Transmigrated as a Cannon Fodder Omega, Their Knees Bent


Chapter 44 part 2

Letting you plot, using such disgusting methods to gross people out, your schemes backfired, not even touching the fur of the C position!

After the advertisement break, it was the dance.

【Ah! Ting Ting is too handsome!】

【Yuyu! Mom’s baby has grown up.】


【Not to mention anything else, an acting emperor standing in the C position is just dignified.】

The details of the group dance were too many, and for those who didn’t know the inside story, a simple watch didn’t reveal what was going on.

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【Elzz, R wple vs byhl y tsse kxralppksd sq Qw Zk. Ebu kp bl ynvkdt zkjl vbkp?】

【Does the C position really have such great magic? It’s weird.】


Seeing the barrage becoming more and more biased, Lou Ting paused and looked. It was the moment when Gu Yi helped him block a fall that fans misunderstood.

After thinking for a moment, Lou Ting took a screenshot of the scene and posted a Weibo.

Lou Ting V: The stage is really dangerous; I almost had an accident. Thanks to @Gu Yi for helping me out.

He Yunzhou, seeing him voluntarily clarifying for Gu Yi, suddenly said with a hint of amusement, “You take care of him quite well.”

“He didn’t do anything wrong; he’s just an innocent bystander.” Lou Ting’s personality was vengeful, but Gu Yi was indeed innocent, and there was no need to target him. Moreover, if it weren’t for Gu Yi on stage, it would have been difficult for him to control the situation.

Three C positions, two of them performing the same dance, even if he modified it well, it would lose its uniformity.

The audience inevitably had doubts in their hearts.

As they were discussing, the variety show reached the end of the dance performance.

The curtain fell, and the scene of Lou Ting falling down was not very clear, but there was a faint outline.

【Ah, ah, ah! Baby, what happened to you?!】

【Wu, wu, wu, don’t scare mommy! Did you fall? Did you fall?】

“Whoa! Just Baidu’d back, that bug that flew onto Lou Ting’s leg seems to be a type of bug clan. There isn’t an accurate name, but so many bugs burrowing into the skin—hiss!”


“Dang! I’m already reflexively feeling the pain.”

Amidst the frantic comments from fans, there was a faint glow on the stage. He Yunzhou rushed up, pushing through the crowd, and directly captured a high-definition shot of Lou Ting being carried offstage.

The barrage paused for a moment, which was rare.

“Whoa, whoa?! What the heck did I just see? Who did I see?”

“My husband just took my little husband away??? Did my house collapse into two households?”

“Hahaha, damn, sister’s really in dire straits.”

“Master He doesn’t like to show up, but just threw it out like this without even blurring it out, isn’t he afraid of Master He coming after him for rights infringement?”

“Sisters, at 59 minutes and 23 seconds, pause and zoom in on Master He’s hair, aren’t there three black ‘mosaic’ words on it?”

“…Come on, let’s put ‘Director Niu’s awesome’ on the screen.”

From the beginning to the end of this episode’s editing, there were almost several points that were unexpected for Lou Ting.

“Is this also something you let them put up?” Lou Ting asked.

He Yunzhou shook his head, speaking firmly, “Absolutely not.”


“I just hinted at it.”

The director understood, that’s all.

Watching He Yunzhou’s serious appearance, Lou Ting suspiciously scrutinized him.

He Yunzhou remained calm in the face of the wind.

After this episode aired, there were two more hot searches on Weibo.

Lou Ting thought it would be the video/gif of him getting injured and being carried offstage by He Yunzhou that would catch fire, but unexpectedly, the first hot search was #BlackPantherHéYúnzhōu#.

Previously, when Lou Ting was live-streaming grooming the black panther, the video was dug up by fans!

At that time, many people speculated that the black panther was He Yunzhou.

However, Lou Ting managed to deceive the fans on He Yúnzhōu’s support behind the scenes, with the official intervention setting the tone.

Although many photos comparing He Yunzhou’s beast form and screenshots of Lou Ting’s live stream with the black panther were circulating online, no one dared to assert confidently that this black panther was He Yunzhou.

After all, who is He Yunzhou? Having a bad temper is one thing, but being groomed by a recently popular young star? That’s too far-fetched.

It’s something no one would believe if you said it aloud.


But now, when He Yunzhou rushed up from below the stage to embrace someone, his eager expression and the barely concealed anger in his eyes couldn’t hide.

