The Scavengers

Chapter 57: The third door

25 September, after 17:00

In the dark, Xue Li Hong grabbed the head of a mutant rat that came to bite them.

“Poof!” The head of the mutant rat got violently pinched and exploded all over into pieces.

Xiao Mo bent on the ground and arched his back.

Xue Li Hong moved away from him. Xiao Mo sat up and took off his backpack from behind him for the first time. He reached for the cap with the miner’s lamp.


Xue Li Hong stood in front of him and killed the mutant rat accurately in the dark.

The mutant rat slowly seemed to understand the man’s strength, and they didn’t dare to run to them anymore. They all jumped around.

“Squeak!” The cry of mutant rats and the cry and scolding of human beings kept ringing around the enclosed walls.

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“Everyone pick up your weapons! Even the stones on the ground. Kill all these mutant rats! They aren’t many of them and more can’t come in. Just kill them and we’ll be safe. ” Zhang Di is shouting again.


“Stop crying! They won’t open the door if you don’t eliminate those mutant rats! ” It was unknown as to who yelled in the dark.

“Hiss.” There was a sharp electric current.

Everyone looked up and looked around for the direction of the sound.

It was as if the announcement had picked the opportune time to blare out, “Listen, if you want to come in, you must achieve two conditions first. Firstly, kill all the mutant rats in your area.  We can’t let even one mutant rat enter the air raid shelter. Second, we will be testing your air quality. The third door will not open until both conditions are up to standard. “

Sure enough!

The electronic voice added: “Listen, don’t open the second door, that is, the door where you come in, where the upward ground has split, and the air quality is no longer guaranteed. If you open that door because of unnecessary kindness, you will kill the people in your room and lose the chance to enter the third door forever. Now, first task, please kill all the mutant rats.”

Hearing the sound coming from the loudspeaker, the crying crowd finally quieted down, but the darkness scared them, and someone yelled: “Hello! Can you repair the power supply here? We can’t see how to kill mutant rats. At least give us some light!”

Another yelled, “Why do you want to test the air quality? Is there not enough oxygen? “

Others retorted: “Stop talking nonsense. It’s not a totally enclosed environment. How can there be a  lack of oxygen?”

“Then why do they say they want to test the air quality and not let us open the door where we came in from?”

There were no more announcements coming from the loudspeaker. No one knew if the people inside didn’t want to answer their queries, or they were too busy solving their own problems.a

Xiao Mo knew it, but he didn’t say anything. He had already touched the cap of the miner’s lamp, put it on and turned on the power.


The cap of the miner’s lamp didn’t light up. Xiao Mo put his palm on the miner’s lamp, and soon the inner workings of the miner’s lamp appeared in his mind. The bulb turned out to be busted, but it wasn’t that much of a problem for him.

The broken little light bulb became working again under his hands. This time, he turned the switch again and the cap light came on.

This small bit of light also brought some courage to the people in this room. Many people were eager to get close to Xiao Mo, Wu Wu Fan’s family, the young mother holding the baby, and other survivors who were dragged in by Xiao Mo at the last moment.

Xiao Mo saw the young soldier. He was not far away from them. He was young, perhaps not even twenty years old. He had blood on his face and black blood on his trousers.

“How are you?” Xiao Mo approached the young soldier.

“Still alive.” The young soldier was breathing heavily. His back was against the wall, and his injured leg was bent slightly in an unnatural angle, while only relying on the other leg. Just now, in the dark, he was bitten several times by the mutant rat in order to protect the people next to him.

There was Xiao Mo’s miner’s lamp. With this light source, he wielded his bayonet to kill the mutant rat. He had bullets, but he didn’t dare to shoot. One reason was that he had not many bullets left, and the other was that he was afraid of the bullets ricocheting in a closed space and hurting people.

Unfortunately, Xiao Mo’s axe got lost in the chaos at the door. He could only take out a pistol from his bag and kill the cannibal rat by bludgeoning them with the young soldier.

Xue Li Hong didn’t leave him, but instead of relying on the cover of the wall, he drifted around and took the initiative to attack the fat rats.

A mutant rat jumped up, pounced on Lao Wu’s neck but it was cut into two pieces by Xue Li Hong.

Lao Wu turned around and had no time to thank him. He immediately turned around to kill the mutant rat that attacked his wife and children.

“Turn on all the lights, don’t save it! These mutant rats can smell the blood and kill people who are the source of the smell, but we can’t! ” Zhang Di also lit two wolf eye flashlights.


