So It’s Me, I’m The One Who Has A Crush On You.

Chapter 38. ☆ The Male God is Afraid of Heights.

If you heard the word “amusement park”, your heart would soar, not to mention the experience.

It was a romantic, childish, and relaxing place where laughter could be heard all over the place.

Ruan Mengmeng grabbed the chain straps of her backpack and fell behind, her eyes staring at Lu Zhengyuan.

Why did he want to go abroad?

Honestly, Ruan Mengmeng felt that she was not that important to Lu Zhengyuan, but her own face was so big that her sixth sense told her not to deceive herself and others. That it had nothing to do with her.


So, she wanted to ask for clarification.

But she was too scared to ask.

As she flew over the limit, Chen Linjia pulled Ruan Mengmeng over and whispered, “You’ll sit with Lu Zhengyuan later.”

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“R’zz blzr usw.” Nw Hbldtuwyd pyke.

“Huh?” Ruan Mengmeng withdrew her hands and said, “Okay.”


Lu Zhengyuan turned his upper body sideways, his hands going from the side of her face to the back of her head. The distance between them face to-face was less than one hand long.

The scent of the opposite sex was different from He Yiyang’s.

Ruan Mengmeng was so nervous that she held her breath.

Lu Zhengyuan finished it in a short while and looked at her for a long time until the engine started, then he said, “Okay.”

“Thank you.” Ruan Mengmeng secretly let out a breath, not daring to look at the other party.

When Lu Zhengyuan withdrew his hand, he pretended to rub her cheek inadvertently, and it was as hot as expected.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t because she liked him.

Suspended in the air, with modern European and American city street scenes projected all around you, you could get a first-hand experience of flying high in the air. For a moment, the free and dynamic music lingered in the heart, and Ruan Mengmeng really felt like she was flying.

The hand holding the guardrail was suddenly wrapped around. Ruan Mengmeng was startled and turned her head sideways. Lu Zhengyuan, who had taken off his VR glasses, was speaking.

“I like you, Ruan Mengmeng! I’ll miss you!”

Ruan Mengmeng blinked, “…… ah?”

Lu Zhengyuan shook his head with a faint smile, looked away, and said nothing more.


“I say, boss, can you put down your stature when you come out to play, ah? It’s so high and cold. Are you not afraid to scare the children?”

Qin Tian was buying a cone at the dessert station, and a circle of little girls around him were quietly looking at He Yiyang and then giggling and talking to each other.

Qin Tian was speechless. He used to be the centre of attention when there was no He Yiyang. Now …… he was an accompaniment little brother. It was all in tears.

“Hey, please eat.” He bought two and handed one sprinkled with chopped nuts to He Yiyang.

He Yiyang glanced at it and twisted his head to refuse.

Qin Tian: “…… Don’t be polite!” You can take it. I’m a big boy eating it. It’s a bit embarrassing, brother.

He didn’t know if He Yiyang recognised Qin Tian’s intentions and just didn’t take it.

Qin Tian had no choice but to look at Li Manle and Yang Yutong, who were not far away. He didn’t like those two girls who were chattering all the way and didn’t want to give it to them.

He could only commiserate and eat two for himself.

Hee hee …… Qin Tian snickered in his heart. Ah, chocolate syrup and crushed nuts cones were both his favorites.

“Huh, sister Ruan!” Qin Tim licked a mouthful of the cone. His eyes wandered around, just in time to see Ruan Mengmeng and the others, “What a coincidence. It’s not even time to gather yet, and we all ran into each other.”

Lu Zhengyuan smiled, “Senior.” His eyes glanced at the two cones in his hands.


Qin Tian hesitated, but slowly stretched out his right hand. It was the one he was going to give to He Yiyang, “Do you want to eat it?”

“You can eat it.” Chen Linjia rolled her eyes at Qin Tian. Who couldn’t see that you didn’t want to give it to him at all? “Lu Zhengyuan, we’ll go buy it ourselves.”

“Ruan Mengmeng.” He Yiyang muttered intolerably.

They were separated for most of the day, and she didn’t even make a single phone call to him. That was still fine. After all, they were here to have fun. But now that she met him, she still didn’t come to him.

She was simply in need of a little coaching.


Ruan Mengmeng pounced over, hugging He Yiyang and looking up with a smiling face and curved almond eyes.

He Yiyang immediately went from a cloudy mood to a sunny one, and scolded with a handsome face: “…… you’re just selling cuteness.”

His two hands automatically hugged Ruan Mengmeng, not wanting to let go at all.

“Well, my name is Mengmeng [1].” Ruan Mengmeng smiled and cheekily said.

The handsome, cold face melted in a second, and the corners of He Yiyang’s mouth lifted in a doting arc.

It was so sweet that Qin Tian took two hard bites of the cone and said with envy and jealousy, “Huh.”


“Is the VR route fun?” He Yiyang asked.

