Caught by My Brother Every Time I’m Dubbing H


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: Shen Erwu
Total Chapters: 8
Genres: Fluff Short Yaoi


In the world of online dubbing, CV Gongzi Dai Yu, known as the “High Mountain Daisy,” is a master of romantic performances. However, he encounters a dilemma while dubbing H, leaving his dry recordings criticised by the director as “lifeless” and “stiff.” Determined to uphold his professional integrity of “not slacking off” and “not abandoning projects,” he decides to engage in real-life practice recordings.

To his surprise, the person he encounters that night for intimate scenes turns out to be his own brother—a stepbrother brought by his stepfather. To make matters worse, his brother keeps catching him in compromising situations.

This is a 1v1 story featuring a seductive and mischievous protagonist who becomes the target of a black-bellied and gentle pursuer.

Please note that the story focuses more on the protagonist’s personal life rather than the intricacies of online dubbing. It is a short story with rapid development and contains some unexpected plot twists.

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