With several light sources on, this air raid shelter was no longer as dark and terrible as it was just now.

There were not many mutated rats who had managed to rush into this air raid shelter. They all banded together and fought. Soon, all the mutated rats were killed.

When it was confirmed that the last mutant rat had been eliminated, cheers rang out in the room.

Finally, they could relax my nerves a little bit!

Many people directly collapsed on the ground, Xiao Mo also wanted to pull Xue Li Hong to sit down, let him drink some water to replenish his body fluid.

Xue Li Hong took the kettle and drank from it. He then said in a low voice, “Go cut the meat of the mutant rat and collect them as reserved food. Do it faster, before all others started doing it.”

Xiao Mo swiftly reacted and stood up.

The steel door had not been opened, and no one knew how long it would take for them to check the air quality.

Xue Li Hong and Xiao Mo began cutting parts of the meat of the mutant rats. Those meat that were edible, they carefully separated the meat, wrapped it up with plastic wrap one by one and put it into the backpack. The others saw their movements and reacted quickly, following their movements and cutting the mutant rat’s meat and collecting them. Unsurprisingly, the people of the lantern mercenary team collected the most.

It wasn’t long before the smell of blood in the basement became very strong. All the mutant rats were cut open and all the meat that could be eaten was cut off, what remained was a skeleton that was thrown all over the place.

There were also some people who have not suffered much from starvation, as well as some who brought a lot of food with them. They abhorred the blood and dead rat meat, so they didn’t collect at all.

The little soldier and the old Wu family also cut a lot of meat and stored it away.


Only after doing this could they  finally sit down and have a rest.

Lao Wu quietly gave Xiao Mo a lunch box, “Don’t eat too many in one go, save a little.”

Xiao Mo didn’t know why Lao Wu was willing to give him food. Nonetheless, he was very happy to receive it and immediately put away the plastic lunch box.

Lao Wu’s wife saw this scene and did not speak. The old lady also saw it, but her face was obviously distressed.

Xiao Mo even heard the old lady complain: “Even if you are grateful, you don’t have to give so much, your brother and his family don’t have much to eat. Did you see your brother and his family?”

“Ma! We couldn’t have gotten in here without Xiao Mo!” Lao Wu pulled the old lady aside and told her not to say more.

For the time being, everyone was safe. In the air raid shelter the size of a few basketball courts, some people were laughing, and some were sobbing. Relatives and friends were calling each other’s names to find each other.

The old lady was also calling her eldest son’s name, but Lao Wu was not involved.

Xiao Mo wasn’t aware of the Wu family’s dispute. At first, he had heard Deng An Jie mention that there was an accident in Lao Wu’s family, and Lao Wu was also ill, so she couldn’t get in touch with him. As far as he knows, it seemed that Lao Wu’s parents didn’t live with them, and they hardly communicated with each other much. They weren’t aware that he had other relatives. He had never heard Lao Wu mention them too, but now they were all together, just without Lao Wu’s father.

Xue Li Hong merely looked on coldly. Lao Wu had nothing to do with him. If it wasn’t for Xiao Mo, he would not even have bothered saving the family.

Xiao Mo winked at Xue Li Hong. They must enter the third door. His mission target was in it according to the map.

Xue Li Hong motioned to him not to hurry, but he was afraid it wouldn’t be so easy.

Xiao Mo also had a hunch about this and turned to the steel gate.

The two girls seemed to want to come to find Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong. Now only these two could give them a real sense of security.

But when the girl with the hammer was about to call Xiao Mo, the girl with the bow held her and shook her head.

The girl with the hammer sees the girl with the bow in her eyes. From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Ni Wei and others. She seemed to understand something. Instead of calling Xiao Mo, she walked to Ni Wei and others with the girl with the bow.

Xue Li Hong had been observing all around, and the five men and women were naturally one of the few objectives he had his sights on. The short communication between the two girls fell into  his eyes,which made him think otherwise and recalculate the link between those five survivals.

Under the protection of the light mercenary team, the five young men and women stood in front of the steel gate with the only one valve handwheel.

Ni Wei waved to the door, looked up and said in a loud voice, “Can you see us? We’re still alive! The mutant rat has all been killed! Please open the door and let us in! Elder cousin? Cousin?”

Three of the other four men and women also yelled at the door in turn, with the girl holding the bow standing on one side.

But the door remained closed and with not a single sound emitted.

