The Scavengers

Chapter 51: Poacher, Killing

21 June, End of the day, Part III

All of the people in the experimental building have finally been evacuated.

Xiao Mo laid on the thin back of Xue Li Hong while holding on to an energy crystal in order to recover.

Lei Bing followed them closely, all the while looking at Xiao Mo with greedy eyes.

Xiao Mo did not notice while he was busy recovering his energy, but Xue Li Hong had long since picked up Lei Bing’s greedy look.


At the school gate, when Lei Bing saw that Xiao Mo was better, he immediately surrounded him and said, “Old Xiao, brother Xiao, Goddess Xiao! Come to our team! I’ll take care of you and the boss! Make sure he sends your family back! No, there’s no place to live now. I’m responsible for finding a safe place for your family to live in, so that they can live comfortably! “

“Come on, come on! There is no future for mercenaries. Only when we enter the formal establishment can we have a bright future. With brother Xiao’s skill, you will soon become a national treasure! At that time, if you want money, a house and a name, all the beauties will cry and shout to marry you! “

“Brother Xiao, if we have you, we don’t know how many brothers can survived in our team, and those who are forced to retire due to injuries will also be reduced to the minimum. Brother Xiao, your talent and ability will surely be coveted by others. It’s better to come to our team. My boss and I can protect you. “

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“Jasvbla Dkys, usw nyd pyu yduvbkdt yp zsdt yp usw yal okzzkdt vs nsxl vs swa vlyx!”

Dwl Nk Tsdt rwvp esod Dkys Ys yde vwadp vs Nlk Jkdt.

Nlk Jkdt pvsrp yde zssjp wr yv bkx.

Lso vbyv vblu olal pvydekdt nzspl vs lynb svbla, bl alyzkgle vbyv Dwl Nk Tsdt oyp ynvwyzzu qkhl nldvkxlvlap vyzzla vbyd Nlk Jkdt, obknb xyel Nlk Jkdt hlau wdbyrru.

“Nlv’p vyzj psxloblal lzpl?” Dwl Nk Tsdt prlyj lmralppksdzlpp.

“Zlp.” Nlk Jkdt bye y pxkzl sd bkp qynl, cwv bkp lulp olal naygu. Mbkp xyd’p xsxldvwx byp yaswple bkx vs qktbv!

Dwl Nk Tsdt vbalo bkp cynjrynj vs Dkys Ys, “Eykv blal, R’zz cl cynj kd y xsxldv.”

Dkys Ys tayccle vbl cynjrynj yde pyke, “Jl nyalqwz.”

Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng did not understand what had just transpired. They looked at Xiao Mo together.


Xiao Mo shrugged a shoulder and show a hand sign saying that he had no clue.

Qiu Xin glanced at Xiao Mo and then at the two men who were far away. He laughed twice.

All the people in the school were confirmed to have been evacuated, and the soldiers in charge of guarding the place immediately blocked the campus gate.

There was a roar of helicopter approaching.

Everyone lifted their head and looked up to the sky.

“Everyone, please step back, one more kilometer! The buildings inside are about to explode. If you don’t want to be affected, please step back! ” A hoarse warning came from the horn.

Once everyone heard that they were going to blow up the building, they didn’t dare to stay in the same place and retreated noisily together.

Finally, all the people managed to evacuate to safety, and someone contacted the pilot below.

The helicopter circled twice in the sky and suddenly launched a missile!

Most of the people who stayed here have only seen missiles from TV and movies. It was the first time ever seeing one in action live.

People’s screams sounded. It was a very serious and tense moment, but why could Xiao Mo detect the excitement and joy from the screams?

The Chinese people’s nature of watching the crowd were inherent, even after the earthquake.


When the missile launched, everyone forgot about the previous earthquake and kept a close eye on the direction of the missile.

The missile hit the experimental building in a subtle position.

The building collapsed in the middle and became a piece of rubble.

People cheered, though they didn’t know why the helicopter had to blow up the building.

The helicopter completed his mission and immediately flew far away. Xue Li Hong and Lei Bing then came from far away.

Xue Li Hong looked very normal. He came over and leaned on Xiao Mo.

Lei Bing tried his best to be normal, but his limp step and sometimes twisted face all showed that he was suffering a lot.

