Transmigrated as a Cannon Fodder Omega, Their Knees Bent


Chapter 45: Thumbs Up

Watching the barrage of virtual comments popping up, Lou Ting paused for a moment. “Are you live streaming?” 

“Yeah.” Seeing that there was no point in hiding anymore, Ji Huan broke the news directly, “I was just discussing with Liang-ge. We decided to entertain whoever comes in later, start a live stream, create some buzz, who would have thought…”

Their plan worked.

Some things that shouldn’t have been said ended up being broadcasted.


Ji Huan held the live streaming equipment in his arms, feeling doomed. He might not survive the night as Big Brother He might silence him!

Seeing the barrage of comments becoming more and more unrealistic, Lou Ting calmly interrupted their speculation, saying, “Stop guessing randomly, there’s nothing strange. He just got my clothes dirty and washed them for me.”

【Not listening! When are you getting married? Have you thought of a name for the child?】

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Fkdtzl qsa elnyelp.

He doesn’t even have any rumored partners, not even an Omega.


Lou Ting can be said to be the only Omega who has trended with He Yunzhou.

Many Omegas who see He Yunzhou as their dream Alpha probably have an idea of what’s going on after seeing an Omega by his side.

Until this live streaming mishap, the news about He Yunzhou and Lou Ting’s relationship directly went viral.

Lou Ting didn’t realize this would cause such a big reaction, and even after ending the live stream, he didn’t bother to check the comments online. After all, there was nothing ambiguous about the situation.

It was just He Yunzhou getting his clothes dirty and then helping him clean them.

This is not just about accidentally spilling coffee on a stranger and then taking their clothes to wash them clean before returning them. Isn’t that a different concept altogether?

What’s there for fans to get excited about?

Lou Ting didn’t take it seriously, but when he checked his phone at lunchtime, he found Weibo trending with discussions about their child’s name.

Lou Ting: “???”

Clicking into it, he found various naming strategies and name dictionaries.

All with the surname He, which made it quite confusing.

Lou Ting felt like things were getting out of control, so he thought about posting a Weibo to clarify things officially.


He has nothing going on with He Yunzhou right now!

Except for obtaining a marriage certificate, they haven’t even kissed.

Your shipping (CP) enthusiasm is really ahead of its time.

Lou Ting’s Weibo post: “Mr. He and I are just friends. I hope everyone focuses on the show and stops making baseless speculations.”

“Although Mr. He helped me wash clothes, fold them, and put them on my bed in my dorm, I know we’re just ordinary friends.”

“Hahaha! Sister, you’re showing off so much in the first comment, I can’t follow up.”

“Yeah, Ting Ting, baby, I believe you. So, do you think ‘He Love Ting’ sounds better or ‘He Thought Ting’?”

Lou Ting, waiting in the comment section for fans’ responses: “…”

He couldn’t explain further.

Although the ‘announcement of relationship’ stirred up quite a buzz online, it didn’t really affect Lou Ting much.

He Yunzhou’s status is one thing, but another thing is that most of Lou Ting’s fans are mom fans, with girlfriend fans being a minority.

Given the self-positioning of fans, Lou Ting’s popularity remained stable.


Otherwise, if a popular star announced a relationship, the whole internet would explode.

Lou Ting was so engrossed in reading comments that he barely touched his food.

He Yunzhou walked over and casually took the chicken leg from his bowl.

Lou Ting was stunned, then he saw the chicken leg being replaced by a tomato.

It was a fresh tomato, probably just washed, looking very vibrant.

Vegetables in the interstellar era are very expensive, sometimes even more so than meat, and certain vegetables like tomatoes, which have high water content, are not available in some small supermarkets.

Lou Ting wasn’t particularly fond of vegetables, so he hadn’t paid attention to the prices. But this tomato alone seemed quite expensive.

He Yunzhou said, “Try it, it’s sweet.”

Lou Ting wasn’t very hungry anyway, so he put down his chopsticks and picked up the tomato, taking a bite. He asked vaguely, “How did you think about buying tomatoes?”

The taste of tomatoes in this era was quite different from those on ancient Earth. They were tangy and sweet, with a mild acidity. If it weren’t for the different texture, Lou Ting would have felt like he was eating an apple, but juicier.

“Omegas like fresh fruits and vegetables,” He Yunzhou said, relying on what he heard from others. His understanding of Omegas had previously been limited to a few books.

But now, he had Lou Ting by his side.


He Yunzhou had joined various forums with an alternate account and basically understood what most Omegas liked to eat.

Lou Ting nodded slightly and ate the tomato in small bites, afraid that biting too big would soil his clothes.

The tomato was cold.

Usually, vegetables like these were kept at a fixed temperature for preservation, but the tomato in his hand was a bit too chilly.

It was somewhere between fresh and frozen.

Lou Ting liked the chilliness; others might find it icy, but it was just right for him.

“By the way, about the online…”

“What online?” Before Lou Ting could finish, He Yunzhou hurriedly interrupted. “I don’t know anything. I’ve been busy all morning, so I didn’t have time to go online.”

Lou Ting was taken aback, then slowly raised an eyebrow. “I haven’t even mentioned what it is yet.”