“Why didn’t they respond? Did the air quality test fail? Why test the air quality? Will a little bit of explosive dust give them cancer? ” The people who came around and waited to enter yelled at the door.

“No! Maybe the camera was damaged? “

“Can’t that sound get in?”

“They were talking to us just now!”

There was a lot of discussion, and a middle-aged scholar like man proposed: “Have the explosions outside stopped? Can you open this door outside? Can we get out of the shelter now? “

Xiao Mo looked at Xue Li Hong and wanted to remind everyone.

“Can’t leave!” The little soldier sitting on the ground suddenly jumped up and he called out instantly.

Those who heard this turned to look at him.

Zhang Di pushed away the crowd, went to the little soldier, nodded to Xiao Mo and Xue Li Hong, and then asked the little soldier, “Why can’t we leave from that door?”

The little soldier wiped the blood off his eyelashes and replied, “Because there are not only bombs, but also chemical weapons. Angels can be killed, but it’s very difficult for those mutant rats to be eliminated. After the higher management research gathered for a discussion, they decided to use chemical weapons. “

Everyone took a breath of cold air, and they finally understood why the people in the door said they wanted to check the air quality. It turns out that the air outside can also kill people!

At that moment, these survivors who survived with difficulty fell into a greater panic, “They have not opened the door and are not willing to speak. Is it because the air here already, already…”

“Shut up!” someone interrupted the other people’s bad guesses and angrily asked the little soldier, “why didn’t anyone tell us that before?”

The little soldier didn’t seem to know how to answer.

Damn it! What are you doing to a kid? Forget how that person saved you before? Xiao Mo couldn’t scold him, but he didn’t want to let the little soldier bear all the pressure. He broke in and said, “What’s the use of telling us? The power of the bomb is enough to kill all living things on the ground in the whole city and even within five kilometers around it. What’s the difference between using chemical weapons and not? “

As for the future… if people can’t live and cross this huddle. Who cares about the future?

The questioner stammered, “But, but…”

“All right! Now that things have happened and chemical weapons have been dropped, it’s too late for us to say anything. Let’s find a way to go underground more safely. ” Zhang Di clapped his hands, indicating that everyone should pay attention to this steel gate with only valve handwheel.

The former scholar-like middle-aged man whispered: “No wonder there were so many doors at such depths. Those people… Those who escaped before us must have known that they wanted to utilise chemical weapons. They are afraid that the poisonous molecules will flow in, so they erected one door after another to make sure.”

Then the man suddenly yelled, “Then this is bad! Are we safe here? Will those chemical weapons spread here? “

Although everyone knew that there may be such a thing in our hearts, other people were also worried that the original lightness would disappear, and people would become nervous again when this person spoke about the fact.

“Be quiet! Be quiet! What’s the use of all this noise now? If you want to be safe, try to get this door open! ” Zhang Di called.

“They won’t open the door at all,” one young man exclaimed. ”Even if they see us, they won’t open! Otherwise, it would have open before the bomb was dropped! Now they won’t open the door as they fear that the chemical weapons outside will penetrate in! “

Zhang Di turned to look for the five young people, “Ni Wei, your family entrusted us to send you here, but they are not opening the door, so, did they give you up?”

“Of course not!” Ni Wei hated the way, but he didn’t dare to guarantee it in his heart. He couldn’t help complaining: “If you hurry up and pick us up earlier, we won’t be blocked out of this way!”

Zhang Di’s face sank, “what do you say? Fuck you! We set out after receiving the task. Four brothers died on the way, bringing all of you in one by one before the explosion. Don’t you know how to be grateful? Do you think we are too slow? “

“Ni Wei! Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Captain, no!”

“Pa!” Zhang Di has slapped Ni Wei in the face, which makes his nose bleed

Ni Wei was so hateful that he rushed up to fight with Zhang Di but was hugged by his companion.

The girl with the bow looked at Ni Wei coldly and did not speak. She was already very chic to the rest, but she especially didn’t give Ni Wei any face. No one was surprised at Ni Wei’s words, as if they were long used to it.

Zhang Di pointed to five young people and said: “You’d better pray that this door can be opened. If your family dares to default the reward of our light mercenary team, I will crush you all one by one to repay my dead brothers’ lives!”

The voice of people talking in the room became smaller, and despair started spreading throughout the entire area. Many people felt that the poisonous elements in the air had already spread here when they saw that the people inside no longer talked to them.

Looking at the five young men, the young soldier shook his head and sighed softly.

Xiao Mo looked at him and asked him: Do you know them?

