house. She took two to three steps into the kitchen. “Wow! Old man, what’s the occasion? There are actually prawns?”

That said, just as she wanted to stretch out her sinful little hand to have a taste, Yu Ruiping patted it away, “Wash your hands first.”


Yu Nian snorted, stuck out her tongue, and obediently washed her hands.

Yu Nian couldn’t comprehend what auspicious day it was today. Yu Ruiping cooked a large table of sumptuous dinner. From this cuisine, he should have been busy all afternoon.

After the meal was ready, the father and daughter sat face to face and ate together with a pair of tableware on the empty seat next to Yu Ruiping.

It wasn’t known how many years have passed since this scene has happened.

At the dining table, there was nothing unusual about Yu Ruiping. He even jokingly asked his daughter, “How was your day? Did you meet a handsome guy?”

Yu Nian had almost forgotten that she was critically hit head-on by a person’s face value in the afternoon. But when Yu Ruiping mentioned it, she suddenly remembered and said with a strained neck, “Of course, there were so many.”

He knew that his daughter only had evil intentions but never had the guts. When he heard her say so, Yu Ruiping was happy. “Oh! Then did you ask for their phone number?”

Yu Nian didn’t want her father to look down. She lifted her bangs on her forehead and proudly said, “That’s nonsense.”

Yu Ruiping teased, “Lying will make your nose grow long, oh.”

Even if Yu Nian was guilty, she was unwilling to lose her momentum. “Who lied? I really met him. He was quite handsome. If you don’t believe it, ask Xia Meng. I’ve thought all about it. If I can take him as your son-in-law, then you’re definitely blessed. As far as our appearance is concerned, your future grandchildren will definitely look good.”

Unknown little handsome guy, whom I offended this much, let’s make assumptions about you first and fool my father.

“Okay, okay, then I can wait. He couldn’t be handsome without me seeing him.”


Yu Ruiping saw that Yu Nian dared to say it. He also believed it and followed it with, “However, if you can’t find someone in the future, your father will help you look. There’s a student in our institution who looks really good. He is down-to-earth, willing to learn, and reliable. I even made special inquiries, he’s currently single.”

Yu Nian couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Alright, old man. Don’t think I don’t know how bald your math department’s school boys are. I don’t want them.”

When Yu Ruiping heard this he was unhappy. But he was used to being scholarly all his life and spoke slowly, “Hey, you…” For a moment, he was blocked and had nothing to say. “How can you say that? Your Dad isn’t bald.”

Yu Nian held her chin, tilted her head, and carefully looked at her father. Then she responded vaguely, “Maybe it was because you’re not bald that my mom fell for you in the first place. If you were bald, she certainly wouldn’t look at you.”

“You…” Yu Ruiping pointed to Yu Nian for a long time and couldn’t refute for a long time. He compromised, “You’re right.”

Yu Ruiping’s family conditions are actually quite ordinary, both his parents are working-class. Although his family never lacked money and can buy a house in one of the best areas in City B, compared with Zhao Yuyan, the gap was too big.

Zhao Yuyan was an overseas Chinese who grew up in Country F. Her parents did business there and had their own winery.

Even though she grew up abroad, Zhao Yuyan had a great interest in Chinese culture since she was little. When she was in college, she chose to major in History and her research direction was partial toward domestic history.

In her sophomore year, Zhao Yuyan followed her mentor to B University in China as an exchange student for a period of time. It was also during the exchange period that she met Yu Ruiping, the top student in the mathematics department.

In Zhao Yuyan’s eyes, Yu Ruiping was the type of person who can handle everything in an orderly manner no matter what happened. It was the complete opposite of her temperament of breaking free since she was little. She was fascinated by this person’s mature and stable temperament under his attractive appearance.

After she chased Yu Ruiping for half a year, she finally moved this emotionally slow man.

After the two got together, Yu Ruiping also really liked the witty and smart girl in front of him.


The romance of science and engineering schoolboys was always beyond your comprehension.

He can hold your umbrella on a sunny day and he can also accompany you on a rainy day. He can make an algebra problem and teach you by hand how to solve ‘you are the only answer to my equation.’

Later, as long as Yu Nian asked who chased who between the two, Yu Ruiping would always say: I loved more than your mother, it must’ve been me who chased her.

If Zhao Yuyan was still around, she would have blinked her clear and spring-like eyes and say with a smile: Yes ah, your father chased me. He terribly chased me.

However, only the parties involved knew the real situation.

Yu Nian’s temperament was too similar to Zhao Yuyan.

Yu Ruiping thought silently in his heart. He was relieved and at the same time somewhat rueful.

The days flashed by and the little girl who had only reached his waist had grown into a slender and elegant woman.

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