CEO Is Being Abnormal

Translation Status: Ongoing

Release Schedule: Sun
Author: 芩断断
Total Chapters: 193
Genres: Comedy Ecchi Josei Modern Romance Slice of Life

[Sweet, lovey-dovey novel] She was a poor girl who lived under someone’s care, while he was a top CEO. Their encounter started from a small accident, and he gave her money to keep her in the golden house he created.

Feelings grew deeper like the ocean the more time he spent with such a special babe. After he tasted her sweetness, he decided to keep her forever, giving no one any chance to steal her away. “Let’s go to the Home Affairs Department tomorrow!”

He spoke about it so calmly, like he was asking what she was eating.

She blinked, puzzled, “Ah?” His expression was unchanged as he continued: “Tomorrow, 9 o’ clock, don’t be late!”

“Eh? What for?” He grinned. Flowers seemed to grow around the floor at that moment, as two words slowly came out of his mouth: Get married! She fell onto the ground after listening to him, and looked at him pitifully: CEO is being abnormal!





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