The young soldier moved his body and said in a low voice: “Some of them thought that they could find a backer inside, but they didn’t know…”

What did they not know?

The young soldier didn’t say any more. Xiao Mo’s heart sank, and he no longer had an optimistic idea about the situation behind the third door.

Zhang Di couldn’t open the door. He even threatened to kill the five young people, but there was no response. He and Zhang Jian had to go up and grab the valve.

The young soldier said again, “It’s useless. Once the door is locked from the inside, it can only be opened from the inside.”

“Take the door down directly?” Some people are whimsical.

Zhang inspected the steel door following the side of the doors and center of it. “If it can’t be removed, the door leaf is made of fine steel, and it’s directly poured into the wall by cement. The wall is so thick that it’s impossible to break it. In short, it’s hard to open this door without tools. “

Xiao Mo looked at Xue Li Hong and asked him with his eyes: Can you open it?

Xue Li Hong motioned to him not to talk much, he also wanted to see the development of the situation.There were too many people on the scene right now. If it wasn’t necessary, he did not want to display his strength with Xiao mo.

The scholar-like middle-aged man asked the young soldier: “Will the poisonous element of chemical weapons enter this air raid shelter?”

The young soldier replied honestly, “I don’t know.”

“Definitely not!” The middle-aged man lost control and yelled, “if the front doors can block the chemical weapons, why do you want to make another one here! Just now, the voice said, “Do not open the second door. Is the front wall or the ground already cracked?”

Xiao Mo bumped into Xue Lihong, “Do you think there was a heated discussion inside too? Do they want to let us in?”

Xue Li Hong seemed to be calculating something and didn’t speak.

When Lao Wu heard this, he wiped his face. “Just like someone said just now, before the bomb was dropped, they didn’t open the door. It’s even more impossible to open it after the bomb is dropped. I think they’re just trying to coax us when they say they’re testing the air quality. “

“Then they might as well say nothing and give us no hope.” Yuan Yuan asked her son to sit on her lap, hugged him and said in a low voice, “Now that we are not allowed to go in, why let us escape here? It’s better to let us die outside.”

“Maybe those people are discussing it. Even if the air here is OK, some of them will not take risks.” Lao Wu put his arms around his wife and looked at the crowd not far away.

His mother found the eldest son’s family and was persuading them to come.

Lao Wu’s eyes darkened.

Xiao Mo looked at the door with the valve handwheel and murmured: “They let us come in here, at least the conscience of the people who make the decision will feel better.”

Lao Wu’s son looked up and asked curiously, “Dad, why didn’t they open the door in the first place? So that everyone can escape into that door before the explosion? “

Lao Wu couldn’t understand it for a moment, so he immediately turned to Xiao Mo for help.

Xiao Mo laughed and gave Wu Xiao Yuan a thumbs up. He pointed to the steel gate and said, “Do you see it? That door is not electronically controlled. In order to prevent electronic equipment from being destroyed by explosion, it is impossible to set all doors to electronic control. Usually these doors have two brakes, one automatic and one manual. For example, the bank’s vault is still using the original mechanical lock, because this kind of lock is not easily affected by the environment and is not easy to fail. “

Wu Wu Fan understood, “This door is not an automatic electronic control door. If they wanted to close the door but were blocked by people, it would not have been easy to close it.”

“Yes. Just think, if the explosion came and the door couldn’t be closed, and the upper door was not safe, then the last person to die is not only this room, but all the people in the underground air raid shelter. “

“So, the people who came in earlier, they could all proceed further inside, while the last batch of us who were late can only stay in the first door.” Wu Wu Fan understood the truth and he felt less hatred towards the people behind the door.

Xiao Mo recalled, “No, this should be the second door here. The first door was probably the cellar entrance of the basement. I remember that there seemed to be a circuit connected to it.”

The little soldier nodded and said with admiration, “I didn’t expect you could pay so much attention at that time. Yes, the cellar entrance is the very first door. We have the second one here. The third one is the door with a wench. There are several other doors in it.”

“It should cover a large area, and the explosion range can radiate five kilometers around. In order to ensure the air quality, the ventilation pipes here should be laid at least ten kilometers away from the actual shelter.” After calculating, Xiao Mo asked the little soldier, “Do you know what chemical weapons had been dropped? How long can the toxicity decompose naturally? “

The little soldier shook his head. “I don’t know, but the company commander told me that after entering the air raid shelter, nobody can go out for at least three months. In addition, many of us had been sent to dig tunnels. It seems that they want to dig another exit”

“Rats are harder to kill than humans, and they are more difficult to kill after they become mutated rats.”

