I Decided to Go on a Trip Since I Received Consolation Money

Chapter 17 Part 1: The healer is innocent. (Probably)

Translator: Michiko

Editor: Elena

It was weird. 


Gio frowned. 


It had been a while since Reiru went to the washroom, and yet there was no sign of him coming out.

Reiru liked to drink, but he didn’t drink incessantly and would usually only drink in moderate amounts. He hadn’t had much to drink earlier either, but perhaps he had easily become drunk from not drinking after a long time. 

Gio called Reiru through the washroom door. 

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“Reiru, what is wrong?!”


Gio hurriedly picked Reiru up and carried him to bed, although he had no idea what was going on.

“I… I am, something’s wrong… I have a bad feeling… my body feels hot…”

Hugging Gio like he was depending on him, Reiru complained about his condition with moist eyes and a slurred speech. 

Under normal circumstances, Gio would have welcomed the development of being seduced by a s*xual Reiru, but the abnormality of the current situation was obvious. 


Suddenly, he looked around and his eyes stopped on a small bottle on the table. 

Realizing that it was the aphrodisiac bottle left behind by the healer, Gio clicked his tongue at his own carelessness. He regretted that he had kept it, instead of disposing of it, out of ulterior motives and curiosity, thinking that there might be a chance to use it at some point. 

But even so, this confused side of Reiru was strange. 

According to the healer, this love potion was for couples only, and if so, the effect shouldn’t be too strong. Even if he drank the amount for two people, was it possible for it to act this strongly? 

After calming Reiru down, who was sniffling, Gio stood up to inspect the bottle.

Gio picked up the bottle and read the label, which stated a tiny sales pitch.

[A fresh excitement for your night together ♡ Limited time only, a large amount enough for three times!]


A snapping sound came from Gio’s hand. The bottle fell victim to Gio’s pent-up anger.

When he swiftly returned to bed, Reiru was curled up on the sheet, still on the verge of tears and touching his d**k. Judging by the amount of s*men staining Reiru’s hands and clothes, he must have come a few times already. 

He must have been in pain because he wanted to calm the heat, but nothing was coming out.

Despite analyzing such things in his head, Gio’s eyes were glued to Reiru’s glistening skin, attractively tinged with red, and his expressions as he writhed in pleasure.

“Gio, my d**k hurts…”

Reiru’s desperate voice had become so distorted that it sounded like a child’s whimper, which brought Gio, who had been subconsciously influenced by carnal desire, back to reality. 

Gio held Reiru’s hand down, which kept trying to touch his d**k without any thought. Perhaps he couldn’t stop himself from doing so, even though he said it hurt.

“Rei, don’t rub it. It’s turning red.”

Reiru’s d**k had a reddish tinge from the intense rubbing, even though it was a pure, pale color.

“But, it’s painful… I have this hot, messy feeling in the pit of my stomach… it just suddenly happened a little while ago…”

Gio cupped Reiru’s cheek to reassure him, feeling pain at Reiru’s explanation with a faltering tone of voice.

“Reiru, I’m sorry. The bottle you drank was an aphrodisiac, not alcohol.” 


“…What will happen to me?”

Whether or not he understood the meaning of the word aphrodisiac, Reiru sounded uneasy.

“It’s alright. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

When Gio bent down to take Reiru’s d**k in his mouth, Reiru jerked away, looking terribly surprised.

“Uwah, Gio! Sto—”

He desperately tried to close his legs, but his strength was weak. Gio easily suppressed Reiru’s resistance, undressed him and opened his legs wide.

“It hurts when you rub it with your hand, doesn’t it? So please, let me do it. If you keep this up, it’s not going to go away.”

His tongue licked up Reiru’s pitiful towering d**k and brought it into his hot mouth. 

Reiru’s d**k was sucked deep into Gio’s mouth, drenched with saliva, and then sucked off again. It was a terrific pleasure in itself to have that sensitive spot wrapped with a soft, wet tongue. Yet, Gio’s tongue coiled around it with unexpected movements, as if it were a separate living creature. 

Even though Reiru’s gl*ns stung, perhaps from a friction burn, the stimulus further aided his pleasure and everything felt irresistibly good. 

Reiru forgot to resist and was at the mercy of Gio’s f*llatio.

“Ah, alrea— can’t… let go…”


Reiru’s slender hand touched Gio’s head. 

Holding his bouncing hips down, Gio sucked Reiru’s d**k even deeper into his mouth and twisted his tongue around it.


Reiru’s body trembled at the intensity of lust that madly rose toward the feverish release, and a momentary c!imax arrived as if sparks were flying in his field of vision.

“Ah, uh…”

Even as Reiru released his load, Gio still held his d**k in his mouth as though he were pampering him. 

He carefully sucked up the slit, and his tongue crawled along the frenu!um again.

“Gio… alr— won’t com— stop, it’s hot.”

Reiru shaked his head in refusal and tried to escape from the never-ending pleasure and the constant stimulation. 

But Reiru’s d**k was not yet withered. 

Nevertheless, the amount of s*men spewed into Gio’s mouth was extremely small, and it seemed likely that Reiru was right—there was nothing more to come out.

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