Every aspect displayed that the relationship between He Yunzhou and Lou Ting was extraordinary.

Moreover… with this kind of scene, if Master He disagreed, would this small, broken production crew dare to air it?

Clearly, they wouldn’t dare.

“I… stumbled upon the truth?”

“Officially certified Stop-Boat CP, it’s locked!”

“No, sister, you’re quite intuitive, shouldn’t it be Cloud-Stop?”

“I don’t care! I’m Stop-Boat, so bold, how could he—Whoa, it seems like Lou Ting might be an Omega.”

Lou Ting kept refreshing the comments, watching the slowly increasing replies and likes. He asked, “Is it exciting?”

“Exciting,” He Yunzhou thought, even going to battle wasn’t this thrilling.

It’s out in the open.

Although they hadn’t officially started dating, announcing it in advance could be considered preparing for it.

Laying the groundwork for future public disclosure.

There was a lot of buzz online about them, but neither of the parties involved had come forward. Lou Ting’s recent Weibo post was still directed at Gǔ Yì.

Lou Ting didn’t reply, because he thought no one should reply. The online buzz wouldn’t last long, but once someone responded, regardless of which side it was, it would definitely linger on the hot searches for a couple of days.

He Yunzhou wanted to reply, but Lou Ting was beside him and didn’t respond, he’d risk getting his hair pulled when he turned his head.

Later, later, there would be another chance.

Lou Ting closed his phone and said, “It’s quite late.”

“Mm.” He Yunzhou was originally sitting, but at some point, he had slid down, occupying half of Lou Ting’s pillow. Now, listening to Lou Ting speak, he showed no intention of getting up.

Lou Ting raised an eyebrow, “Time to sleep.”

“Not sleepy.”


“Ah—Don’t, don’t pull my hair!” 

The little fox sat on top of He Yunzhou’s head, using both claws and showing teeth at him.

Taking advantage of his pause, He Yunzhou tilted his head back and said, “If you scratch me again, I’ll… hiss!”

Before he could finish speaking, the little fox’s claw came down.

He Yunzhou promptly transformed into his beast form.

Not a little leopard, but a large black panther that instantly occupied the entire bed.

The little fox was originally standing on top of his head, but when the black panther appeared, He Yunzhou pulled away. His feet slipped, and he fell off the pillow.

The difference in their sizes was substantial.

Lou Ting leaned against the front paw of the black panther, looking at his own body and the paw almost the same size as his own in silence.

The child could still grow.

No rush.

No rush at all.

Suddenly, the body’s reflexive alarm sounded, and without a word, the little fox stood up, turned its head, and was about to jump under the bed.

The black panther didn’t even move its paw, directly biting the back of the little fox’s neck in mid-air, grabbing the furry creature back.

The little fox struggled in anger, “Yowl!”

The black panther ignored those struggles. In his eyes, the little fox’s weak resistance was not worth paying attention to.

The little fox was placed between his two paws.

Lou Ting felt that it was unwise for the beast form and He Yunzhou to be rigid at this moment. He extended his paw to reach for the clothes at the head of the bed, but before he could touch them…

A black paw descended from above, pressing the clothes down.

“Ah!” How dare you!

The next moment, the paw gently pulled, and the clothes floated down.

The little fox: “…”

Black panther: “Roar!”

The clothes fell to the ground, and Lou Ting couldn’t temporarily transform back into human form. He pushed the black panther’s nose, “Yowl! Get my clothes back!”

“Roar!” Can’t understand.

“…” Wait until I turn back into human form; if you don’t give me my clothes back, I’ll shave off all your fur!

He Yunzhou could see what the little fox was trying to express from its expression. Still, he had to remember that the translator machine was in Lou Ting’s hands. It was perfectly normal for him not to be able to translate fox language, and Lou Ting couldn’t hold him accountable.

So, he pretended not to understand.

The large black panther lay on the bed, using its two front paws to encircle the little fox in front of it, then lowered its head and leaned on its paws.

The black panther closed its eyes, and after a while, there was no movement.

Seemed like it was asleep?

The little fox raised its paw and pushed its nose, but there was no response.

But inconveniently, it had wrapped itself up, blocking the only way out.

A pretending-to-sleep big panther.

After all the commotion, the little fox didn’t have the energy to scratch him anymore.

The little fox licked its paw, pushed away some fur, and used his paws as a pillow. In any case, it would settle the score with him once it recovered.

