The Scavengers

Chapter 52: Angel

25 September, 13:00 afternoon

Level 3, Mission 1: Activated

Details of mission: Xiao Mo, the Recyler, is to collect rabies No. Six vaccine mutation virus sample before 27 September, 23:59.

Failure of the task will be punished, and success will be rewarded.


If the recycler fails to complete the task twice in a row, he will be wiped out by the system according to the regulations. The system will randomly wait for new recycler to appear.

September 25, 13:25 afternoon

It was a little dark, and the rain kept pattering on.

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Xiao thought, “I hope the bridge is still intact.”


Xue Li Hong made a who knows expression.

Xiao Mo smiled and closed his eyes to check the map in his brain. The map provided by the system was quite user-friendly. He could clearly “see” the green dot representing himself running on the map. As they continued going onwards, the map was also constantly being updated. It was just like satellite navigation, and there was even a red dot in the front of the map that did not stop flashing.

That was the destination of their trip and their goal.

Xiao Mo opened his eyes and looked ahead of the road. “It’s not far. After driving past the river crossing bridge, we will reach H city. It’s past noon. Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?”

Xue Li Hong shook his head. “Let’s talk about it when we get to the target place. If we finish early, we can go back early. Qiu Feng’s attitude had been strange, and this car is too broken.”

That was the point, wasn’t it? But Xiao Mo also wanted to change the car very much. He didn’t understand how someone could paint a vehicle that was used as a military vehicle such an eye-catching yellow! And there were really people who bought it!

If not for Xue Li Hong being unsatisfied with certain parts of the car, they might have to use the car for a long time. It was terrible to just think about it!

Oh, he forgot to mention, that Qiu Feng meant General Qiu, who was currently the head of the military in Zhong Shan city security base.

Before coming here, Qiu Feng contacted them by satellite phone and wanted to entrust them with a task, but when he heard that they are coming to H City, he pushed it off.

Qiu Feng didn’t make it clear on the phone, but when he heard that they were coming to H City, he seemed to disapprove. He asked them to wait and said that he would go to find out about the situation first.

Unfortunately, the time limit of the task released by the system this time was relatively tight. They had no choice but to start as soon as possible. They could only let Qiu Feng contact them as soon as he received the information and bring alone a satellite phone when they come out.

Xiao Mo glanced into his bag for food. Zhong Shan City was quite far away from H city. In the past, it would take only five hours to drive on high speed. But now, they have been driving on the road for two days. Most of the time, they were usually making detours and looking for ways. If the system could not adjust the map at any time according to their location, they might have given up their vehicle long ago and chose to walk along the highway to H city instead.


It had only been three months since the first outbreak, but the whole world had changed a lot. Although the expected doomsday did not come completely, the current situation was not much better.

In the past three months, there had been frequent outbreaks of monsters and special viruses all over the world. Often, the crisis in one city had just been solved before another area would have an accident, which made it hard for people to cope with.

At the beginning, some countries used missiles to destroy the whole city to solve the problem. When they found that this situation was not an individual incident, they did not dare to continue to do so – the country was only this big, if all the cities were bombed out, where would they live and what did they eat?

The only comfort for everyone was that both the monsters and viruses had appeared only in certain territories. If there were no humans to take them away from the “drop zone” where they first appeared, they would never exceed the invisible line.

Because of the rules of the game, people had a little more breathing space, and the world still had some hope. Everyone firmly believed that as long as the threats were eliminated one region at a time, maybe they can regain the earth.

“Do you think the target of our mission this time, the rabies No. 6 vaccine alienation virus sample, will be…”

“Xiao Mo.” Xue Li Hong suddenly called him.

“Yea?” Xiao Mo looks up.

“Hold the nail gun, there’s someone in front.”

On hearing that someone was in front of him, Xiao Mo took out the nail gun from his backpack. At the same time, he put the food he had just taken out back into the depth of his backpack, and then threw it under his feet.

Along the way, they met not many monsters, but many dangers, and most of which came from human beings.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. The raindrops hit the top of the car and rattled violently. The rain splashed on the window making the sight in front blurry. Xue Li Hong manipulated the wiper to its fastest speed.


Xiao Mo’s five senses were not as good as Xue Li Hong. He looked forward carefully for several seconds and finally saw it!

On the road ahead, a group of people in military uniforms ran, all the while turning back to shoot into the sky.

