Rebirth As A Human Cauldron


Chapter 36 (H) part 2

But he was running out of time—he was about to die. The venom in his body had already consumed his internal organs, leaving only that struggling heart still beating.

Blinking his hazy eyes, he released the other’s sealed voice, gripping the person’s jaw, forcing him to look at himself. “Call out…”

The torn rear entrance twitched as if convulsing. He winced, his eyebrows furrowing with pain, temples pulsating.


“I want to hear your voice,” he said. “Be good, call out.”

The young man’s lips trembled for a few moments, finally emitting an unbearable muffled groan, “Mad…madman…”

“Mmm… good child.” He chuckled softly, bending down to place a kiss on the person’s forehead. The three words lingered in his mouth for a while, ultimately swallowed.

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The young man’s scorching chest pressed against his back, sharp teeth sinking into the fair neck, as if tearing a piece of flesh to consume.


His c*ck was pulled out, and before the empty passage could tighten again, the following impact forcefully pushed it open. The intensity made his vision blur, trembling knees unable to support him, and he slid down weakly.

“How… can’t handle this?” came the man’s hoarse voice behind his ear, accompanied by moist and hot breath, spraying onto the bleeding wound on his neck, causing a subtle tingling. The limp lower body was lifted by a strong arm, thrusting in again—crystal-clear fluids squeezed out from the thrusting gap, the sound of water mixing with the flesh’s impact echoed. Foam-covered l*stful liquid clung to the reddened entrance, messy with the other’s pubic hair.

“Are you not asking me… to hate you?” The young man gritted his teeth, saying, “Is this… hateful enough? Hm?” After saying that, he fiercely continued. He was pushed forward by the force, then ruthlessly pulled back, pinned beneath, unable to move.

He found it difficult to see things clearly.

At first, he thought it was the effect of the medicine, until the scalding liquid slid from his eye sockets. He then responded bewilderedly—it turns out it was tears.

It was too comfortable… The moist and sensitive insides seemed to have been molded into the shape of a fitting organ. Even upon withdrawal, they couldn’t fully close, the vacant seductive flesh greedily constricting, sensually sucking every inch of the organ, longing to be filled once again.

He moaned, tears and sweat mingling together, silver strands of hair brushing against his face, disheveled and lascivious.

But the person witnessing all of this couldn’t be seen.

The young man leaned over behind him, repeatedly sucking and biting the tender flesh on the back of his neck. Only when it was dripping with fresh blood did he lovingly lick it, the rough tongue scraping over the wounded flesh. He trembled in pain, his fingers weakly curling a few times before slowly tightening into a fist.

“Do you like me?” the person asked.

He bit his lip tightly, eyes closed, offering no response.

This was followed by another intense session. The person, with blood-stained sharp teeth, bit into his earlobe, repeatedly pressing for an answer.


Until he finally broke down, expressing hatred in a voice almost on the verge of tears, only to receive a low chuckle from the other party.

“So, you let yourself be taken by your enemy like this…?” The young man’s fingers tightly gripped the organ that had once released, moving slowly and methodically, like an endless torture. “So much moisture back there. Every time I thrust in, it sucks me in so tightly… Are you trying to make me die on top of you? Hm?”

Tortured by pleasure, he couldn’t form coherent words, only emitting vague moans. His dilated pupils slightly rolled back in a daze, and amidst the trance, a few drops of translucent, thin fluid oozed from the tip once again.

It seemed the person spoke many filthy words, but he could no longer make out what was being said.

The illuminated inventory of his organ ached, persistently semi-erect due to the continuous stimulation from behind. He floated in and out of desire several times until a surge of scalding liquid rushed into his body, striking the well-used sensitive spot…


Unconscious, he let out a moan, feeling an uncontrollable rush of warm fluid, carrying away the last hint of warmth within.

Tonight… he had consumed a lot of alcohol…

A profound sense of shame choked his breath, and the final string finally snapped.

He fell into a deep slumber.


This may be the most peaceful sleep of his life, despite the overwhelming fatigue; he felt content.


Yet, eventually, one would wake up—only death is a permanent slumber.

So when he opened his eyes, there was tranquility within.

His clothes had been changed once; the overall soreness, as if disassembled and reassembled, and the unspeakable part aside… everything seemed normal.

Except, he woke up in his embrace. The young man holding him slept soundly, cheek against the bandaged neck. Through the thick bandages, only faint breathing could be sensed.

If this were a dream… he thought, slowly turning over.

Disturbed, the man pushed him away with some disdain, but then, as if recalling something, his fingers haphazardly grabbed a handful of his hair, refusing to let go.

He sighed, fumbling to retrieve scissors from the bedside table, cutting the silver strands.

Then, he pinpointed the man’s pressure points, put on his outer garment, and left without a glance back.

Outside, it was early morning. After last night’s heavy snowfall, a thick layer covered the path. He struggled with each step, halfway unable to stop vomiting blood. At first, he could cover it with his hand, but later, blood droplets seeped through his fingers, sprinkling the snow-covered ground.

The night’s frenzied lovemaking depleted his last bit of strength. The poison had finally penetrated his heart. Now, he was truly, truly about to die.

Stumbling to the pre-selected spot, he knelt down, blood-stained fingers digging into the pristine snow, desperately digging his own grave.

He didn’t want the man to see his corpse, not at all.


He hoped the other would think he had left or gone to some distant place—definitely not the miserable fate of dying from illness.

He had never shown weakness in life, and in death, he couldn’t either.

It’s just a small mishap now… he didn’t expect to die so quickly, so fast… not even time to prepare a coffin.

Lying in the snow pit, he watched the turbulent dark clouds in the sky. Perhaps, heaven was still kind to him; this upcoming heavy snowfall would become the soil covering him.

Heaven as a cover, earth as a coffin, dust to dust, soil to soil.

How nice.

It’s getting colder.

He began to shiver uncontrollably, the frozen-blue lips warmed for a fleeting moment by the welling blood, once again obscured by blossoming blood.

Death, to him, was a serene affair, but that didn’t mean it lacked pain.

If only he were alive… he closed his eyes, long lashes catching snowflakes. This time, he wouldn’t open them again.

If there’s a next life, he wants to live.

Even if he were to fall into hell, limbs incomplete, gasping for breath…

He would still want to live proudly, standing tall.

Best to live a long life, a hundred years or even—sharing the same lifespan as heaven and earth.


Translator’s note: I actually felt so uncomfortable translating the this chapter especially the r*pe part, non consensual s*x. But the ending is so sad, it brought tears to my eyes.

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