I Started Farming in the Countryside After I Divorced

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 离婚后我在乡下种田
Release Schedule: Thu
Author: 清尊 / Qing Zun
Total Chapters: 89 Chapters + 3 Extras
Genres: Drama Fluff Modern Romance Yaoi
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In just three years, Su Ling and Lin Feng went from being deeply in love to growing distant after their marriage.

When Su Ling received a call from his hometown urging him to return and inherit the ancestral home, he made the decision to pack his belongings and leave his disillusioning marriage and the bustling city behind.

Driven by the desire for self-sustainability, he took up a hoe and ventured into the fields to grow vegetables. Unbeknownst to him, his family’s ten-acre plot of land gradually transformed into a bountiful expanse of crops.


Wasn’t this a tad bit too much? Since there were more vegetables than he could possibly eat, let’s live stream and sell them!

Surprisingly, the live stream’s popularity took an unprecedented leap, causing the vegetables to be sold out in no time. To add to the mystery, a fan base appeared out of nowhere?

At first, viewers entered a live stream with low expectations, anticipating nothing more than a mundane display of someone hawking vegetables. Just when they were about to express their criticism, their jaws dropped in utter astonishment the moment they laid eyes upon the streamer’s face…

Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow, holy cow!!!
Where did this stunningly handsome cutie come from?! TT^TT Someone save me! Why is a guy as good-looking as this one live streaming to sell vegetables here???

And so it continued…

Fan 1: The white cabbage from this cutie’s farm is refreshingly crisp and tastes amazing! Hope there’s more for sale next time!
Fan 2: We’re willing to send you gifts, Cutie, so please do more live streams! TT^TT
Fan 3: I’ve never been a fan of cucumbers, but ever since I tried the ones grown by this cutie, I can’t imagine a meal without them! (By the way, I could drool over Cutie’s face for a lifetime!) TT^TT


After returning from his business trip abroad, Lin Feng was greeted with a seemingly ransacked house and a slew of items missing. Amidst the mess, the sight of Su Ling’s divorce papers hit him like a ton of bricks, draining all color from his face.

Why did his wife decide he no longer wanted him after he left on a business trip?

In a mad frenzy, he feverishly sought any clues, only to be met with nothing!

One day, the assistant rushed over with a phone in hand, eager to show him a viral live stream featuring a farmer selling his agricultural products. Lin Feng’s astonishment knew no bounds when he realized that the handsome and graceful young man, clad in a white t-shirt and sporting a straw hat while holding a large cabbage, was none other than his missing wife!

Lin Feng raced through the winding roads toward the countryside, determined to bring Su Ling back with him.

With his pants rolled up and a hoe in hand, Su Ling proudly pointed toward the lush green fields and countered defiantly, “After all the sweat and toil I’ve poured into building this, why should I give it up?”

Lin Feng: “…”

1. A sweet 1v1 romance novel. Top pampers bottom. Please note that there will not be any pregnancy!
2. The story is set in a FICTIONAL world where same-sex marriage is allowed, and the brands mentioned are purely fabricated!

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