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  • The Scavengers

    Chapter 20: Recycling the Mother of Gluttony

    *Warning: Violence and mentions of blood in this chapter. *

    19 June, Afternoon, before 18:00

    When Fang Zhen Gang heard the situation his subordinates had reported, his face drained of nary a colour. He considered himself as a seasoned veteran that had seen and heard of all kinds of criminal cases, but this…

    “And there are more people joining still?”

    “Yes sir. These people, their minds…”


    “Looks like we also need to include some psychological doctor in our back up.” Fang Zhen Gang and Cheng Bing looked at each other and smiled.

    “Should we go and stop it?”

    “Let’s observe first. If needed, I’ll permit the use of anesthetics guns.”

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    “Zlp pka!”

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    “Pkdt~ Zsw byhl 55 xkdwvlp zlqv.” Mbl pupvlx alxkdele Dkys Ys.

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    Jwv dso…

    “Gzz vblpl yal yqqlnvle cu vbl Ysvbla sq Qzwvvsdu?” Tl alnsdqkaxle ytykd.

    “The carbon metallic virus makes them crave for certain gold particles, but it will not make them lose their rationale.”


    After listening to the system, Xiao Mo stirred in silence, before finally making his decision, “I will complete the mission.”

    The man sounded extremely calm and normal, as if he was saying, “I will buy some dishes.”

    However, both the kid and Ding Qiao glanced at him at the same time.

    Ding Qiao did not understand what Xiao Mo was talking about, but the kid knew that this soft-hearted man finally made up his mind. Before that, even if he was extremely close to the target, he was still very hesitant.

    This undecisive budybody was not suitable for this kind of game at all. The kid pouted his lips, and labelled Xiao Mo as someone who would not survive in this chaotic world for long. So, should he still continue to tag along with this person?

    “Xue Li Hong, sit down and don’t look in front.”

    Xiao Mo hurriedly reversed the car. He felt that the scenes in front were high inappropriate for a kid. Also, there were too many rabid people in front of Lian Gou Le supermarket, it was akin to an explosive storage- once it exploded, no one would be left unscathed.

    Xue Li Hong did not move an inch and continued to bend over the back of the chair.

    “Brother Xiao, do you think the police are able to control this madness?” Ding Qiao asked worriedly.

    “Impossible.” Xiao Mo wanted to forced himself to the right turning lane so that he could send the kid to the store. Then, he could go to the park and look for Li Xiao Shuang alone in peace.

    Ding Qiao did not know what he wanted to do so he asked, “What now?”

    Xiao Mo moved forward slowly, all the while intently staring in front, “The government will send for reinforcement. I remember there was an air force training base nearby, perhaps they will send people from there.”


    “Impossible.” Ding Qiao immediately rejected Xiao Mo’s opinion. “The air force troops’ training is far from a walk in the park. Normal ground operations definitely would not activate them. In this kind of situation, I feel that only the ground volunteers would be deployed. If I remember correctly, there is an army camp about a hundred meters away. They should be able to reach here faster.”

    “You go complete your mission. Ding Qiao and I will wait for you in the car.” The kid suddenly spoke up.

    “Yeah, brother Xiao, if you have something to attend to, don’t worry and go right ahead. I will help you guard the car and look after the kid, so don’t worry. I won’t let anyone touch them.” Ding Qiao promised.

    Xioa Mo turned off the engine. The road was currently congested, hence he was unable to proceed to his destination at all.

    The kid went near Xiao Mo and whispered in his ear, “Let me see the electric baton’s energy level.”

    Xiao Mo obediently took out his electric baton and passed it to him.

    The kid checked and swiftly tinkled it to set it on the highest level before passing it back to Xiao Mo, “There isn’t much energy in it, perfect for two uses only, so don’t waste it.”

    Ding Qiao noticed the two of them whispering, but was too shy to come over to listen.

    Ten minutes later, Xiao Mo reached the park.

    “Can you located the mission target?” Xiao Mo tried to ask the system inwardly.

    “Yes, your target is about thirty-three miles away.”

    Xiao Mo crept alone in the shade, biding his time and not rushing in.


    “Twenty miles, nineteen miles…”

    Hisss… Meow!!

    There were screams of multiple cats.

    Not far away from Xiao Mo, on a wild grass patch, there was five to six wild cats surrounding his targets, fighting violently.

    When Xiao Mo heard the cats scream, it was right at the peak of their fight.

    The wild cat scratched very fiercely, but Li Xiao Shuang was no weakling. Her face had several scratches but she refused to let go.

    MEoow! Nyaa!!! It was as if a kid was wailing miserably.

    Xiao Mo wanted to avoid the target’s attention, so he carfully moved in. However, he did not pay attention to the ground and tripped on a protruding tree root.

    In order to stabilize himself, he caught hold of a small tree that was about his height.

    But what were the coincidences? There were vines entwined around the tree, and the vines had thorns that were barely noticeable.

    He caught it, and on his palm, a small wound appeared instantly.

    The pain caused Xiao Mo to instinctively suck in a cold breath. As he wanted to stabilize himself, he used his utmost strength to grip on the tree very tightly, causing the wound to be actually quite deep.


    Why did such an upscale park have such a dangerous vine, and just at the roadside to boot? The man pondered.

    The moment the scent of blood appeared, Xiao Mo immediately used his hand to cover the wound, but it was still too late.

    It seemed that Li Xiao Shuang had smelt the scent of blood- she paused mid-fight and lifted her head and looked towards his direction.

    Xiao Mo was worried that she would escape again, so he ignored his wound, dug out his electric baton and charged forward.

