Transmigrated as a Cannon Fodder Omega, Their Knees Bent


Chapter 44: Clothes Part 1

When Lou Wenjiang was about to be arrested, he was completely bewildered.

Holding He Yunzhou’s card, Lou Wenjiang had just bought a diamond necklace for Qu Shulan and hadn’t had the chance to buy anything for Lou Yu yet when he was directly arrested at the counter.

The glaring light shone on his face, and Lou Wenjiang struggled to close his eyes.



“Lou Wenjiang.”

“The time and place of stealing the bank card.”

“I didn’t steal.” Lou Wenjiang frowned. “That card is…”

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“R eked’v.”

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Tl nswze sdzu nyzx bkxplzq esod qkapv, cl nywvkswp, prlyj zlpp, yde xyjl qlola xkpvyjlp.

“Tyby, usw’al iwkvl y ealyxla qsa psxlsdl obs eslpd’v zssj zkjl xwnb. Zswa psd-kd-zyo? Ebu kp uswa qynl ps poszzld?”

Lou Wenjiang’s expression changed, he gritted his teeth and said, “Can you bring He Yunzhou here to confront me face to face?”


After saying that, he felt it was unlikely. Why would He Yunzhou sincerely want to scheme against him and then come forward to help him?

After a moment of thought, Lou Wenjiang said, “What about my wife and child? They can testify too.”

“They’re accomplices, locked up next door.” The recorder documented his words without believing a single one. Just as he was about to ask further questions, someone knocked on the door.

The recorder turned his head and saw the other person gesturing for him to come over.

The recorder nodded. “Wait here.” With that, he took the record book and left.

Before Lou Wenjiang could even exhale in relief, the iron gate opened once again.

This time, it was He Yunzhou who entered.

As soon as Lou Wenjiang saw He Yunzhou, he hurriedly said, “Mr. He, your bank card…”

He Yunzhou raised his hand directly, signaling him to shut up.

“Stealing is a serious crime, especially based on the amount of money in the bank card.” He Yunzhou sat opposite him, his expressionless face carrying a hint of sarcasm. “Do you think the money in my card is enough for you to spend your entire life in prison, or to be sent to some distant planet to farm?”

Now Lou Wenjiang thoroughly understood what He Yunzhou meant. He feared that when He Yunzhou gave him that card, he had already begun to scheme against him!

Lou Wenjiang immediately slammed the table. “That card was clearly given to me by you!”


“What nonsense are you talking about?” He Yunzhou pulled his lips, disdainful. “I went to the hotel to find my lover. When I heard from the waiter that my lover was in a private room, I went in and took my lover away. When did I give you a card?”

“But it was you who, while I was talking to my lover, sneakily did something despicable. My mind was on my lover and I didn’t pay attention to you.”

Seeing He Yunzhou had fabricated the whole story, Lou Wenjiang didn’t expect the restaurant to provide surveillance evidence. He simply said, “Mr. He, let’s get straight to the point.”

“Very well.” He Yunzhou cut to the chase. “What is your relationship with Lou Ting?”

“Father and son.”

As soon as the words fell, there was a moment of silence in the room.

He Yunzhou stood up and left without a word, straightforward and succinct. “You wait to rot in prison.”

“Wait, Mr. He, Mr. He—?!” Lou Wenjiang had never seen someone like He Yunzhou, who didn’t play by the rules.

He just left without giving him a chance to say another word?!

Do you really want to know or not?

Just as Lou Wenjiang was feeling anxious, the door made a ‘clank’ sound. Lou Wenjiang thought it was He Yunzhou returning, but when he saw who it was, his face turned black.

The general nodded at him. “Mr. Lou, we need your cooperation for a case.”


Lou Wenjiang shouted, “I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere!”

“Okay.” The general smiled faintly. “Right here.”

He Yunzhou had left while Lou Ting was sleeping.

He had only come to bring someone in, making it easier to get some information out of Lou Wenjiang.

He considered doing it himself, but that would be a waste of time.

He preferred to spend that time with Lou Ting.

When he returned, Lou Ting was already awake.

Lou Ting was looking at his phone. When he saw He Yunzhou return, he just glanced up, then lowered his head again, without asking where he had been.

