Rebirth As A Human Cauldron


Chapter 36 (H) part 1

After uttering these words, he didn’t give the other person a chance to speak and swiftly acupunctured a mute point.

The man widened his pair of green eyes, a low hum escaping his throat as the temporarily weakened body, affected by the medicine, allowed him to be manipulated at will.


Supporting the tall and robust body of the youth, he positioned him by the bedside, urgently undoing the belt around his waist. Together with the jade pendant, it hit the corner of the bed, producing a soft sound.

Years spent outdoors had turned his skin into a tough wheat color, now covered with a thin layer of sweat, reflecting a faint light under the candlelight. His gaze warmed, and his slender fingers traced the undulating chest of the other, outlining the faint scars… both new and old, clearly visible. It seemed that, as the other had mentioned, these two years hadn’t been easy.

However, none of that mattered now — he thought, bending down to imprint a kiss on the beautifully shaped chin of the youth.

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The other’s m*nhood was too large; he struggled to swallow even half of it. The corners of his mouth, forcibly held open, allowed saliva to overflow. It trickled down, following the prominent veins, moistening the tangled p*bic hair.


The sensation was not pleasant, but he endured it. He half-squinted, swallowing and releasing the pen*s in his mouth. His tongue explored the grooves at the top, soft lips adhering to the veins on the sh*ft, seemingly sensing the pulsating heartbeat within.

The ambiguous candlelight cast a warm hue on the handsome face, and a blush of desire extended from the chest to the tips of the ears, surprisingly cute. Seeing this, he couldn’t help but smile. Lips coated with secretions gleamed, and the crimson tongue teased by licking in a circle, quickly retracting.

The young man’s face blushed to the point of imagining it could drip blood. Firelight flickered in his deep green pupils, filled with surging desire. Unable to make a sound, his throat rolled a few times, taking a deep breath.

He loved the restrained appearance of the other. He intensified the oral play with the  organ, skillfully enveloping the firm c*ck, licking and teasing from top to bottom. His fingers, accustomed to handling herbs, carried a lingering bitterness, now rhythmically moving on the throbbing base.

Until he lowered his head to the throat, pressing against the contracting flesh. It felt nauseating, and he almost vomited several times. But judging by the other’s expression, it seemed extremely pleasurable. Holding his breath, he felt the object in his mouth pulsate, and a pungent liquid sprayed into his throat unexpectedly, choking him. He coughed violently, arching his back, tears streaming down.

The white fluid slowly dripped from parted red lips, a messy scene with indescribable er*ticism. The person stared wide-eyed at this, the flames of desire inside almost engulfing his reason. The young man gritted his teeth, taking advantage of the other’s distraction, quietly gathering a bit of strength…

Tears were forcibly squeezed out by the thick semen. Wiping his face, he unsteadily stood up, palms sticky with fluid pressed against the other’s chest, giving a gentle push.

The young man fell onto the bed, his previously released organ now positioned under him. Through the provocative undergarments, he slowly rubbed, and soon enough, it became er*ct again. The scalding sh*ft pressed against the base of his thigh, as if the skin could be burned.

He squinted his eyes through the mist, forcefully prying open the person’s jaw with his slender fingers, coldly stating, “Lick—dare to bite, and I’ll dismantle your jaw.”

The young man’s face turned crimson, panting heavily, his sharp teeth clamping onto the fingers, saliva flowing down, gradually dripping all over his hand.

Once the fingers were moist enough, a silver thread trailed as they were withdrawn. He took out a small box, extracting a pill, arching his waist to guide the wet fingers towards himself, biting his lip as the object slowly entered his body…

Having heard that a man was exceptionally tight, he had specially enhanced his own drink. Now, he was already er*ct, the raised sh*ft lifting his robe, sensations from the rough fabric teasing him, causing slight trembles, legs shaking, struggling to support his body.


Moist fingertips parted the folds at the entrance, only one finger inserted before it became immobile. He breathed, attempting to relax, while his p*rineum rubbed against the man’s rehardened member, back and forth. Soon, it reddened, and the moisture from the gl*nd painted a wet, lascivious scene between his legs.

Slightly tightening his legs, he used trembling thighs to grind against the other, fingers inside the an*s digging a few times. The previously ingested pill melted in the intestines, turning into a warm, viscous fluid. First, warmth, then an indescribable itch, as if millions of ants crawled in the veins, making his scalp numb, breath gradually becoming heavy.

He thought lovemaking was just as simple as that, but now, after a taste, he found it irresistible.

It took a while for his trembling waist to straighten. He clenched his teeth, working a few times until the inner walls softened and released fluid, then shook his hand to insert another finger.

The second finger was particularly challenging to insert. The forcibly stretched r*ctum swelled and tingled, a low moan escaping him. The trembling arm rested on the young man’s sweaty chest, their eyes meeting inadvertently, revealing blatant desire in both.

Yet, this desire was tainted with the influence of drugs, not entirely pure.

But what did it matter? He chuckled, sweat trickling down his forehead into his eyes, stinging. “Since you never believed in me…” He took a deep breath, suppressing the trembling in his words, a hint of ruthlessness in his crimson eyes. “You can’t forget me now.”

With that said, he supported the person’s org*n against the dripping entrance, gritting his teeth, slowly lowering his waist.

This process was much more challenging than imagined— the young man’s member was too large, the erect c*ck tightly gripping the tender flesh of the passage. Each inch felt like being cut with a knife, he sweated profusely, trembling legs on both sides unable to stop shaking, a hot stream flowing from the cleft of his b*ttocks, knowing it was blood.

In fact, this was good— amid intense pain, he faintly thought, brutal enough, and vivid enough.

Enough to make that person remember for a lifetime.

In fact, he doesn’t care whether the other person loves him or not; it’s better if they don’t, because he’s bound to die. However, he stubbornly doesn’t want that person to forget him. Nine years of time in the remaining long life is but a fleeting moment. His little wolf cub has grown up, capable of standing on his own, experiencing many things alone, even things he never knew before. There won’t be him in his life anymore, so he must not be forgotten.


Unwilling, perhaps?

At this moment—in the fiery passion buried deep within him at this moment, he suddenly felt an impulse to live on regardless of everything. If he had enough time to accompany the other person continuously, would there be a day when they could truly open up to each other? Would there be a day when that person would let down their guard…

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