Transmigrated As A Support To The Female Lead’s Side

Chapter 2

Yu Nian felt too hot. Before going out, she braided her straight, waist-long hair into two braided pigtails. She wore a lavender one-piece long skirt with waist tightener which outlined the girl’s delicate figure.

When she looked at her face in the mirror with regular features, Yu Nian blinked her big eyes which were as bright as obsidian, and she smiled dazzlingly.

It was probably only at this time that Yu Nian remembered that she was actually a beautiful girl.

Yu Nian rarely wore skirts in summer. At home, she wore loose short-sleeves and shorts which can be worn all the time if she doesn’t go out.

It wasn’t good to go out and wear shorts that would cause sunburn and pants that are too hot. Thus, when she went out, she liked to wear one-piece long skirt clothes which can be completed with one set. It was also convenient and not hot.


Yu Nian didn’t want to move when she went out, but she couldn’t bear to stay up until 7:00 pm to go back, so she had to ask her good friend Xia Meng to meet at Star Dad’s.1Starbucks lmaao

“Got kicked out by your Dad again?” Xia Meng seemed to be used to this kind of thing long ago.

To say that Yu Nian who stayed at home can still have friends, it was thanks to the boyfriend of her friend that he had selflessly dedicated his time to let her be with her friend.2This is saying that thanks to XM’s partner for letting them have time for themselves, instead of the couple spending their time together.

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Gv vbyv, Zw Lkyd alyzzu vbswtbv qsa y obkzl yde pzsozu pyke, “Rv’p dsv ekqqknwzv.”

Dky Yldt: …

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“Btb, esd’v xldvksd kv. R oyp alnldvzu nbypkdt y ckae ywvbsa. R’hl clld nbypkdt vblx qsa xsal vbyd y xsdvb yde yzxspv ekle qasx lmnlpp ydtla.” Ebld Zw Lkyd pyke vbkp, pbl pktble pkzldvzu.

She thought to herself, it’s all this bird author’s fault. If they could update on time every day, she wouldn’t go downstairs to watch a drama. If she hadn’t watched a drama, she wouldn’t have met the old man. If she hadn’t met the old man… She wouldn’t have gone out.


Of course, the most important thing was that the romantic plotline between the male and female lead only tickled Yu Nian’s heart and she was anxious to death.

Xia Meng: “Why was it annoying?”

Yu Nian said furiously, “The male lead she wrote was blind.”

When Xia Meng heard Yu Nian, she “Ha-ha”-ed and said, “It’s good to be blind ah. Isn’t it quite moving to be blind?”

Yu Nian: …

“I couldn’t tell you had a heavy taste ha,” Yu Nian joked.

Why would Yu Nian say that the male lead of the novel she chased was blind? This also started from the title of the book.

Since Yu Nian knew her old man and mother’s love story, she extremely loved dog blood drama. Thus, she has been reading novels in Jelly Network since senior high school and can be regarded as a loyal rich reader of the site.

Several of the popular hot-selling books rewarded had Yu Nian’s name on top.

Moreover, recently, Yu Nian chased a romance, dog blood novel called “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead.” The author, Xiao Xiangli, sounded like a soft and cute younger sister.

At that time, Yu Nian felt that just by the title of the book, it was dog-blooded. As a dog blood lover, how could she let go?

As a result, she began the endless road of a chasing-novel career. She was deeply immersed in it and couldn’t stop it. The more she read it, the more she felt that this novel was really an alternative to a dog blood.


When it came to romance, it indeed has a man and a woman and was said to be dog-blooded. It was true that the male and female lead accidentally bumped into each other in a corner, which was indeed dog blood.

But the author depicted the male lead Chi Yao who couldn’t see the gentle and lovely female lead, Liu Manman.

You can say he was blind. Xiao Xiangli’s male lead’s setting wasn’t blind ah. On the contrary, he had a pair of eyes that charmed all beings and a smile that captivated people to death, if he was willing to smile.

However, he couldn’t see the female lead Liu Manman’s secret glances at him.4Cast flirtatious glances at somebody.

The young woman deliberately created a chance encounter in the morning, and as a result, the two of them bumped into each other. The vanilla milk tea in Chi Yao’s hand splashed all over and Liu Manman who had a cold face because of it, was full of embarrassment and compensated for it. It was really sorrowful and unromantic.

