The Scavengers


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Raw Title & Source: 拾荒小分队
Release Schedule: Mon
Author: 易人北 , Yi Ren Bei
Total Chapters: 164
Genres: Action Apocalpypse Mature Romance System Yaoi


The world: The MC sucks!
Xiao Mo: My restoration is the best!

The world: This MC is so indecisive but nosy; how irritating!
Xiao Mo: Broken bones, missing innards, scarred faces; need me to restore them for you?

The world: This MC is so unlikable; really want to pinch him to death!
Xiao Mo: Police officer, is your gun broken? Leave it to me. The army’s airplanes and cannons can’t be used? Leave it to me! Aircraft carriers, spaceships? No problem!

The world: This MC is so wishy-washy! He even wants to sympathize with a monster; is he the holy father?
Xiao Mo: There are treasures everywhere you see in the apocalypse; just pick anything up, bring it home to restore, and it will be as good as new ^^
Hence, Xiao Mo that worked as the boss of the recycling shop became rich in the apocalypse… pui!
Before this, he still has a very big problem to solve: If he doesn’t complete the mission, what should he do when he gets killed by the system?
Xue Li Hong: Boss, why don’t you hire me. A mission a night; once the mission level rises, the number of times increases.
Main characters: Xiao Mo VS Xue Li Hong
Xiao Mo’s weaknesses: Nosy, a little naggy according to rumours
Xue Li Hong’s weaknesses: I am very skinny; I want to eat a lot of meat

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  1. Kovie97

    Thank you for the translation this novel! I’m really happy to read another work of my fav author, Yi Ren Bei. ☺️

    1. herbaltea
      herbaltea [Translator]

      I’m so glad! I love Yi Ren Bei’s works too, that’s why I chose to pick this up! 😀