Rebirth As A Human Cauldron

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Release Schedule: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sporadically
Author: 白花花
Total Chapters: 68
Genres: Adult Harem Martial Arts Mature Reincarnation Xianxia Yaoi


Qin Duan thought he had long forgotten the taste of pain. But at the moment when his primordial spirit shattered, he still experienced an indescribable agony that made every pore tremble. This pain originated from within, as if countless knives were tearing him apart from his internal organs to his soul. Even his breath carried a sweet scent of blood.

Wide-eyed, Qin Duan looked up at the lingering heavenly tribulation and roiling dark clouds above him as his body rapidly plummeted downward. With his consciousness gradually fading, he knew he had failed to overcome the tribulation.

Having experienced ninety-eight thunder tribulations since cultivating the demonic path for over a thousand years, Qin Duan could not endure this final and ultimate tribulation. His train of thought was cut off, and the last scene in his mind was that final thunder tribulation striking directly at his remaining primordial spirit.

Thus, the world would no longer have the Demon Lord, Qin Duan.

After being reborn into the furnace cauldron, the Demon Lord discovered that those who had conspired against him were actually interested in him romantically… As a junior under a senior (1VN), he was always the submissive partner.

Happy Ending (HE) with no monogamous relationships.

The ice-cold beauty is the top and sworn enemy, with a ✓ in his route.

The wicked and sickly disciple is the second top, with a ✓ in his route.

The gentle and obsessed childhood friend is the third top.












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