“You went to fight?” Xiao Mo asked Xue Li Hong in a low voice.

Xue Li Hong took the backpack from Xiao Mo, took out the satellite phone, and pressed the number back: “Sometimes speaking with fists is more useful than anything.”

“How did that soldier offend you?”

“He was a poacher, trying to con you to his side.”

“…” Xiao Mo was speechless and didn’t know how to react. Was he being poached? It was probably Xue Li Hong that was the one being poached!


The phone was connected, so Xue Li Hong opened his mouth and said to the other side, “Treat the Xiao family well. Goodbye!” He decisively hanged up the call.

The phone rang again.

Xue Li Hong handed the phone to Xiao Mo, who answered the phone this time, “Hello, I’m Xiao Mo.”

Across the phone came Qiu Feng’s tired voice rang, “My son is with you?”


“Can I speak to him?” Qiu Feng’s voice seemed calm.

Xiao Mo waved to Qiu Xin, who was watching the scene. Qiu Xin took the phone and cried out with great spirit: “Old man, you see! You are making trouble for me again!”

Qiu Feng didn’t say a word for a long time.

Regardless of his Laozi’s mood, Qiu Xin explained his forced adventure in detail.

“Lei Bing is near you, too?”


“Put him on the phone.”


So, the phone was sent to Lei Bing.

Xiao Mo didn’t specially listen to the conversation between Lei Bing and Qiu Feng. Anyway, no matter how low their voices are, they could not hide anything from him.

Five minutes later, Lei Bing came and returned the phone to Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo saw that the call has already been hung up.

“My boss said that regarding your family, he didn’t do it properly, but for the sake of saving your family, he hopes that you don’t take it seriously.”

Xiao Mo waited for him to say the following.

Lei Bing continued: “Because considering the serious damage on the other side of Tong Tian Street, your family also has no place to live currently when they go back. Boss said that he can provide a safe residence first. Of course, there is absolutely freedom of access. You can visit your family at any time, and they can move out at any time.”

“Can I choose the location?” Red in the snow chimed in.


“Then send the Xiao family to the neighborhood where Qiu Xin lives and arrange a house for them there.”

“I’ll tell my boss about your request. If there’s a house available over there, we’ll arrange for the Xiao family at once.”

“No matter whether there are vacant rooms or not, we hope to see the Xiao family at the gate of the community in an hour.”


At this point, the matter seemed to have been perfectly solved, but Xiao Mo still felt that there was something wrong.

Sure enough, when Lei Bing and Xiao Mo finished their negotiation, they immediately went to find Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng.

“When I mentioned your names to my boss, he told me something. He said he could help you and come back with me if you like.”

Wang Cheng glanced at Qian Yun Kai.

Qian Yun Kai said with a smile, “Please help us thank Commander Qiu for his kindness. Considering that many situations are still unclear, I think it’s better for Wang Cheng and I not to disturb Commander Qiu.”

“I understand your worries. After all, I became your kind not long ago. But I can tell you one thing to make you feel at ease. Since last night, no less than 40 deep mutants have been found in the army, and the number is still rising. And this number accounts for the ones just discovered. No one knows how many more have been undiscovered. “

Lei Bing continued: “Right now the country needs us. The boss is not short-sighted, he will not let some organizations or individuals take away our precious resources, let alone let them destroy us.”

Although Lei Bing repeatedly persuaded, the two people who have not built-up trust in Qiu Feng still declined Lei Bing’s invitation.

Lei Bing had no choice but to leave with Qiu Xin.

Before he left, he looked at Xiao Mo again and again! If only such a precious one could come to his team!

Ah! Boss, I’m sorry for losing a fight with someone!

Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng returned to Xiao Mo and said, “What’s your plan after that?”

Xiao Mo replied: “Find my family, settle them down, and then develop my abilities. How about you?”

“It’s the same with us. Let’s keep in touch. This is my address… “

“No need.” Xue Li Hong took out two communication devices from his backpack and threw them to Qian Yun Kai and Wang Cheng.