Several people looked at Xue Li Hong together. Does that mean the chemical weapons used are very poisonous? And it will be more difficult to decompose or dissolve?

Xue Li Hong took out a palm sized instrument from his backpack.

“What is this?” Xiao Mo looks over his head and feels that the device was a little familiar.

“Air composition analyzer.” He used it once during the second carbon metallic virus outbreak.

The young man manipulated the instrument for air analysis, waited for a while, looked at the data displayed on the instrument screen, turned it off and put it away.

“The data states that it is still safe. However, we must find a way to get out of here quickly. Since the manager of H city has arranged for people to dig tunnels, he is obviously not sure how long the chemical weapons will take to decompose and how penetrating they will be, that is, the time for it to reach us. “

“How can they not be sure? Don’t they do experiments?” Yuan Yuan was angry at how the government handled the situation.

“Isn’t it already being done?” Xue Li Hong seems to be laughing, he was referring to the present situation they were facing.

Everyone went silent. H city was the very first city to throw chemical weapons to eliminate angels and mutant rats. It’s not too much to say that it was a testing ground.

The young soldier scratched his head. “They don’t want to take risks, but there really was no other way, and there wasn’t much time for scientists to do enough experiments. Have you ever heard of the saying: that one male with one female equals two hundred and five a year. This is talking about the reproductive capacity of rats. I heard the company commander say that with enough food, the number of mutant rats and angels will increase 1.2 times every additional day. By the time they are  finished eating the entire population of H City, there is a chance that they will head to the other cities, and soon the whole country will be occupied by mutant rats. It’s said that some foreign countries and cities have been eaten up by mutant rats, and they even use nuclear weapons in order to eliminate mutant rats! “

“Don’t you mean all those monsters have territory?” I don’t know who asked this question.

“But before they spread, we didn’t know how big their territory was. For example, the recent outbreak of the Gold Eating Beetles affected an entire province!”

Xiao Mo was also depressed to hear the young soldier mention the Gold Eating Beetle. At that time, except for the 24 Gold Eating Mother Beetles, he thought that this pest would never happen again. Unexpectedly, the next province had also been planted with that creature, and the first city to get into trouble was just next to the Zhong Shan City. It was too close for comfort.

At that time, the military of Zhong Shan City had sent a large number of people to support the people next door, hoping to eliminate the Gold Eating Beetle. Their scavenging team- Xue Li Hong was the one who came out with this name- now had four members. In order to get more food and to recover the Gold Eating Beetle, which can be converted to energy crystal, the team also took the task issued by the military. However, the breeding ability of the Gold Eating Beetle was simply too strong. They even started evolving and could occupy a human body. Up till now, they were still unable to eliminate all the Gold Eating Beetles in the next province.

“Boss Xiao, what are you talking about?” Zhang Di came over and said, “That door can’t be opened. Do you have any ways to open it?”

“That kid’s of no help?” Xiao Mo pointed to Ni Wei who was leaning against the steel gate with his chin.

Zhang Di shook his head. “He said the camera on the door was damaged. His cousin couldn’t see him, so she didn’t dare to open the door. I am not sure if that is the situation or if there are some other reasons.”

Lao Wu sneered from his nose and made a laughing sound.

Zhang Di held out his hand and scolded: “Damn, I’ve been played too! Four of us died to send these people here, but the other side didn’t even want to open the door! “

“No less than five hundred carbon base alloy particles.” Xue Li Hong was firm, and no one could refuse: “For such a dangerous task, you must have collected all the rewards in advance, those that you didn’t receive was the agreement beyond the carbon base alloy particles.”

Zhang Di was stunned and then had no choice but to smile, “Since I promised you, I won’t cheat on you. Zhang Di is not one that doesn’t keep his own words. “

Xue Li Hong stretched out his hand, pointing it to Zhang Di.

Zhang Di didn’t expect him to be so direct. He touched his nose and asked Zhang Jian to come over. He took out five vacuum bags on the spot. “We haven’t opened them yet. If you don’t believe it, you can count them right in front of me.”

Xue Li Hong took it, weighed it one by one, and opened it casually. When he saw that the things were correct, he put them in his backpack.

When Zhang Di saw that he was cautious, not only did he not have the feeling of not being trusted, but he also started appreciating this tall and thin young man even more.

