I Accidentally Connected My Bluetooth to Someone Else’s Phone in the Subway


Translation Status: Completed

Raw Title & Source: 当我在地铁上误连别人的手机蓝牙后
Release Schedule: Fri,Sporadically
Author: 七宝酥
Total Chapters: 25
Genres: Comedy Fluff Modern Romance Short


-hi, wanna listen to some music?
Two unrestrained individuals who met by chance;

T/N: The original phrase was 饮食男女 which is something said by Confucius and means though we have innate desires such as food, drink, and sex, we should restrain and suppress them, keeping them to a reasonable amount.
However, this phrase is commonly misinterpreted and used to mean the opposite – being unrestrained and letting their thoughts or desires rule over their actions.

Sweet until the end
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One sentence introduction: Guaranteed to be sweet.

Intention: Love happens.

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  1. Bluecookie

    This is such a cute story, I always finished each chapter with a smile on my face. Thank you for the translation.