I Decided to Go on a Trip Since I Received Consolation Money

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 手切れ金をもらったので旅に出ることにした
Release Schedule: Sun,Sporadically
Author: 海老エビ子
Total Chapters: 23+2 extra
Genres: Adult Drama Yaoi


My childhood friend Gio, who grew up with me in an orphanage, became a hero. 

It was said that Gio, who successfully defeated the demon king and returned, will become a member of the noble class and marry the princess! 

It seemed that I, who had been running the orphanage since the death of the old director, had been judged to be an unsuitable friend for Gio in the future. 

The princess offered me gold coins and said, 

“You promise you’ll never see Gio again, right?”

Michiko [Translator]

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  1. Fluff fluff

    Oh no. Based on the summary it clearly says drama. And I guess mc doesn’t really like the ml that much and only see him as a friend huh. Thanks for the chapter!!

  2. kofii.limon

    Ahhhhh! This whole series is just full of wholesome moments and fluff mixed in between (╥﹏╥)

    Thank you for translating this so beautifully!!