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  • The Scavengers

    Chapter 35: Recycling the Gold Eating Mother Beetle III: Repairing the Military’s Communication Devices

    The voice belonged to a man who was around fifty-years-old. He was wearing a military uniform too, but on his shoulder, it was adorned with a Major General’s epaulette.

    When the young man saw the middle-aged man, he immediately waved his hand and called him, “Dad!”

    The two security officers stood straight with the posture of attention and raised their hands in salute: “Greetings Chief!”

    The middle-aged man raised his hands to salute them back, before giving his son a sideway glance, “You should be helping around. What are you doing here idling around?”

    “I’m doing no such thing! I was watching these two men! They looked suspicious!” The young man did not continue on; Xiao Mo was staring at him with an accusing look.


    The middle-aged Major General looked at Xiao Mo, “Please answer my question.”

    Xiao Mo could not make up a good excuse, so he paused for a while before vaguely replying, “We are hired by someone.”

    “Who? Who hired you?”

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    Xiao Mo grabbed the insect and glanced at Xue Li Hong embarrassingly. He started thinking, how would he explain to everyone the vanishing corpse act if he were to recycle the beetle in front of all these watchful eyes.


    Xue Li Hong silently took out a glass bottle with a tightly sealed opening from his backpack. “Store it inside bah, maybe it will be suffocated to death.” Xiao Mo looked at the glass bottle Xue Li Hong handed to him, he took it immediately, he had no doubt that the glass bottle was able to hold the beetle.

    Xiao Mo stuffed the beetle into the glass bottle and sealed it. He didn’t hand the bottle to Xue Li Hong just in case halfway the beetle really suffocated to death. He must ensure that the bottle was with him and not Xue Li Hong when that happened, or else the system might consider Xue Li Hong as the one who killed the bug and not him. 

    When the middle-age major general turned away, Xiao Mo quickly put on his shoe and followed behind Xue Li Hong.

    The young man walked next to Xiao Mo, and asked excitedly:” Hey man, how can I address you? My name is Qiu Xin, how about yours?”

    My surname is Xiao, you can call me Lao Xiao.” Xiao Mo was caution; he didn’t reveal his full name as he is not sure of the situation.

    “How about the name your partner, he looks like he got tuberculosis.”

    “You can ask him yourself.”

    Qiu Xin peeked at Xue Li Hong and said carefully and fearfully:” he looks so fierce.”

    “Not at all.”

    “Really? Don’t you think that your companion is like…” Qiu Xin was thinking hard trying to find the correct words to descript Xue Li Hong.” A super fierce blade that is buried deep in the ground for at least thousands of years, and was only recently dug out by someone and constantly thirsts for blood as nourishment.”

    Xiao Mo couldn’t help but turn his head to look at him,” You’ve read way too much Chinese ancient Wu Xia stories. This is way too exaggerated.”

    Qiu Xin shook his head,” I’m not exaggerating! I have this instinct, and I am very accurate at times. Anyways, he isn’t your typical Tom, Dick or Harry, my instincts are telling me, he’s someone extraordinary.”


    “Well, he is indeed not an ordinary person, he is a retired mercenary.”

    Qiu Xin clapped his hands,” I just hit the nail on the head! By the way, I am curious, did he retire because of health problem?”

    “Mmm…” Xiao Mo was vague again.

    “Oh goodness, he still has great strength even though he is seriously ill. How was he when he is healthy?” Qiu Xin peeked at Xue Li Hong with admiring eye full of stars in it.

    Xue Li Hong eyes swept past him.

    Qiu Xin’s heartbeat thumped, and he behaved himself.

    When the two security officers saw that the major general would personally lead the way and bring them to repair the communication equipment, they left to resume their duties.

    The middle-aged Major General was quite straightforward, he led the both of them straight to the temporary command center all the way without asking much.

    “Commander Qiu, Commander Yang just called…” A communication soldier ran forward and swallowed back what he was going about to say when he saw two strangers with the commander.

    “I will call back later.” Commander Qiu waved.

    Xiao Mo was thinking about what the two was trying to tell each other.

    Why didn’t this Commander Yang contact Commander Qiu directly with his handphone?