“Cough.” It had to be admitted that He Yunzhou was flustered when Lou Ting brought up the matter. “Um, whatever it is, I have no idea.”

Lou Ting: “…”

A classic case of feigning ignorance.

As I suspected.

How could news of He Yunzhou’s romance smoothly trend without official intervention?

This is unreasonable.

The only explanation is… He Yunzhou not only didn’t keep them in the dark about the whole situation but also actively supported them from behind.

Seeing Lou Ting’s silence, He Yunzhou thought for a moment and asked, “Is there training this afternoon?”

Lou Ting replied, “No, we have half a day off.”

These days, the shooting has been non-stop, even during the holidays.

Although Fang Huandong also wanted to push for progress by compressing time for shooting, among the trainees he selected, there were quite a few people whom he didn’t dare and couldn’t afford to offend.

So, he decided to give them a break during a relatively less busy time.

“Let’s go out for a walk in the afternoon,” He Yunzhou suggested. “It’s boring to stay here all the time. Let’s go out and see the scenery.”

He Yunzhou isn’t someone who enjoys leisurely strolls. Usually, he spends his time sitting in the office approving documents or attending meetings. His work doesn’t take him far from the office building, and sometimes he’s confined to just one room. Even during breaks, he just lies down in the lounge and doesn’t go home.

But Lou Ting finally managed to take a proper break, so he couldn’t keep him confined to the dormitory all the time.

After finishing the last bite of tomato, Lou Ting wiped his mouth and said, “Alright.”

The online buzz was still brewing, but the two parties involved didn’t care at all. They even discussed where to go for fun.

Fang Huandong noticed this and began to think.

Now, the matter involving He Yunzhou and Lou Ting has been fluctuating on the hot search list. Fang Huandong wanted to capitalize on this momentum. Fortunately, the next episode has already been edited, so he decided to offer advanced bookings. All you had to do was pay to watch.

After all, it featured the interaction between He Yunzhou and Lou Ting on stage.

To make it more similar to the hot search, Fang Huandong specifically instructed to make a brief introduction of that episode related to He Yunzhou and Lou Ting.

Once everything was set up, the Weibo post about ordering a single episode of a variety show was sent to the super topic. Fans who were craving for content immediately responded, willingly paying to see what enchanting scenes were hidden inside.

However, after purchasing it, they found out that within the first half hour, there were four ad breaks inserted, and the latter half was abruptly cut off right when the audience was being selected.

Fans: “…”


They couldn’t see the content they wanted to see, and the later content was also missing. They were left hanging, feeling frustrated.

Angry fans flooded Fang Huandong’s Weibo with comments.

Lou Ting was still checking nearby tourist attractions when he looked up and saw He Yunzhou holding his phone, chuckling incessantly, “What are you laughing at?”

He Yunzhou recounted the director’s clever move to Lou Ting, emphasizing how much money he could make with this step.

As a businessman, the first reaction to such events is undoubtedly to calculate the profit.

Lou Ting: “…”

This person is really business-minded.

Shaking his head, Lou Ting was about to criticize the error in such behavior when he saw He Yunzhou typing on the keyboard. “Who are you messaging?” he asked.

“Fang Huandong,” He Yunzhou analyzed seriously. “Most of the heat comes from the hot search, and we, as the parties involved in the hot search, are the source of the traffic. The money he earned this time should be split between us.”

After some thought, He Yunzhou felt it should be less and amended to two-thirds.

Lou Ting: “???”

He Yunzhou said, “Don’t worry, I’ll draw lots and give it to you once I receive the money.”

With He Yunzhou’s assets, he naturally wouldn’t care about this small amount, but since the money came from Lou Ting’s fans, he had to do something about it.

Lou Ting nodded, “Okay.”

The poor director didn’t even have time to enjoy the money he earned before He Yunzhou took it away.

After searching for a suitable place for a while, Lou Ting couldn’t find one. This was the city center, too far from tourist attractions, and they didn’t have time to rush over.

Lou Ting suggested, “Let’s just go out for a casual stroll later.”

Just consider it as taking a walk.

“Sure,” He Yunzhou naturally had no objections.

Lou Ting got up and changed into different clothes.

He still wore the training outfit, just in a different color from the dance team’s. But no matter what color, it’s hard to look good when it’s associated with neon lights.

To avoid standing out too much, Lou Ting changed into something more normal.

While Lou Ting went inside to change, He Yunzhou played on his phone, waiting for him to come out.

At this moment, discussions on Weibo were mostly centered around him and Lou Ting.

Unconsciously, he clicked into the topic of naming children.

While scrolling up with his right hand, He Yunzhou accidentally hit the like button. He didn’t notice the change and continued scrolling down.

In the next moment, Lou Ting came out of the bathroom, almost wanting to slap the phone on his face. “He Yunzhou, what did you like?!”

He Yunzhou looked puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

Taking a closer look, the Weibo content was @HeYunzhouV liking a post from @NuoNuoJustWantsToShipCP: Everyone, do you think HeLovesTing sounds better or…

He Yunzhou: “…”

The mastermind is oblivious; the mastermind has been wronged.

After a moment of silence and under Lou Ting’s expressionless gaze, He Yunzhou, torn between accidentally clicking and being hacked, finally said, “My account got hacked.”

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