When Yu Nian saw this, she was so angry that she directly threw landmines at Xiao Xiangli. After nearly 2,000 yuan, she swore and scolded:

—Dog male lead, don’t give me that eyes! I, this old woman, is lacking this kind of charming eyes!

—Ah, ah, ah! I want to trade the male lead’s ten years of being single in exchange for my one-day happiness.

—No! I decided to trade the dog author’s ten years of being single for my Manman’s one-day happiness!

—Manman, they’re all blind and don’t deserve to be with you, so be with me!! I’ll take care of you!

The invincible, little rich woman Yu Nian, didn’t raise the female lead but almost raised the female lead’s father—Xiao Xiangli.

Xiao Xiangli themselves looked at their bird novel they have been writing for almost a week as well as the rising author’s remuneration in the background and expressed their true feelings: Is this reader seriously ill?


Yu Nian silently felt sorry for Liu Manman in her heart. She hadn’t seen such a miserable female lead.

When she looked at the entire female author’s channel,5Those that are female-oriented novels. she wrote a blushing, heart-beating, dog-blooded, and deep sadomasochism romance. How come to Xiao Xiangli, it became where the male and female lead was the same as getting married even if they looked at each other?

Yu Nian was lost in thought. She saw Xia Meng patting her arm and called her, “Hey, Nian Nian, look behind. I have a hunch that the one in front is definitely a handsome guy and the man sitting across him is also good-looking. Tsk, tsk, tsk, my type.”

When Yu Nian heard this, she turned her head and saw two boys seated not far from them.

The boy with his back to them wore loose black short-sleeves with a slender figure and a straight back. The vaguely visible frame seemed to contain immense strength. There was a Q6Chibi version of the Grim Reaper holding a huge red scythe printed on the back of his short-sleeves. He had thick dark hair that was neatly cut, and the skin exposed on his neck appeared flawless in contrast due to being in the sunlight for too long.

It was no wonder Xia Meng would say that she was killed with his back view.

When Yu Nian was about to turn back, the boy’s friend noticed her gaze. He raised his head and smiled at her.

Student Yu Nian, who was caught peeking, was a little embarrassed. She smiled uncomfortably, turned round, and said solemnly, “Student Xia Meng, please remember that you’re a person with a partner.”

Xia Meng waved her hand. “Everyone has the desire to appreciate beauty. You can’t deprive me of the right to appreciate beauty.”

Yu Nian: …

These seemed to be two different things?

The café was surrounded by light music. Tang Ruijie casually sat on the chair and smiled at the silent person across the table, who liked to hide by the day and come out at night.


The boy on the opposite side had his head lowered to type. When he found out, he stingily divided half an inch gaze at him. Those cold eyes were fused with faint red thread as if to say: Sick?

What’s with the mood of two big men sitting in a coffee shop?

Li Xiang couldn’t understand.

Tang Ruijie knew that Li Xiang was writing a novel on a website. Not only that, his performance records weren’t bad. But recently, his writer’s block was so serious that he often stayed up late at night because he couldn’t hold out a few words.

As a good brother, he was afraid that Li Xiang would suddenly die at home one day without anyone knowing. Thus, he simply fished him out of the house for a change of mood.

Tang Ruijie and Li Xiang were high school classmates and were now at the same university. Since high school, as long as he walked with Li Xiang, there has never been a shortage of girls’ gaze.

When he saw a girl looking towards their table, Tang Ruijie wasn’t surprised, but the girl who looked over this time was oddly cute.

He leaned closer to Li Xiang with a smile, then raised his chin to Yu Nian’s table and joked in a low voice, “Hey, the girl at that table just peeked at you. She even looked pretty good. Don’t you want to turn around and have a look?”

Li Xiang wasn’t surprised by Tang Ruijie’s senseless manner, he was fooled in the past. How can there be girls when he turned around? They were all big men.

The story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” has been used to fool too many times. Even if it was true, Li Xiang wasn’t interested anymore.

Thus, he glanced at Tang Ruijie and ignored him. He lowered his face, held his phone, and continued to write a number of words.

Today’s “I’m Invisible To The Male Lead” was still 200 words short of being blind.

Great, today was another blind day for the male lead.

Today was another day when he successfully infiltrated into the female channel and let himself go.

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