    There was no fixed telephone line here, so the main communication tool here was most likely the satellite phones. If the two of them had to talk to each other via satellite phone, then the topic that they want to discuss about should be of high emergency or matters of high confidentiality. Had something bad happened?

    In order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding, Xiao Mo didn’t look around much to observe the surroundings in the command center. When Commander Qiu brought him to the defective communication equipment, he took it over and immediately started to diagnose. Xue Li Hong stood beside him silently.

    Commander Qiu started observing Xue Li Hong. When Qiu Xin leaned towards his father and whispered something, Commander Qiu nodded to Xue Li Hong and Xue Li Hong also lightly nodded in return.

    Commander Qiu asked an operator to assist Xiao Mo and went back to pick up the phone call.

    Xue Li Hong lazily leaned on the edge of a long table. The conversation between Commander Qiu and Commander Yang fell into his ear clearly.

    “How about it? Are you able to fix it?” The baby-faced operator anxiously looked at Xiao Mo.

    He was a highly talented student majoring in communication technology at a military academy, and could operate and repair most of the communication equipment such as radios, networks or satellite signal problems.

    But that was only on the condition that the spare parts were readily available. Once the replacement parts were not available, he would be stuck.

    Due to some unspeakable psychology, he purposely did not inform Xiao Mo what was wrong with the communication equipment. He wanted Xiao Mo to diagnose and rectify the fault himself.

    Qiu Xin also wanted to squeeze in to see how Xiao Mo settle it, but his father threw him out by asking him to do some labor-intensive job.

    Xiao Mo had been in the society long enough, so he was not really bothered with the operator wanting to test his skills. His main objective was to quickly repair the communication equipment and move on with his own recycling mission; twenty-four Gold Eating Mother Beetle were still outstanding.

    As soon as he touched the main unit of the equipment, a three-dimensional image appeared in his mind. Xiao Mo got startled. He hurriedly asked the system:” What is happening?”


    The operator thought that Xiao Mo was asking him he replied, “I don’t know what’s going on, it is defective, and we are unable to operate it.”

    Xiao Mo became alert and did not dare to continue speaking to the system.

    “This is your ability; it has been slightly improved after you absorbed that energy crystal.” The system replied very insincerely.

    Xiao Mo studied the detailed three-dimensional diagram. Almost instantly, he spotted the damaged part. “Lend me your tools.” Xiao Mo asked the operator.

    “Hey, if you aren’t sure, don’t dismantle it.”

    “I will pay for it if I break it.” Xiao Mo took the tools and opened the machine; he quickly found the damaged mixer unit.

    “This mixer unit is broken; do you have spare unit?” Xiao Mo asked the operator.

    The operator was shocked as he didn’t expect Xiao Mo to locate the faulty parts so quickly and he did not see how Xiao Mo tested the system.

    “No, there is no replacement, if there were any I would have done so, there’s no stock left in the warehouse. I can’t even exchange with other units situated elsewhere.” The operator said with a bitter face.

    “I will try to open this unit and repair it.”

    The operator wondered, “Are you sure you are able to fix it? They have all been ready-made modules.”

    Xiao Mo turned his head and asked Xue Li Hong who stood at a side, minimizing his presence, “Come and give me a hand.”

     Xue Li Hong instantly understood what he meant. Xiao Mo wanted him to cover such that the operator was not able to watch what he is about to do.

    Xue Li Hong walked over to ‘help’. He stood in a position that perfectly blocked the view of that operator.

    It was the first time Xiao Mo was aware that he was using the “repair” ability. The last few times when he used the ability, he had no idea what he is doing, what happened, and miraculously the person or item got restored.

    It felt very strange, when he thought about fixing the mixer the three-dimensional diagram of the mixer appeared in his mind and the damaged parts were clear to see.

    The diagram of the good mixer was on one side while the diagram of the defective mixer is on the other side, so he could easily compare and isolate the defective parts quite fast.

    Xiao Mo was hoping that he can make the defective diagram to be like the good one next to it, Xiao Mo subconsciously thinks.

    Then he saw that as if there was something very subtle around him, he not only saw it, but he could also feel it, the mysterious power was concentrating on the mixer in his hand, and the scorched and burnt parts started being repaired bit by bit.