Someone saw the car coming and immediately waved to them, as if trying to tell them something.

Squawk! The piercing sound came from the air like the cry of a baby and the strange cry of a night bird.

Xue Li Hong’s face changed color.

“Creak!” Xue Li Hong, who was driving, suddenly stepped on the brake, grabbed the nail gun, opened the door and jumped out of the car! “Get out! It’s an angel!”

Xiao Mo’s reaction was not slow. When he heard the word “angel”, he grabbed the armrest and waited for the car to stop. Besides the nail gun he was holding, he picked up the fireman’s axe at his feet, pushed the door, jumped and rolled on the spot.

It was almost common sense that when you saw an angel, you could not stay in the car.

Shua! Something flew over the roof and landed on the car.

Click! That thing even scratched the roof of the car. It seemed to know that there was food that it liked to eat in the tin.

“As I said, we should change the car. It’s too brittle.” Xue Li Hong turned around and shot at the top of the car. He didn’t seem to know that the angel would land on their car.

“No other car can stop the angel!” Xiao Mo paid attention to the surroundings. He didn’t see the sky, but the ground.


“Poof!” When the nail gun hit something on the car, it made a shrill cry and flew again.

The huge snow-white wings when spread wide, looked just like an angel, which was the origin of the name of this monster.

But no one could see the body of the angel, everyone could only see the wings of the angel!

The nail gun bullet hit the angel, but it didn’t leave any trace on his body.

“Boss, I heard that there is an aerospace materials research base in the suburb of H city.” Xue Li Hong was not discouraged and concentrated on dealing with this angel.

“What do you want to do there?” Xiao Mo laughed as he raised his nail gun. “Do you think that when the city is destroyed, that place can be freely entered? Be careful!!”

Two people shot the nail gun at the same time towards the angel.

“Ring -” the satellite phone left in the car suddenly flashed blue.

But Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong are far away from the car now. They did not know that there was a phone call coming in.

Back at the Zhong Shan City security base, Qiu Feng saw that three consecutive calls continued to be unanswered. He anxiously clenched his fist and hit the desk.

He just got the news that because there were too many angels and mutant mice in H City, and there was a tendency to continue to spread to the surrounding counties and cities, no one knew how big this “drop zone” was. And in order to reduce further losses and eliminate the threat completely, the H city government finally declared that it would drop missiles to H city at 17 o’clock this afternoon, to blow up the entirety of H city!

17:00- only three and a half hours from now!

Although everyone knows that throwing missiles was like drinking poison to quench thirst, sometimes, you must do so even though you know it’s wrong.

At present, he was not qualified to be in the highest council. In the middle of the meeting, he was busy with other things and didn’t focus on it. As a result, he didn’t get the exact information until now.

I hope Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong have not entered H city. No, I hope they have finished their task and left H city.

Qiu Feng arranged for people to call Xiao Mo and Xiao Mo every 15 minutes, hoping to get in touch with them as soon as possible.

The group of people running down the road were also dealing with an angel.

Angels were too hard to kill. There was only one weak point on them, that was, its head. But their bodies were transparent, and they were not stupid. They knew that they should shake their heads and shrink their brains when attacking. Therefore, it was almost impossible to kill them with one shot.

At the same time, the wings of angels were not penetrated by ammunition at all, and their claws were extremely powerful. If one was caught by them, it will be end of the story, even if you were wearing armor, it was of no use.

They even have a bigger ability.

“Kill them! Don’t let them open their mouths to call the mutant rats!” A uniformed man yelled wildly in the crowd.

Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong also knew about the habits and lethality of angels.

Xue Li Hong saw that the nail gun couldn’t deal with the angel, so he immediately waved to Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo saw the signal, so he aimed his gun at the angel who rushed to Xue Li Hong, constantly shooting to disturb its sight and distract its attention.

No one wanted to be surrounded by huge number of mutant rats. Xue Li Hong no longer hid himself. He swiftly rolled to Xiao Mo’s side, picked up the fire axe he left on the ground, stood up and rushd forward!

Then he jumped up and land on the back of an angel.


Xue Li Hong grabs its wings, waved his axe and sliced it where its head should have been.

If you don’t hit it once, hit it again. He had killed several angels, and gradually found out where they would hide their heads.

