The Scavengers

Chapter 30: The world awakening, and Sending to the Hospital

20 June, Morning, 08:00

Xiao Mo did not sleep very soundly. He had a nightmare, that he was being bullied by the Giant Winged Mosquito, and in his dream, he saw someone looking exactly like him not doing anything. The man was just standing there and smiling at him, but he didn’t dare look him in the eye. He did not even want to see him.

This caused his sleep quality to be extremely poor.

Xue Li Hong’s body was half prone. He had an arm and a leg pressed on him. With the air conditioning working well, he seemed to be sleeping very comfortably and cozily.

There was a saying, that people who adopt such a domineering prone sleeping position were usually people who were self-centred and have a strong desire for control. The good point was that they also have an equally strong sense of responsibility.

Xiao Mo pushed the youth aside and got up. As he was putting on his pants, his mind started drifting away.

The youth yawned and woke up. He was overjoyed when he realized that he had not turned back into a kid. He started looking at the lower part of his body and admired himself for quite a while.

“Not bad, right?”

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She had remembered that she was supposed to be working at the restaurant, so how did she wake up at home? She was lying on the bed with Xiao Wen, but the other three of them were laying in the hallway.

Xiao Mo saw that Deng An Jie was awake, he happily asked, “Sis-in-law, you’re awake? Do you feel uncomfortable? How about my brother? Is he awake?”

Deng An Jie felt odd. She pointed to the room, “He had bee complaining that his stomach felt painful ever since he woke up.”

Xiao Mo knew the reason. He laughed. Now that his family members had woken up safely, he was overjoyed! “I carried him up the stairs, that was why his stomach was uncomfortable. It’s normal.”

“With his build, I wonder how you even managed to carry him upstairs.”

“Bro, why did you carry me upstairs? What happened last night? I can’t remember when I fell asleep.” It was elder brother Xiao Wen’s voice coming from the bedroom.

“Bro, you come out first, I can’t explain it all in one sentence.”

“Eh? Why am I sleeping on the floor? Third uncle, why did you slap me!”

“Funny, when did I fall asleep?”

“Why are you here so early in the morning, Xiao Mo?”

As they were speaking, the rest of them woke up one by one. All of them were puzzled and lost. They slowly congregated in the hall.

The Xiao Family were scrutinizing Xue Li Hong from head to toe.

“Oh, he’s Xue Li Hong, my friend. I will introduce him to you guys later, hold on.” Xiao Mo first checked that all of his family members were well after waking up, before running to the balcony. The youth followed him around the entire time.

His family members were also curious, so they all followed him to the balcony.

Xiao Le Dou was the most talkative. He kept asking all kinds of questions right after he woke up.

“Second uncle, what happened? How did you… wow! What happened? Did we transmigrate together?”

The Xiao family squeezed in front of the window and looked down.

The weather was very fine today, the sky was exceptionally bright and sunny, and the situation of Tong Tian street was exhibited in crystal clear definition under the bright sun.

There was a crowd standing at the street, all looking blank and lost. Some were crying, some shouting and cursing at the sky, while others were desperately looking around for answers.

The whole street was filled with people looking at each other, parents shouting for their children, couples looking for their partners, all kinds of noises.

“Oh my god! What happened to my shop! All gone! It’s over!” The shop owner whose shop had been run down by a car that lost control was in hysterics.

“Where is my child? Where is my child! Yen Yen! Little Yen!”

“My leg! They hurt so bad! Can somebody help me, my leg’s broken!”

“There is a dead person! Quick! Call the police! What’s happening, why is everything like this?”

“Catch hold of that driver! Don’t let him get away!”

“My handphone isn’t working, is yours working?”

“Mine is also engaged; the police hotline is engaged!”

“Look at he news. The handphone should still be able to receive news. The government should have already reported about this.”

“Where is the boss of the restaurant? All of us had been here for the whole night?” The customer walked out of the eatery.

Deng An Jie was about to head downstairs, but Xiao Mo prevented her, “Listen to me first before you go down and settle the customers. If the customers want compensation, let them look for the police. This situation is considered a natural disaster and not within us human’s control.”

Xiao Mo then tried to covey his message clearly, “Yesterday, at around 6pm, besides the very few of us, most of the people fell unconscious at the same time, and the reason was unclear. I believe the television will report about it later. Sister-in-law, go and turn on the tv at the restaurant. I will go with you together.”

Xiao Mo was worried about the second chef Zhang Qian. He dug out his handphone, turned on and tried to call the emergency line, but at this time, there wasn’t any pre-recorded messages playing, but just the ring that meant that the line was engaged. One could imagine how many people were trying to call the emergency hotline at this time.

“Old Third, let’s use the tricycle later to send Zhang Qian to the hospital, he has severe burns.”


There was chaos as the whole family rushed down to the restaurant after hurriedly washing up. Some of them were explaining to the customers, there were people turning on the television, and others were asking around for more information.

The Xiao Brothers used an electric tricycle to push their way through the crowd, wanting to send Zhang Qian to the hospital. Xue Li Hong was like glue, he stuck to Xiao Mo all the way to the hospital too.

On the way to the hospital, there were all kinds of honking. The ambulance, firefighters, police cars all had a hard time manoeuvring around the blocked traffic.

 A lot of police officers and army personnel were moving around, trying to maintain securing and ensuring smooth traffic flow and aiding of the citizens.

There were people that formed groups and volunteered to help, assisting the police and army and helping within the best of their abilities.

The hospital was in a mess. Both the doctors and nurses have not recovered from the shock at all, but the injured kept pouring in.

The moment a lot of people gather, conflict will bound to occur. Normally, when the queue was long, there would sure to be an argument erupt, but now, there were even people resorting to fighting.

Luckily, the Xiao brothers were quite fit and strong, so they managed to grab a number and a bed. They half-dragged and half-hijacked a surgeon asking him to cure Zhang Qian.

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