The Scavengers

Chapter 17: Drifting Along

19 June, before 18:00

With the help of the volunteers, the goods inside the shopping carts had all been speedily scanned through. Another volunteer would then swiftly pack all the items neatly into the plastic bags and moved them into another trolley, while another would collect the payment.

The police observed those that passed through the exit, also checking the items they had bought.

Xiao Mo wanted to catch the Mother of Gluttony, so he had no choice but to head out towards the exit. The kid held onto his hand, and in order to save time, they did not buy anything and rushed towards the exit.

Just as he was about to exit, “Sir, please hold on!”

Xiao Mo stopped his steps and calmed himself first before he turned and looked at the two policemen.

The kid also turned to look.

“What is the matter?” Xiao Mo tried his best to steady his voice and not sound too shaky.

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The man had well- trained muscles, plus a well-tanned healthy skin tone that showed that he was unlike those weaklings that were always staying indoors. This differentiated him from the rest.

Fan Zheng Gang had a very good first impression of the man. As most people were affected by their first impressions, he took back his probing sight and spoke with a better tone, “Your name please?”

“Xiao Mo, how are you sir!” Xiao Mo struggled internally and wondered if he should report to the police about the Mother of Gluttony, but that would take a much longer time to explain.

“Very interesting name; I am Fang Zheng Gang and I am here to investigate. I will need your assistance in the future, Mr. Xiao.”

“Haha, as it should be. Does sir have anything else?”

“Mr. Xiao, have you noticed how this have all started?” Fang Zheng Gang suddenly asked.

“Ah.” Xiao Mo focused, “Once you asked, I seemed to have recalled. Back when I was doing my shopping, there was a young woman fighting over a pack of chocolates with a young man.”

Xiao Mo recalled, describing the situation as detailed as he could with no additional story. His description sounded authentic.

Fang Zheng Gang listened and nodded. He had heard of the same situation from the other policemen, but now he knew that Xiao Mo was one of the people involved in the mess.

After explaining it all, he shyly lowered his head and scratched his hair, while smiling, “That, are you looking for me because you noticed that I also… cough, cough, ate some food in the supermarket? I’m very sorry, I was confused then. I saw that everyone was eating, so I simply followed suit. I had only eaten some fruit and yogurt!”

Before Fang Zheng Gang could respond, Xiao Mo quickly spoke up, “I can pay for it! I was very confused then, you won’t detain me, right? I have a kid to look after. I really didn’t think too much, it was just that everyone was eating, and I only ate a little. I am very sorry, after thinking on it!”

Fang Zheng Gang twitched his lips as he forced a faint smile.

Xiao Mo became even more shameful as he looked down on the floor.

Fang Zheng Gang casually asked a few more questions and Xiao Mo dutifully answered them all according to what he could recall. He tried to speak as much of the truth and avoided bluffing entirely.

Fang Zheng Gang nodded and Xiao Mo thanked him before turning away.

Xiao Mo sighed in relief. He held onto the kid’s hand and pushed the trolley to the storage bay. His time was running out. It sure wasn’t easy being a hero.

The moment Xiao Mo turned around, Fang Zheng Gang turned back and observed Xiao Mo’s expression and actions, but could not spot anything suspicious even after a long while.

Cheng Bing who was guarding at the exit observing the other customers noticed Fang Zheng Gang coming back, so he asked curiously, “Sir Fang, did that person provide any information? I saw that you spoke to him for some time.”

Fang Zheng Gang folded his arms while he stood and thought for a while. He finally lifted his head, “Not much, maybe I’m thinking too much. I practically look at everyone and suspect that they are a criminal. Oh yes, how is the information on Wang Lao Er?”

“No problems, I have brought all of his information available on him. We can lock him up for eight to ten years with this.”

“Well done, Wang Lao Er is like a piece of rat sh*t, but the rat who shat that out is even more disgusting. Together with the group of no-goods rearing the rat, pampering the rat, this time we will bring all of them down! If anything happens, I will take responsibility.”

“Ha, this time the upper management really got angry?”

“Those bunch of b*st*rds don’t even look at the situation we are in right now! Usually, letting them have a bit of rewards is fine and no one would bother, as long as the work is well down and the citizens do not have any complaints. But now… this area is like a powder-keg right now, not even a small spark can light. If they dare to set off any incidents, then they are simply looking for death!”

Speaking till here, Fang Zheng Gang had a severe expression, “Cheng Bing, inform the police guard leader Zhang to ask him to station here. I have a feeling that something huge is going to happen here.”

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