No need to ask.

The answer was obvious.

He Yunzhou sat down and asked, “What are you doing?”


“Watching variety shows.” Lou Ting shifted to make room.

He Yunzhou sat down beside him.

Lou Ting didn’t ask, but after some thought, He Yunzhou decided to confess voluntarily, “I just went to see Lou Wenjiang.”

Lou Ting kept his eyes straight ahead. “Hmm, I know.”

According to current interstellar laws, stealing a bank card wasn’t a major crime. The severity depended on the amount spent from the card. However, He Yunzhou was too impatient to wait for Lou Wenjiang to spend enough money. So, after Lou Wenjiang was taken in, He Yunzhou had to find someone else to take over.

In fact, this made things even more convenient.

The variety show transitioned to commercials, and Lou turned to ask, “What did Lou Wenjiang say?”

He Yunzhou shook his head, expressing some headache about the matter. “I had administered ‘Yan Wu’ for over half an hour before going in. When I asked him about his relationship with you, Lou Wenjiang firmly asserted that you are father and son.”

‘Yan Wu’ is a commonly used interrogation drug by the interstellar military.

It can numb the Alpha nerves and belongs to the class of informational pheromone toxins.

Usually, it takes about ten minutes to take effect.

He Yunzhou, seeing that Lou Wenjiang showed no signs of its effects after ten minutes, extended the time.

But unexpectedly, this substance had no effect on Lou Wenjiang.

‘Yan Wu’ is not something that can’t be found online; it’s just that the purchasing channel is unclear.

However, if such a thing couldn’t exert any influence, then… Lou Ting shook his head and said, “The people manipulating everything behind the scenes seem more like a sophisticated organization, and their scale should be considerable.”

It’s difficult for one or a few individuals to plan things so meticulously.

Moreover, the most crucial point is that Lou Ting still doesn’t know the reason why they are targeting him.

Thinking about the original host, he was just a newcomer who gained some fame in the entertainment industry, perhaps just for being good-looking. However, in the entertainment industry full of handsome men and beautiful women, it doesn’t seem like something worth noting.

And this scheme is not just ordinary; it’s massive.

“Don’t dwell on it; there will be results,” He Yunzhou comforted.

Now that they have the person in hand, knowing the information is only a matter of time.


Although saying so, he couldn’t help but think about the intricacies in this.

If there were no memory loss, perhaps everything would have been clear long ago.

“Did your program even broadcast this scene?”

“Huh?” Lou Ting looked blankly at his phone. The third episode of the variety show, showing the confrontation between Le Chengzhe and him on the ticket platform, was playing.

【I really can’t believe it. Who gave Le Chengzhe the courage? Jumping around like that, still daring to snatch the center position?】

【How did he know that Lou Ting was injured? I just want to know how he knew Lou Ting was injured?!】

【Others are all confused and don’t know what’s going on, but he has a good relationship with Gu Yi? Gu Yi knew that Lou Ting was injured and still shared it with him. Lou Ting’s injury is related to these two dogs! Disgusting! Get lost!】

Le Chengzhe’s ugly face, driven by immediate gain, was undoubtedly exposed. The matter of Gu Yi stepping in to cover up was not disclosed.

Naturally, everyone would guess what happened.

Then, Lou Ting saw a familiar name in the barrage again.

Dr. Zhao: 【Figured it out, it seems to be Snow Melting Oil, that thing is disgusting. It doesn’t melt at first, but when it starts melting, Lou Ting was already on stage and couldn’t stop. Le Chengzhe is really unethical, using such a thing.】

【Damn! Die for me!】

【You plotted against my baby Ting Ting, your mother is gone!】

He Yunzhou originally wanted to use the variety show to divert Lou Ting’s attention from the matter with Lou Wenjiang. However, he didn’t expect that after only a few glances, Dr. Zhao would pop up.

He Yunzhou couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

Fortunately, Lou Ting didn’t tease him; otherwise, He Yunzhou thought he might have to turn into a little leopard to hide again.

As the variety show progressed inch by inch, when the last C position turned out to be Lou Ting’s, the barrage was filled with 【Good, good, good】.

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