The angel struggled to fly high, and Xiao Mo did not dare to shoot the nail gun. Although the nail gun had been reformed, it would be much worse if it exceeded a certain distance. Even if he aimed at it, he would probably shoot Xue Li Hong.

There was a cry of surprise from someone over there. It seemed that the people were quite surprised that the strangers who they met casually on the road could jump on the angel and kill it.

The other angel screamed as if he wanted to fly over to support his companion.

“Hey, brother over there, don’t let him shout again!” Xiao Mo was distracted and yelled at the other side.

“Bang!” The sound of gunfire rang out, and the group of people chose large firepower weapons.

Xiao Mo turned his head and quickly looked over there. He found that the angel’s wing might be injured. It tried to fly high several times but was not able to fly.

Xue Li Hong seems to have found the angel’s head. He raises his hand and cut using the fire axe.


A large amount of blood gushed out, and the invisible body of the angel appeared, slamming to the ground. It looked just like a human body whose skin was removed.

Xue Li Hong jump away from angels first.

The group of people had been scratched by the angel for several times, and they didn’t care about the ammunition. All the big guns aimed at the remaining angel and shot it.


This shrill cry this time was different. Xue Li Hong immediately shouted oh no in his heart.

The angel’s wings burst into blood and fell from the sky.

The group of people immediately surrounded, shot after shot, bullets seen to be free, and they desperately shoot at it.

Xue Li Hong waved to Xiao Mo, “Go! The angel summoned the mutant rat!”

His voice was loud enough for those who were still shooting angels.

As soon as Xiao Mo heard that the mutant rats were about to come out, he was so scared that he ran to the car he had just come down.

Xue Li Hong also ran back to the car. They could not give up the car. There were many useful things on it.

Fortunately, there were only a few holes in the roof of the car, and the car could still start. The group of people no longer shot the angels and ran to them.

Everyone blinked when they saw the car, but it didn’t stop them from getting on.

Xiao and Mo didn’t say anything when they opened the door and got on the car.

Xue Li Hong saw that the six people in the line either got into the car or grabbed the luggage rack on the roof of the car and said, “Sit down!”

Shift, step on the gas.

The car roared out.

A huge number of black and gray rats sprang out of the woods on both sides, and soon the road was full of black mutant rats.

Xue Li Hong’s car kept on, raising the speed to the highest he could now.

The three people hanging outside the car were unlucky. If they didn’t get into the car, they would be attacked by the mutant mice. However, the speed was fast, and they responded well. Although they got a few paws, they also chopped off the mutant rats.

There was no angel command. Although the mutant rats were called, they would not run after the car after losing the target. Instead, they were more interested in the two dead angels on the ground. Some mutant rats approach the bodies and touched them several times. Seeing that the angel doesn’t respond, they bit them again.

Until then, the angel still didn’t respond, so the mutant mice immediately went crazy, squeaking and converging to the two corpses!

Layer after layer of mutant mice pounced on two corpses.

When the mutant mice dispersed again, there were only two slightly strange white bones and white feathers on the road.

Finally, the three people in the car let out a breath.

Xiao Mo felt that it was a pity that two Angel corpses could be exchanged for two secondary standard energy crystals.

One of the three men, wearing camouflage military uniform but without epaulets on his shoulder, said, “Thank you, brother. Fortunately, I met you. Are you going to H city?”

Xue Li Hong has never been responsible for diplomacy, but Xiao Mo turned back and said, “Yes, we came to H city to find someone. I have a relative here.”

He paid special attention to the clothes of these people and found that they did not have epaulets and armbands. They were wearing imitation military uniforms; they were not real soldiers.

“You are too late. The inner city of H city has been completely occupied by angels and mutant mice two days ago. By this morning, almost all the survivors who can withdraw have left the city.”

“You said almost. How about you? You have mission here? ” Xiao Mo didn’t have to look at them. He knew they were a mercenary team just by looking at their clothes and equipment.

“Yes, we have a mission.” The men in uniform seemed to be hesitant to elaborate.

Just then, another man suddenly whispered, “do you see the bus in front of you? After the bus is the bridge, but the bridge has been blown off when the last group of citizens evacuated, the car can’t drive through, and we met the angels here. “

“Creak!” Xue Li Hong slammed on the brake again.

Xiao Mo was used to it. When he felt the forward momentum, he immediately reached out and grasped the handrail.

