Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

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Raw Title & Source: 折君
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Author: 素染芳华
Total Chapters: 212 (209 + 3 Extras)
Genres: Adventure Angst Drama Fantasy Fluff Historical Josei Mystery Rebirth Romance Slice of Life
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Liu Yu, with her exquisite beauty, was sold into a brothel by her heartless parents in her previous life and died on the night she left the pavilion in the most luxurious brothel in Yangzhou City.

When she opened her eyes again, she had returned to the year she was fifteen, just one month before being sold to the matchmaker by her parents.

With her rebirth, there was one urgent matter at hand.
Within a month, she had to find a good husband for herself, escape from the Liu family, and avoid the fate of being sold in her previous life.

She took all the money she could spare, knocked on the door of the matchmaker’s house in Changfeng Town. And as soon as she left the matchmaker’s house, she met a young man. The matchmaker whispered to her, “Lu Chengxiao, the third son of the Lu family, the owner of the Lu Feng Cloth Shop.”

Liu Yu understood; he was her third target.

Recently, Lu Chengxiao had encountered a beautiful woman several times and admired her. He was thinking it was a match destined for marriage.

It wasn’t until one day when they met in the mountains, the beautiful woman twisted her foot and couldn’t move so he carried her all the way.

When he returned to deliver the medicine, he saw the beautiful woman walking lightly, with no sign of a twisted foot. The heat behind his ears receded, and his eyes grew colder. He turned and went back to Changfeng Town.

Several days later, the beautiful woman shyly handed him a purse, thanking him for his help.

Lu Chengxiao sneered, “Thanking me for helping? That day, I turned back and saw the lady walking normally. Why would I need to help?”

“I can’t accept this purse. If we privately exchange gifts, it might be hard to explain later. It’s better for the lady to keep her dignity.”

Alright, this one couldn’t work. Liu Yu took back the purse, curtsied, and walked away…

Lu Chengxiao thought it was a decisive rejection, until several days later, he saw Liu Yu drop an embroidered handkerchief in front of the bookshop where the young man, Chen Sheng, worked. The gentleman picked up the scented handkerchief, and the beautiful woman blushed and thanked him. What a beautiful encounter.

Lu Chengxiao: “…”

A wave of frustration welled up in his chest, and he clenched his teeth as he tossed and turned in his dreams.

Until later, when he saw Liu Yu about to stage a falling-into-the-water scene, Lu Chengxiao panicked. He jumped into the river before Chen Sheng, pulled her ashore, held her slender waist, and couldn’t help but feel both angry and pained. He didn’t even want to ask more questions. He just held her in his arms and almost begged, “Don’t you want a good marriage? I’ll marry you!”

【This is a story that begins with scheming, falls into love, with a heart full of sincerity, and ends up in a marriage. It is also a story of two major businesses rising, with elements of urban and farming life.]

Translator’s Note: It was about a beautiful girl who was sold by her family and became a courtesan.(More like a geisha because she just performs dances and sings for the men.) She died before they can sell her body to the highest bidder and woke up (rebirth) to the time before her family sold her. So she schemed to find a husband to escape her previous life, and they flourished in life together









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