Transmigrated as a Cannon Fodder Omega, Their Knees Bent

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 穿成炮灰O後他們獻上了膝蓋
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 弦三千
Total Chapters: 111+4 EXTRA
Genres: Fantasy Romance Shounen Ai


Lou Ting unexpectedly transmigrated into a dog-blood ABO novel, where his identity turned out to be that of a low-level useless Omega. As a competent cannon fodder character, his backstory was both pitiful and ugly, making him the target of online ridicule as a scandal-ridden artist.

Bound by a contract, he was forced to participate in a long-standing variety show that aimed to revive the careers of established artists. The audience was furious.

“Ugly reject.”

“This show is doomed. Are they resorting to tr*sh?”

“If he appears, I’m jumping ship!”

When Lou Ting made his entrance, clad in a well-fitted suit with broad shoulders and narrow hips, his perfect proportions stunned the previously eager critics who were ready to flood the screen with criticism.

Critics: “Who is this person? And he looks quite handsome??”

Mentor: “This outfit looks familiar.”

During his performance, Lou Ting effortlessly unleashed a melodic and enchanting dolphin-like voice, followed by a sudden change in music and a rap with precise rhythm accompanied by explosive dance moves. Amidst the awe-struck audience, Lou Ting stood firmly like a noble prince, humbly introducing himself, “Hello, everyone. I’m Lou Ting.”

Mentor: “?? What was that just now?”

Critics: “This world feels a bit surreal. I think I’ll ask my mom to take me back to our doorstep.”

After the grand finals, Lou Ting smiled warmly and said, “I participated in this because of my contract, but singing isn’t really my strong suit.”

Audience: “It’s hard to believe you when you’re holding the first-place trophy in your hand.”

A year later, Lou Ting stood on the stage of the Hundred Trees Awards, holding the Best Actor trophy, having successfully starred in several blockbuster films that grossed over billions at the box office.

Former critics turned fans finally realized, “Damn… he really can do more than just sing!”




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