The three people in the back were more miserable. They all bumped into the back of the front seat.

Xiao Mo waited for the car to stop, then he turned back and said helplessly, “You should have said such important news earlier.”

The three of them felt wronged; it’s not that they did not want to say, but there was simply no chance.

The people inside the car looks miserable, and the three people outside the car were even worse. They were almost swung out of their grasp of the car.

Everyone got out of the car, including Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong. They put some useful things in the car, mainly food and water, into their backpacks.

Xiao Mo picked up the satellite phone and saw the caller ID above. He wanted to call back, but he saw that the man in uniform was looking at his phone.

Satellite phone is a rare thing now. Ordinary mercenary team can’t have it at all.

Xiao Mo doesn’t want to cause trouble, and it was not suitable to catch attention now. Thinking about it, he quickly changed the tone of the incoming call to vibration, wrapped it in a plastic bag, and stuffed the satellite phone into the depth of his backpack.

Seeing that Xiao Mo noticed him, the man in uniform laughed awkwardly and turned his head.

When the other mercenaries saw that they were loading things, they all avoided looking at them. They didn’t want to cause any misunderstanding.

But this mercenary team was secretly guessing their identities; satellite phone + coquettish cross-country sports car = unusual identity?

Xiao finally looked back at the scarred car. Finally, they can say goodbye to it, thank you!

The mercenary team was watched by the angel near here. After getting off the car, everyone was afraid to speak.

No one knew where the original angels came from. Some people suspected that they used to be human beings, but no one has been able to catch the original angels to prove this judgment.

No one also knew exactly when they appear. It’s like by the time people discovered the existence of the angels, they were already everywhere.

After repeated lessons, people have finally summed up a rule, that was: Angels are extremely sensitive to sound, especially to human voice.

Angels liked to eat people. They not only like to eat by themselves, but also like to share their prey with their pet mutant rats.

People were afraid of angels, but they were even more afraid of mutant rat, especially those under the command of angels.

Those cities where angels and mutant rats appear were all abandoned and the people have all escaped. Angels can still be shot with a lot of ammunition, but how can the big swarm of mutant rats be cleared?

Moreover, among the survivors, there was a saying that some people who are bitten by angels and mutant mice will lose their senses and have various symptoms such as rabies. When the spasm stops and develops to paralysis, seventy percent of these patients will die, and the other thirty percent may become inhuman angels.

Sadly, the early symptoms of rabies were still incurable, and once converted into an angel, there was absolutely no chance of recovery.

This kind of bacteria causing human infection and mutation was now known as the angel virus.

The party go around the bus and went as quietly as possible to the bridge.

The battle marks left here are more serious. There are bones everywhere, especially on the broken bridge.

From here, we can see how miserable H city was after the war. Many tall buildings were emitting black smoke. Thanks to the heavy rain, the fire did not spread, but the city full of broken walls in the rain looked more like the doomsday scene.

Xiao Mo wanted to ask the mercenaries if they knew the details of H City, but he couldn’t speak, so he had to give up for a while.

A tank stopped on the other side of the broken bridge. There were several cracks on the solid and thick body!

Xiao Mo’s pupils shrunk. Were these cracks caused by mutant mice or angels?

Xue Li Hong was also looking at the tank.

The man in uniform put up three fingers.

Xiao Mo asked with his eyes: what do you mean?

The uniformed man made a mouse crawling gesture and put up three fingers.

Xiao Mo understood; the other side was telling him that there was level-three mutant rat in H city!

Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong looked at each other. The last time they were promoted from level two to level three, their last task was to kill Level two mutant rat king. If Xue Li Hong had not sacrificed one arm for his life at that time, their task might not have been completed.

Although the strength of the mutant rat king was much higher than that of the ordinary level two mutant rat, and the third-class mutant rat was not weaker at all than the second-class mutant rat king. How terrible would it be if there were more than one third-class mutant rat in this city?

Fortunately, he now has three levels of strength, and Xue Li Hong’s strength seemed to improve with his strength?

However, Xue Li Hong did not say that his ability was improving, but that his actual ability was gradually displaying. In other words, he thought that the perfect repair of Xue Li Hong was not perfect, at least he did not make Xue Li Hong’s real strength recover together.

Xue Li Hong didn’t care much about it. No matter how dangerous the situation is, this guy seemed to be able to take it easy.

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