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  • So It’s Me, I’m The One Who Has A Crush On You.

    Translation Status: Ongoing

    Raw Title & Source: 原来是我,暗恋你
    Release Schedule: Sat
    Author: 米淼
    Total Chapters: 57 Chapters
    Genres: Fluff Romance School Life Shoujo

    He Yiyang was handsome, smart, rich, and tall. If he collected all the glances girls threw at him, he could save a reservoir!

    The young green plum [1], Ruan Mengmeng grew up with a crush on her childhood sweetheart, but he didn’t like her.

    She was repeatedly warned to guard against having a nymphomaniac heart otherwise, she wouldn’t even reach the status of being siszoned.

    Until one day, He Yiyang was slapped in the face ……

    He circled Ruan Mengmeng’s waist, appearing jealous and domineering, “What about the promised crush on me, what gives you the right not to like me, hmmm?”

    Ruan Mengmeng: ……

    TLDR: This is a twisted and sugary little story about an arrogant bamboo horse [1] who won’t admit his crush on me.

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    Main Characters: Ruan Mengmeng; He Yiyang ┃ 

    Supporting Characters: Chen Linjia, Qin Wentian and a group of others ┃ Others

    [1] “bamboo horse” and “green plum” are colloquial terms for childhood friends or sweethearts.

    JoJo [Translator]

    Fluent in Spanish and French... Not that it helps here XD Just here to do the books I enjoy most. I hope you enjoy them as well. ^_^
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