The Scavengers

Chapter 12: Diary of the Youth

June 19, Afternoon, before 16:00hrs

“This is the diary of the student who committed suicide, Liu Yu.” The kid plugged the thumb drive into the USB port of the computer.

“I had nothing to do these two days, so I used your computers to go through the CCTV footage of Liu Yu going into your shop. I just had the feeling that he was related to the virus. I was just looking to see if he had the symptom of the virus, but I saw this thumb drive, and in it was a very interesting story. Maybe it will be of good use for the situation you are facing right now.”

Xiao Mo asked, “What is it?”

“You take a look.”


Xiao Mo unintentionally looked at the time displayed on the computer screen. It was 15:45 right now, so he only had two hours left before the mission dateline.

Where exactly is the mission target? Just as Xiao Mo thought the question in his mind, the map appeared in his head. This time the red point marked a station and stayed still, not moving at all.

“System, is the Mother of Gluttony a human?”

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“Mbld obyv es usw xlyd cu alnunzkdt bkx sa bla?”

“Bpkdt uswa wdelapvydekdt, kv xlydp vs jkzz. Gzps, rzlypl ldpwal vbyv vbl vyatlv alxykdp yv zlypv lktbvu rlanldv nsxrzlvl, sa lzpl vbl eltall sq nsxrzlvksd qsa vbl xkppksd okzz cl yqqlnvle.”

“Ikzz?! Zsw yal ypjkdt xl vs jkzz psxlsdl?!” Dkys Ys clnyxl qwakswp, “Qlv zspv!”

Mbl pupvlx nsszzu alrzkle, “Rq usw es dsv oydv vs nsxrzlvl vbkp xkppksd, vblal okzz cl vos swvnsxlp. Xdl, usw okzz cl okrle sqq; vos, vbl Qzwvvsdswp hkawp okzz cl pralye.”

Dm! “Ebyv kp vbkp Qzwvvsdswp hkawp?”

Mbl pupvlx alrzkle, “Gp alqlaale vs cu vbl dyxl, vbkp hkawp okzz nywpl yzz zkhkdt vbkdtp vs ldezlppzu nayhl qsa qsse. Mblu vaydpqsax kdvs yd kaayvksdyz, bwdtau clkdt.”

Dkys Ys pweeldzu qlzv wdnlavykd; pbswze bl zssj yv vbl ekyau qkapv sa ts yde nsxrzlvl vbl xkppksd? Tl zssjle yv vbl jke yde pkxrzu vsze bkx obyv vbl pupvlx oydvle bkx vs es.

Xue Li Hong contemplated for a while before replying, “We currently do not understand the system yet. You also do not wish to kill people, right? So, I suggest that you look at the diary first, it won’t take you too much time anyways.”


Just in time, the thumb drive was activated, and the screen showed a dialogue box of the diary.

“You know the login username and password?” Xiao Mo peered at the kid, it was as if the kid was looking at his own diary- the actions of logging in and opening the file were too smooth.

The kid shrugged, “Such a level of password is too simple and easy to crack, I only have to add a simple software.”

The diary started from a long time ago, so the kid used the mouse to flip a few pages before commenting, “Those in front are not related, so we should skip. We can focus on the most important date, that is the Fourteenth of May.”

Xiao Mo’s lip twitched as he took over the mouse and clicked on the date before reading it.

14th May, Sunny.

I saw a dead person today, and I touched him!

That damned spring tour, I hate spring tours! I hate the class teacher in charge, that old woman. I hate them all, why don’t they go die?

That dead person is so scary!

That old woman didn’t console me but scolded me for running about instead. That old hag, I bet she has menopause!

This is the first time I got so close to a foreigner, a dead foreigner to boot…

I am very scared, whenever I close my eyes, I can still see that scary face!


17th May, Sunny.

My god! I got a training system!

Isn’t it very interesting? It’s just like those main characters in science fiction novels!

Yes, that must be it! I will become a very strong and famous man in the future!

I shall protect this secret and tell nobody. I wonder what the rewards of the mission will be? Will I be able to get some super powers?

24th May, Rainy.

The first mission was to recycle a bird.

The bird was way too difficult to catch, I was not able to complete the mission.

Ah, the punishment for not completing the mission is way too painful! (repeated ten times)

There is a punishment in the system!

The system is bad, I hate it!

Will it really wipe me out?


That foreigner that failed his mission, so he got wiped out?

I am very scared; I really want to tell my father.

1st June, Cloudy.

The second mission of stage one is out. It is more troublesome than I thought, I was still having lecture and the system wanted me to go recycle sixty-four worm eggs.

Thankfully the map is useful, and the worm eggs are obvious, if not till when can I complete the mission?

I got the reward. There were three choices: increasing body strength by 3%, increasing brain memory by 3%, and improving looks by 3%.

I chose the 2nd option of increasing my memory. Exams are coming, I hope that I can memorise those complicated matrixes and English words.

But the reward is so stingy, only 3%!

11th June, Cloudy.

The system said that I didn’t complete the first mission, so I need to complete one more mission before I will be promoted to level two.

For the third mission, I must recycle someone who was infected with the carbon metallic virus.

12th June, Rainy.


Mum and dad were worried for me and followed behind me, but I wasn’t aware, and the system didn’t remind me.

Luckily, mum and dad were here, the virus infected animal was a wild dog. The worst part was that there were two other big dogs following the wild dog.

The time was up, and the two big dogs were chased away, but mum and dad were bitten by the dog with the virus when they tried to save me.

But with the help of mum and dad I finally managed to kill that dog.