Xiao Mo jumped up from the ground. “I’ll go and have a look at that door.”

Maybe he could try to intimidate the people opposite the door. He believed that the people opposite the door must be watching the situation at this side of the door all the time. Even if he couldn’t see them, he could hear their voices.

Xue Li Hong had no objection. If they really needed to do it, he could think of a way to make the process of opening the door look less abnormal.

“You know that?” Zhang Di turns to him.

Lao Wu also stood up, “I remember that you majored in machinery?”

Xiao Mo said with a smile, “No, I studied engineering mechanics, but I didn’t learn it well. In the end, I could only sell junk or secondhand parts for a living.”

Everyone laughed together. Wu Xiao Yuan watched the adults laugh. He didn’t understand why, but he also laughed with them.

Seeing Zhang Di bring people over, the people around the door all scattered and cleared the way for them, and many people looked at them with expectant eyes.

Ni Wei, with a gloomy face, stood by the door. The man named Yang Kang Ping whispered something to him and was pushed away by him.

Yang Kang Ping’s face was a little lost, and he was pulled aside by his girlfriend Feng Lan, the girl who used to hold the hammer.

Li Yong, the shortest one, and Gong Yang Ling, the girl with the bow, stood aside and did not speak.

Ni Wei glanced at the four partners and then looked coldly at Zhang Di. His killing intention flashed.

Xue Li Hong stood behind Xiao Mo and saw Ni Wei’s eyes. He clearly saw the evil look from Ni Wei.

Xiao Mo stood in front of the handwheel of the valve and pressed the palm of his hand gently on the door.

Soon, a complete 3D picture of the door appeared in his mind.

“How? Can you open it? ” Zhang Di squeezed in front of him and asked.

“This door has been used for many years. I think it has no electronic control because it is difficult to modify. Tut, the material that inside is thick. It’s probably a product of about 30 or 40 years ago. At that time, all things made were solid and there was no added substance to boost up the volume.  Alloy meant pure alloy and metal meant pure metal only. Looking at the structure and anti-seismic quality of this air raid shelter, it was probably built by an engineering team specialized in building military buildings in the beginning, and then it was continuously repaired and reinforced. Here… ” Xiao Mo had a strange feeling that it was more than an air raid shelter specially used to avoid disaster.

Zhang Di listened to what he said patiently. He stopped and asked, “So?”

“Two choices, there is a piece of good news and bad news. Which one do you want to listen to first? “

Zhang Di made a “Big brother, at this time, can you don’t tease me with a joke?” look at Xiao Mo.

Xiao Mo laughed, “Well, let’s talk about the good news first. Maybe because of the date of construction, the mechanical lock used for this door is a relatively primitive latch lock. Turn the bolt with the wheel, and the bolt will be inserted into the door frame, and the door will be locked. Turn the wheel in the opposite direction and the door will open. “

Zhang Di quickly asked: “And it means… It’s easy to open?”

Xiao Mo shook his finger at him. “Now we’re going to talk about the bad news. Because the principle is very simple, if the person opposite locks the wheel inside with a special lock, or inserts a stick in the wheel, the wheel outside will not turn. “

Zhang Di’s face was ugly. “That means that we can’t open it from here?”

“The opposite side is locked. We want to open it from this side unless a Hercules is here and he must be stronger than the opposite side. But even if we have a Hercules, it is likely that the valve will be broken before the door is opened.”

“So, what does that mean?” Zhang Di was in a hurry.

Others were in a hurry, too.

Xiao Mo didn’t mean to hang everyone in suspense. He was just used to this way of explaining and trying to figure out a way, “So we have to destroy the brake equipment of this door. In other words, we just need to drop the wheel, that is, the hand wheel of the valve, and destroy its bearing…”

“You don’t have to say so much. I believe many people here don’t understand as well as I do. Just tell us, can you open this door? ” Zhang Di interrupted his statement and pressed questions.

“Yes, because I happen to have the right tools.” In Xue Li Hong’s magic backpack, “In addition, even if I can’t open this door, I can destroy the sealing of this door.”

Zhang Di waved his fist, “Great! Then open the door! If the people inside want to leave us outside to die, we will take them to die together! “

“Hiss -” at this moment, the sound of electric current sounded, and the long-lost electronic voice came out again: “Listen, people at the second door, the air detection is finished, we had checked, and it is cleared, you can come in, but only for five minutes! In no more than five minutes, we’ll close the door, and no one can come in anymore. “

“Shua!” Everyone started rushing for the door.

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