“This is a short-range communicator. It can be contacted within 100 kilometers. Band 1 is me, band 2 is Xiao Mo, and bands 3 and 4 are you two. If there’s anything, we’ll get in touch through this. “

Wang Cheng gave Qian Yun Kai the contact device. Qian Yun Kai said with a smile, “It’s great to keep in touch with you. Well, I wish you all the best!”

“You too, be careful!”

The four were separated for a short time.

Xiao Mo was in a slightly relaxed mood and asked Xue Li Hong, “What did the two say on the phone? Boss Qiu gave up too simply, especially after he knew of our abilities, which is very strange. “

“Strange? If you are in the same position with him and encounter the same things as him, you would definitely do the same.”

“What happened again?”

“In one night, six nearby cities and thousands of villages and towns crumpled from the earthquake!”

“What?” Xiao Mo exclaimed.

“The connection between the capital and us is broken. Now Zhong Shan City has almost become a lonely city.”

“… what happened?”

“Qiu Feng didn’t say too much on the phone. He only said to Lei Bing: a lot of monsters are coming. Human beings are in danger!”

As they spoke, they had reached the side door.

Xiao Mo, full of worries about the future of mankind, looked up, left and right, and then said, “where’s our car?”

Xue Li Hong stated the truth: “it’s gone.”

Xiao Mo groaned bitterly and turned his head to stare at the young man, “Did you pull out the key when you got off the car just now?”

Xue Li Hong recalled it carefully, and then he shows a boring expression of “Don’t worry about such small things”.

“I knew it! Even geniuses have flaws!” Xiao Mo was very mad.

But Xue Li Hong was not so worried: “Don’t feel sorry, it’s not your car.”

“The question is, how can we get to my family now that we don’t have a car? Do you know how far it takes to walk from here to the neighborhood where Qiu Xin lives? “

Xue Li Hong took the man’s shoulder and turned his face to the left. “Don’t cry. Look, what do you think of that jeep? “

The man who didn’t cry at all saw the jeep not far away, and immediately had the impulse to cry, “Brother, that’s a military car! Don’t you see that it’s full of soldiers? “

“Only four people.”


“Knock them out and take the car.”

Xiao Mo quickly said, “I know there is a luxury car store nearby. Let’s get a car there!”

Xue Li Hong, “Don’t you believe me?”

“I believe you! I really believe that you could get that military jeep, really! But we really don’t have to have a grudge with the soldiers. “

“They are the men of Lei Bing. I saw them talking to Lei Bing and calling him captain.”

Xiao Mo trembled. “You want to take that Jeep, just because the soldiers sitting on it are under the hands of Lei Bing?”

“Well.” The hatred of poaching Xiao Mo could not be solved just by a single fight! For Xue Li Hong, robbing his Xiao Mo is ten times more serious than robbing his mate! Absolute blood feud, no explanation!

Xiao Mo swallowed his saliva and tried to say, “We are likely to deal with the military in the future, and I have a hunch.”

Xue Li Hong said quietly: “So, you mean to let me kill Lei Bing first to solve the hidden danger?”

Xiao Mo was about to kneel for him. This boy definitely had beef with Lei Bing!

“I don’t like that Jeep!” Xiao Mo was quick to say: “I like luxury brand off-road vehicles. They are luxurious, comfortable, spacious and durable. Let’s go to the luxury SUV store nearby! Let’s go.”

“SUV?” Xue Li Hong became a little interested. The ordinary family car just now did not feel good when driving. No matter the speed or power or the wheel’s grip ability, they were all too poor.

“Do you like luxury brands? That kind of off-road vehicle with cool appearance, those flashy and showy type? “

Xiao Mo nodded, “Yes! I like that one. I didn’t have money to buy it before, but now… “

“Well, if you prefer the one over there, let’s get one.”

Xiao Mo had never thought of it at that time. Just because of his words today, the vehicles Xue Li Hong got were more and more ostentatious and dazzling. And this person was also crazy to ask those teammates that join the group later not to drive cars that were not up to par!

Just imagine, in the urban desert like the end of the day, when countless poor people are struggling in the line of life and death, a group of luxury cars with flashy appearances and fancy internal configurations roar past you.

Think about it. Just how much hate would they attract?

Thank God, Xiao Mo, who had devoted all his life to pursuing low-key, did not know anything about it now!

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