    It felt like a long time had passed for Xiao Mo, but when he realized that the “repair” was completed, he consciously raised his wrist and looked at the time. He found that only less than two minutes had passed.

    Xiao Mo purposely dangled for a while and delayed a bit. By the time he started to seriously finish fixing the mixer back to the communication equipment, about seven or eight minutes had passed.

    “Ok, you can test the system.” Xiao Mo stands up and told the operator.

    The operator’s face was filled with disbelief, he switched to a channel and started calling the other party.

    Soon there was a response from the other side:” Team three, I am Team three, calling the commanding unit! Team three asking for back up to lock down Nan An hospital, there is a monster, it is a real monster! Commander can you hear me?”

    When the operator was about to answer, a big hand grabbed the handle of the equipment:” I am Qiu Feng, Zheng He, is that you?

    The other side was quiet for a moment, then he shouted:” Commander! It’s you! Aren’t you at the headquarters? Why are you out?”

    “I’ll come over to find out the actual situation, what is happening to your side? You are talking about some monster?”

    “It’s a monster with large wings and a big belly…”

    Hearing this, Xiao Mo didn’t intend to listen further, he already know what the monster was.

    Qiu Feng saw the two walking out of the commander center, he was distracted for a second on whether he should keep the two of them but Zheng He’s shouting from the other side of the communication handset immediately robbed him of all his attention.

    Qiu Feng was thinking in his heart, what a waste, he felt that these two were not bad people with criminal thinking.

    If it weren’t for this kind of chaotic situation, he would have definitely not let the two of them slip away from his hands easily, the two of them must have so information, perhaps they would have been of great help to him, especially the weird bug thing.

    The operator was very excited and wanted to stop Xiao Mo and asked him how he repaired the module but seeing that the chief didn’t stop them from leaving, he could not ask them to wait.

    How did that person fix it? I didn’t see any parts that is taken out from the unit, the operator was super curious, his face flushed with the inexplicable mystery.

    Xiao Mo was also afraid that the commander would ask them to stay, so after he left the command center tent, he ran as fast as possible towards his bicycle. He was infinitely glad that the bicycle was still there.

    The two were about to start riding to the second destination when they heard a shout, “Hey, wait, wait for me!” Qiu Xin threw away the garbage that he was supposed to dump and rushed towards them.

    Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong wanted to pretend that they didn’t see him and ride off, but the young man rushed very fast and blocked in front of them, stopping them from moving off.

    “Brother, are you going to catch bugs?” Qiu Xin stopped the two and asked.

    “Yeah.” Xiao Mo smiled and looked at him, he found the young man to be a nice man but he was rushing for time to complete the mission which was his main priority.

    “Then can you let me tag alone with you?”


    “Don’t be like this! I just want to catch bugs, like what you are doing.”

    “What do you want the bug for? It’s not a fun game to play, you might get yourself into trouble.”

    Qiu Xin waved his hand quickly:” I am not playing, I raised a pet and it likes to eat bugs, I have never seen this kind of bug and it was so big, so I think it might love it.”

    Xiao Mo twitched the corner of his mouth,” Then if I happen to have extra bug, I will reserve it for you.” But in his heart, he is sincerely praying that there won’t be the twenty-fifth Gold Eating Mother Beetle.

    “Let’s exchange our handphone number, my is 15815185888, are you able to memorize the numbers?”

    The number was obviously bought with a high price. With such a long string of auspicious numbers, who would forget it?

    Xiao Mo hesitated for a moment. Compared with the fear of his ability been exposed, conscience prevailed.

    He said:” Hey, young man, tell your dad, that kind of monster is a Giant Wing Mosquito Beast, it loves darkness and hates bright light. It will haunt at night, it is blind but very sensitive to the smell of blood, the triangular brain shell has three functions: Insect antennae, animal smell and it also function as a radar. This information is sourced from the internet, you can search it online, someone is offering a reward for catching these deformed monsters.”

    “Hey, brother speaks slowly, I won’t be able to remembers so many information, what exactly are you talking about?”

    Xiao Mo pedaled his bicycle like a hot wheel, he had immediately regretted it right after he told the young man about the beast. He felt that he might have to leave the city soon.

    Xue Li Hong stared at him, silently mocking him.

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