As a result, it slept directly until the next morning.

Lou Ting opened his eyes still in his beast form, but the black panther sleeping beside him was gone.

On the pillow lay the clothes he had thrown down last night, neatly folded and placed there.

On top of them was a note that read: [Company matters—He Yunzhou]

Lou Ting chuckled, transformed back into human form, and picked out a different set of clothes from the wardrobe, leaving the one at the head of the bed untouched. He had worn it yesterday without washing it, and he didn’t want to wear it a second time.

You’re quick on your feet.

The training sessions had been early these past few days, so naturally, Lou Ting’s waking time had shifted earlier too.

Gradually, it almost became a biological clock.

Lou Ting walked into the classroom with bread in hand, only to find Liang Caijin and Liang Caijin and Ji Huan had arrived earlier than him and were talking around a cardboard box.

Lou Ting walked over and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Seeing him, Liang Caijin brightened up, pointing at the clothes in the box, “How do they look?”

Lou Ting glanced at them, seeing pink furry cat ears on the first item.

Lou Ting: “…”

He promptly exited the conversation.

Lou Ting turned expressionlessly and walked away, “It’s still early; I’ll go back to sleep.”

Ji Huan said, “Hey hey hey, don’t leave yet. These aren’t just cats; there are also rabbits and other things. If you leave, don’t blame us brothers for not taking care of you. We’ll pick the good ones and leave you the rest.”

Lou Ting’s foot had crossed the threshold of the training room’s door, but upon hearing this, he silently moved back.

Although these clothes didn’t suit him, at least he had the right to choose first!

Lou Ting asked, “What’s in there?”

Liang Caijin flipped through the items below and said, “Our group is small, so there are few clothes prepared. There are cats, rabbits, dogs, foxes, and pigs.”

The first few were cute and fluffy, but the last one was like a stock that had soared and then plummeted straight to the limit, taking a harsh turn downwards.

Lou Ting picked up the pair of pig ears and commented, “The pig is quite unique.”

Ji Huan said, “Some prestigious families keep a little pig as a pet. It’s so adorable.”

Liang Caijin’s family kept one and knew well the advantages of this little guy, “Not only cute but also useful.”

“Useful?” This little guy resembled the small pigs from ancient Earth, but weren’t they just kept as pets? How could they be useful?

“Of course, they’re useful. If you don’t keep one, you won’t know its benefits.”

Ji Huan nodded, “When you’re young, you can keep it as a pet. It can loosen the soil, and you can plant flowers in the loosened soil. In the middle, you can ride it around for fun. And when it grows up… it’s good for food.”

Lou Ting: “???”

A horror movie?

Before I even get into character, you’re already starting the slaughter?

“Yeah, I agree. I even bought another one since I felt like I didn’t eat enough last time.”

“Let me tell you, when you cook it, you have to fry it in oil first; then it’ll be delicious…”

The two of them discussed animatedly, while Lou Ting remained expressionless throughout, even feeling a bit bewildered, unable to grasp the situation.

Who am I? Where am I?

It’s hard for me to join them.

Liang Caijin glanced at Lou Ting from the corner of his eye, seeing his bewildered expression, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “Haha, you’re so easy to fool!”

Ji Huan couldn’t hold it in either, laughing while clutching his stomach, “Oh my, laughing so hard my stomach hurts!”

“You’re too easy to fool.”

Lou Ting: “…”

Blame my not being a local from the interstellar region.

Liang Caijin was laughing uncontrollably, and when he looked up and saw a bright light, he exclaimed, “Lou Ting, your phone is lighting up.”

Lou Ting came out, silenced his phone when it rang, without any sound prompts, only the flickering light.

Upon opening, it was a voice message from He Yunzhou.

“Yesterday, I washed the clothes you dirtied and placed them by your bedside.”

Liang Caijin: “???”

Ji Huan: “!!!”

The clothes were washed and placed by the bedside? That’s considerate!

Lou Ting replied to the message, and when he looked up, Ji Huan was staring at him in astonishment, beads of cold sweat forming. He questioned, “What’s wrong with you guys?”

Hearing the voice, Ji Huan snapped back to reality, quickly pulling out his live broadcasting equipment, attempting to shut it down.

But it was too late.

【I swear, I absolutely did not recognize that voice as Young Master He’s, so can I ask how the clothes got dirty?】

【Hello? Super Member, watched the whole process, got it?】


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