    He was not scared of fighting. He had two brothers that he grew up together with; how could he be scared of fighting? But he was indeed scared of murdering people, but the situation forced him to do so. Putting it nicely, it was for the better good, but deep in his heart, he knows the real reason. He did not want to die, and even worse, die without meaning.

    When Li Xiao Shuang saw him, she let out a threatening gurgle. That expression and appearance of hers, definitely did not suit the look of a human.

    “Hey! Li Xiao Shuang! I am… wait! Hey! I am talking to you!”

    The wild cats sensed that Li Xiao Shuang had relaxed her guard, so they doubled their assault, trying to chase her away.

    Li Xiao Shaung hesitated for a while, but she quickly made up her mind. She did not escape again, but instead chose to kill Xiao Mo. There was something very important to her here, so she could not leave.

    But she seemed to be aware of the might of the rod held in his hand, hence she did not strike from the front. Instead, she leaped to the back of Xiao Mo and turned to chomp on his neck.

    “F*ck!” Luckily, Xiao Mo wasn’t someone unfit who sat around in the office all day. His response was swift- he rapidly rolled away and escaped her first attack. And while he was still recovering, he speedily switched on the electric baton and resolutely stabbed it into Li Xiao Shuang’s stomach while she was about to pounce on him.

    Li Xiao Shuang was unable to escape in time and was shocked. She yowled noisily, before randomly picking up a cat and throwing it at Xiao Mo.

    Xiao Mo waved his hand to swing away the cat, but he suddenly felt a burst of pain arising from his hand. Li Xiao Shuang had rushed in and bitten his right hand.

    The electric baton fell on the floor.

     Xiao Mo squeezed his left hand and punched Li Xiao Shuang’s temple. He wanted have a chat with Li Xiao Shuang, but it seemed that she did not want to give him any opportunity.

    Li Xiao Shuang jumped off.

    Xiao Mo quickly bent down to pick up the baton, but the window of opportunity was sufficient for Li Xiao Shuang to pounce on his back and clamp on his neck.

    When he felt his neck being bitten, out of natural response, he used his elbow to clip her face.

    When Li Xiao Shuang’s face was hit, she screamed and loosened her hold from Xiao Mo’s back.

    Xiao Mo held onto his neck and cursed violently. Li Xiao Shuang had bitten off a chunk of meat from his neck and the blood was flowing continuously between the gaps of his fingers.

    Xiao Mo endured the pain. He held onto his neck with one hand and held the baton on the other. Just when he turned around, Li Xiao Shuang was suspended in the air like a wild dog about to pounce on him.

    This was his last chance to use the electric baton; he could not afford to waste it.

    Xiao Mo did not move and hid the baton behind his back. It was until Li Xiao Shuang pounced and lowered her head to bite his neck, that he lifted his hand and stabbed the electric rod to the side of her waist.


    Strong electric shocks passed from Li Xiao Shuang’s waist and went through her entire body.

    Xiao Mo who was under her unfortunately also did not escape the fate of being shocked.

    After several rounds of twitching, Xiao Mo thought that he was going to be electrified to death too.

    “Ding! Mission target recycled successfully. Recycler Xiao Mo will be rewarded. Details of reward…” The cold voice paused, “the system is judging according to the state of the recycler’s body, please hold on.”

    When the system’s voice was heard, Xiao Mo felt something cold flowing into his blood. He sneezed. He tried to push the body away, but all he felt was air.

    Aie? Where is the body?

    It was recycled? He had succeeded? Xiao Mo was confused if this was the aftermath of the electrocution or the deed of the system.

    After a while, reality sunk in. He just killed a person. Completing the mission to keep his life afloat is great and all, but he became a killer!

    It still did not feel real. He had fainted in between for 3 days, hence to him, it had only been two days that so much things had happened. Adding on the presence of the system he felt as if he had also contracted the virus and was suffering a serious case of hallucinations, both visual and auditory.

    A system that forces you to recycle humans. And if you fail the mission, you would be wiped out of existence by said system. Didn’t it sound like the excuses you would hear from some criminals after murdering his entire family? That they heard a voice in their head telling them to do so?

    Even if the system felt very realistic to Xiao Mo, as a responsible adult that have gone through the education system, and matured mentally and physically, he should not have taken action and carried out the mission, even if it did threaten his own life. He was no longer a youngster who was poisoned by those fictional novels and movies, that wanted to be isekai-ed to be someone different.

    These few days, he kept convincing himself not to think too much and to only solve the difficulties that aroused one by one. Especially if he saw others that became insane or mad; he did not want to be one of them at all.

    Right now, everyone was shouting that the end of the world had arrived, but the police and government were still maintaining law and order. He had just called his family this afternoon, and the main city was still in normal operations. Under such circumstances, how was he going to believe that the end of the world was coming?

    “Where is she right now? Where did you keep her? Is she dead?” Xiao Mo fired three questions straight in a row.

    “target of the mission is dead. The virus body source is considered trash; it has been converted into useful energy.”

    Already dead!!

    He did not want to kill Li Xiao Shuang at all, but the situation at that time was too chaotic. Before taking action, he was still carrying on to some hope that to recycle did not meant to kill, but the truth was right in his face- to recycle actually meant something so cruel!

    Xiao Mo’s hands were beginning to shake, “What useful energy?”

    “Non-mission related; I cannot answer.”

    He felt both mentally and physically fatigued. Xiao Mo laid down on the floor and refused to move.

    “Meow meow!” He heard the howling of the cats; they sounded very irritated.

    The cats disliked him and wanted to chase him away.

    Since young, he was not liked by cats or dogs. Xiao Mo smiled wryly. He sighed while facing the sky. There was a saying that cats and dogs were the most sensitive. Hence, why did such adorable creatures have such hatred and … … fear, for him?

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