I didn’t complete the mission on time, so the system claimed that I didn’t complete the mission and I was punished. I hate the system.

13th June, Sunny.

If I fail this mission, I will be wiped out!

It is a level one mission but it is the most difficult mission- I have to recycle my own parents! (repeated n times)

I asked the system what happened to my parents, why must I recycle them? The system answered that they were infected by the carbon metallic virus and they have become infectious, so I have to recycle them before the time limit!

14th June, Sunny.

They are sick!

And I was the one who caused them to be sick!

The system only asked me to recycle them and not help to cure them and I hate it, no matter how I beg the system it won’t help, I hate it so much!

Their conditions are turning from bad to worse, I am thinking of sending them to the hospital.

But how am I going to answer the doctor and the police?

Will they catch me?

Will the scientist dissect me?

I am so scared, who is there to help me?

I was scared that they would go out to infect others, so I tied them to a chair. They didn’t even struggle. I even taped their mouths, for fear that they would shout.

I am a trash, I am not even human!

Mum, dad, sorry.

15th June, Sunny.

I asked the system, can the hospital cure my mum and dad.

It replied me that the medical system in Earth is still not advanced enough and no one is able to cure them.

I asked it if I don’t recycle them, what will happen to them.

The system replied that they will become the source of a new infectious disease and they will spread to more people.

I asked if I didn’t recycle the wild dog back then, would the virus have spread?

The system replied yes, the virus will spread, as long as the time limit is reached.

I asked the system again, if at that day mum and dad weren’t there, and that I was the only one there and was bitten by the wild dog, would I have also gotten infected by the virus?

The system replied no, I was under its training, so it would help me to purify my body.

I asked if the system could purify my parent, it said no, it could only purify those with the system.

I hate that system; I hate myself even more!

I caused harm to my parents and I will cause harm to more people.

I am not a hero, I am a stupid donkey!

I have decided, I will kill them, then I will kill myself, and put an end to all this nonsense!

The diary ended here.

Xiao Mo checked the time, it was 16:00 sharp.

After reading the diary, he finally understood why the virus came about and how it appeared, but there were still some questions unanswered.

Who was this system, and who developed this system?

How did they select the person to train? Was it through luck?

What was this carbon metallic virus? What was it? Who created it?

Wait! The system also asked him to recycle the Liu Wang couple. At that time, he was unsure of the system and thought he was merely hallucinating. So, the carbon metallic virus spreading was because he didn’t do the job of recycling the Liu Wang couple?

“Xiao Hong, do you remember, the virus attacked on 16 June midnight after 23:45?” Xiao Mo asked softly.

Xiao Hong wasn’t sure either. “I can only tell you that on the morning of 17th June, the virus erupted and many of the patients fainted.”

Xiao Mo felt bitter, “Then the Liu Wang couple now…”

“I don’t know.” The child shook his head, “Should have already been sent away. As for their whereabouts, dead or alive, I am not sure.”

“System?” Xiao Mo inquired.

The system emotionlessly replied, “Non-mission related question; I will not answer.”

Go die system! Xiao Mo grasped his fist.

Xue Li Hong clicked on the the screen, “That day, when Liu Yu came to your shop to buy the knife, he was already determined to die, so he left this thumb drive in hopes that someone would find it and reveal the secret. I believed that he  was too ashamed so he didn’t want people to find out this secret. That’s why he hid the thumb drive in your store.”

Xiao Mo still had a very important question, “System, was it because he didn’t complete the mission, so he was wiped out by you?”

The system quickly responded, “No, the last trainee had very weak mentality and psychic, the dateline for completion of the mission was not over but he chose to kill himself.”

“That is because you asked him to recycle his own parents! You are asking him to kill his own parents, you crazy bastard!” Xiao Mo became furious again.

The system coolly replied, “He is a recycler; he must complete the mission.”

Xiao Mo slammed on the table.

The kid tapped on Xiao Mo’s back, “Let’s go complete your mission. When is mission due?”

“Mission details: to recycle the Mother of Gluttony, Li Xiao Shuang. Time limit: Before China Standard Time 18:15 hours.” Xiao spoke slowly, pausing at each word.

“Old Xiao?” The kid saw that Xiao Mo sat there, unmoving, and asked weirdly.

Xiao Mo cradled his head and muttered, “It is still unknown if we can settle her or not, so let’s find her first. Whether this system is a good or bad thing, I am unable to judge yet. Don’t tell me that because I don’t want to be wiped off, I have to kill people. As for the system saying that if I don’t recycle the target, the virus will spread, who knows if this is true or not, right?”

The kid glanced at Xiao Mo and indifferently replied, “You already know the answer.”

The Liu Wang couple, the Carbon Metallic virus spread! Xiao Mo wiped his face. He still unsure the severity of not recycling the Liu Wang couple. Even though his heart felt a little guilty, but he did not feel that he was at fault. Who would not be suspicious if their mind suddenly popped out a system?

This stupid system did not even remind him after he sent out the mission. It was only natural that all human beings would be suspicious of hallucination.

Xue Li Hong pushed him lightly, “No matter whether the system is good or bad, if you wish to know what it says is the truth or not, you will first have to find the target. As for the others, let’s see the situation first.”

 “I will go with you.”

Xiao Mo wanted to object.

“Don’t worry, if there is danger, I will run far away.” The kid did not tell him that he was also interested in the Mother of Gluttonous.

Xiao Mo finally agreed to let him follow. Before leaving his house, he went to the store room to bring out a metal pipe and shoved it in his shopping bag.

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