The Scavengers

Chapter 18: Confusion

19 June, Afternoon, before 18:00

Fang Zheng Gang was not the only one having this kind of feeling. Xiao Mo and the kid rushed towards the carpark; they intended to chase after Li Xiao Shuang.

Walking through the supermarket, they spotted many people looking at the other people’s shopping carts with an eye of envy.

There was a child that was holding a corner of his father’s shirt while sucking his thumb and staring at the food in the carts. He kept on complaining that he was hungry.

What kind of virus is this, why were they so hungry after recovering? The feeling of hunger also keeps coming back after eating, it’s like the stomach would never be satisfied no matter what.

A stomach can only be so big, so where did all the food go? Why did no one eat till their stomach burst?

Also, about the blood; why did he feel that blood was way more attractive than any other food?

“You feel that fresh blood and meat attract you because the Mother of Gluttony is near you, so it will affect your appetite. Hunger is caused by the Carbon Metallic Virus; it has nothing to do with the Mother of Gluttony, this is different type of virus.” The system suddenly spoke in his mind.

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“Objective? Why let people produce golden nuggets? What is the use of these golden nuggets? Who needs them?”

The system replied coldly, “This answer is not within the conditions of the mission; you are unqualified to know at your current level.”

“Then when will I be qualified?” Xiao Mo asked patiently.

“When you reach Level 5.”

Xiao Mo felt that he could not even complete the mission for the first level, let alone reach the 5th level. This damn heartless system!

“Alright, let’s change the question. This is definitely related to the mission.” Xiao Mo asked, “Li Xiao Shuang, the lady who is carrying the Gluttony virus, will she cause others to be zombified?”

The data storage of the system seemed to have the keyword zombie, as it replied swiftly, “There are some similarities.”

“What are the differences?”

“Zombies are evolved after death; they are difficult to kill. As for the Gluttony virus, it will only affect those that are still alive. They evolve to become stronger while still retaining some intelligence. The vital parts are still the same as before they were infected; the head, heart, spine, excessive loss of blood- all these will still result in death.”

The system continued to explain in a clear but mechanical tone, “The Gluttony virus’ infection rate is not as strong as the zombie virus. Even with direct blood contact, there is only a 10% chance of being infected. However, when a gluttonous creature is around the area, according to its ability, ranging from a 10m to 1,000m radius, all living things will be affected.”

Xiao Mo sighed in relief. But then he suddenly remembered something, “Oh no, the woman bit someone. Before she is recycled, even if there is a 10% probability, will the virus be spread?”

The system replied coolly, “No, the time is not up yet, hence the virus in the Mother of Gluttony is not infectious yet.”

“Then will it incubate within before breaking out?”


“How can you be so sure?”

“You can understand it in this way: The Mother of Gluttony is carrying the virus Source A. When the time is up, Virus Source A will encounter a triggering agent, and will evolve into Virus Source B, which is infectious. However, before the time is up, the Virus Source A that has not encountered the trigger agent and has been planted into another body, will mutate to become Virus Source C, which is harmless. It will then be expelled from the body.”

Xiao Mo was finally clear.

“What is the time limit and what is the trigger agent?” Xiao Mo asked.

The System refused to reply, “Non-mission related; the system will not answer. You should now focus on completing the mission to avoid being wiped out.”

“If this mission is not completed, or is it not done within the time limit, the gluttonous virus will spread?”


“Can I announce this information?”

“Even if you are dissected, with the current technology you humans have, they will not be able to discover my existence at all.”

Xiao Mo paused, before slowly digesting the information: If he announces, he would get caught, the mission would be uncompleted. He would then be killed by the system before being dissected in the laboratory, while the system would run away unscathed and find a new person. If he completes the mission before the time limit, then proceeds to announce the information, it would all be meaningless and he would instead create trouble for himself.

This was what the system meant; whether he announced it or not, he would be the one in trouble!

Xiao Mo felt that the system was too unlikeable. Even if he informed the police about Li Xiao Shuang and asked the police for aid in catching her, when the time comes for him to recycle Li Xiao Shuang, don’t tell him, he needs to do it in front of the police? Or sneak in to the holding cell to recycle?

The kid that was watching Xiao Mo held his hand, “You are communicating with the system?”


“I need to know what you understand about the system so that I can analyse it in detail.”

“When I get back, I’ll tell you in detail.” Xiao Mo felt a little fatigued.

“Old Xiao, you have to hang on. According to my observations, the Mother of Gluttony is just like a wild dog. It will bite, scratch, run fast and jump high, that’s all. We can work on it and kill her.”

“Catch it.” Xiao Mo said.

“Only if we can catch it.” Xue Li Hong felt that Xiao Mo was too weak; killing it would be simpler.

Xiao Mo shook his head, he dared not think too much. He did not want to stay I the carpark for too long.

He hurried the kid to get into the car and closed the door, before turning around to look at the crowd. He saw the desire on the people’s faces, distorting it into a disturbing expression. If the police were not around, they would have surely started a fight with others for the food.

He exchanged eye contact with one of them and the person suddenly headed towards his direction.

Xiao Mo hurriedly started the car and moved out of the carpark.



The sound of the emergency breaks and the kid’s shouts broke through the air simultaneously.

Xiao Mo heavily landed on the steering wheel. It was always the case; the more one hurries, the more the roads will get jammed.

There was a mess right in front and the road was totally blocked.

A group of people seemed to be fighting for something. He saw that he knew one of them; it was the guard of his residence: Ding Qiao.

“Wow! Humans eating humans!”

“Let’s run! These people are mad!”

Someone bent over to suck the blood from an injured person.

The rest were in shock and at a loss, but Ding Qiao who was trained in the army, his response was much faster than the others. He swiftly kicked the mad man that was desperately sucking blood.

But after the kick, the person pounced back as if nothing. In his eyes, nothing but blood mattered.

Xiao Mo looked at the people and thought of a possibility and shuddered.

The Carbon Metallic Virus allowed people to produce gold. This meant that the person’s body and blood was full of abnormal concentration of gold elements.

Those that were infected were eager to get their hands on this metallic element. Hence, if they were unable to obtain enough of it through normal foods, then humans were most likely to be next on the menu.

If more and more people find out about this secret, then will become of the society? Humans eating humans? Humans killing humans?

Adding to that the Gluttonous virus that brought the excitement and temptation…

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