Fantasyland was huge, and the themed routes were different, so the group split up during the American Street tour.

He Yiyang and Ruan Mengmeng were not together.

Ruan Mengmeng actually wanted to play with He Yiyang, but He Yiyang arrogantly left, and Ruan Mengmeng was confused.

When she tried to go after him, she was pulled in the middle by Chen Linjia, who had fallen out with Gu Tingzhi. Then she dragged Lu Zhengyuan with her as the trio took a trip to see the high-tech VR route.

“It couldn’t be more boring, because I don’t understand all that tech,” Ruan Mengmeng said, “What about brother? Was the adventure route fun?”

The whole time, He Yiyang didn’t play. He took out his phone and swiped it all the way. He was either dealing with emails or sitting alone outside the venue, lazily closing his eyes and sunbathing.

Qin Tian couldn’t wait to drag him to death. He was so out of place that Yang Yutong, who wanted to talk to him, gave up.

“Average, I guess.” He Yiyang said.

Qin Tian popped up and spat, “He didn’t even play at all! He doesn’t know how to relax. I’m thinking he’s a robot.”

Ruan Mengmeng looked at He Yiyang, wrinkling her faint eyebrows. He Yiyang calmly brushed aside her eyes and fished his phone out of his pocket again.


Ruan Mengmeng snatched up the phone and opened her mouth with a lot of momentum to speak. When He Yiyang looked at her with a shocked raised eyebrow, she smiled softly again, and her momentum suddenly waned.

“Hahaha, don’t keep staring at your phone. It’s not good for your eyes,” Ruan Mengmeng advised, “there’s a wave roll over there. It’s a 360 degree flip in the air. It’s very exciting; let’s go and try it.”

He Yiyang’s narrow eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was thinking about whether to go or not, and after a moment, his palms spread out and reached out to Ruan Mengmeng.

Ruan Mengmeng waited for a long time, thinking that He Yiyang would not agree.

She took hold of He Yiyang’s hand and pulled him up, saying happily, “Go go go.”

“Wait,” He Yiyang said, bending down to take his phone from Ruan Mengmeng’s other hand, “I just asked for the phone, not your paws.”

After saying that, he tightly squeezed Ruan Mengmeng’s hand before releasing it.

Ruan Mengmeng: “……”

“Pretty humiliating, right?” Qin Tim, who was watching the whole time, skimmed his lips, “It’s simply arrogant to the point of having no friends.”

Ruan Mengmeng: “No, the phone is very important to brother. There are many documents inside and I often lose phones. The money I save in my hands can be thrown away as a paper ball halfway. Naturally, brother would not be at ease.”

“Haha …… you are also mushy.” Qin Tian laughed.

Ruan Mengmeng could see that the little tantrum from the previous separation hadn’t subsided yet. He squeezed her a little. What did that matter?

She looked fixedly at Qin Tian, “Aren’t you?”

“What?” Qin Tian didn’t react for a while. “You mean, friend? Sort of …… it.”

Ruan Mengmeng nodded affirmatively, “You are. Brother really doesn’t care about people he doesn’t like. I saw you guys usually still argue with each other a couple of times, so you’re on good terms.”

Qin Tian also smiled happily. “You know quite a bit.”

He had never seen He Yiyang speak to anyone in the student council or in class for more than five sentences. If he had to, He Yiyang would usually just say “eh, you, him” and point his nostrils up to the sky, which was super rude.

If it weren’t for his superior ability, he would have been killed behind his back.

When Qin Tian was happy, he reached out and put his hand on Ruan Mengmeng’s shoulder.

He Yiyang’s eyes, which had been silently looking at his phone, swooped over. Qin Tian gave a tsk, provocative stare back, and didn’t put it down.

He Yiyang walked over, twisted Qin Tian’s arm, and gave him a big takedown.

“Ouch, let go.” Qin Tim squealed, “Ai Ai Ai, it hurts. I’m wrong, boss. Let go.”

Ruan Mengmeng shook her head beside her, thinking to herself why was it necessary for Qin Tian to suffer?

“Yutong, Zhengyuan, let’s go on the double-decker wooden horse, shall we?” Li Manle pointed to a short distance away and said.

Romantic music, beautiful lighting, a living white horse, tumbling up and down and turning in circles.

As soon as the princess looked back, her own knight was loyally guarding behind her. It was a beautiful image that every girl has longed for since the beginning of her bedtime fairy tale.

And the wave tumble Ruan Mengmeng had referred to earlier was right next to the attraction of the double-decker wooden horse, which was obviously much more thrilling and exciting.

Gu Tingzhi looked at the time and looked to the crowd and said, “It’s almost time to close the park, only one thing to play, where to go?”

 Ruan Mengmeng did not want to argue and said, “Let’s just go to the double-decker ……”

Before she could finish her words, she was led by He Yiyang’s hand to the wave tumble.

Chen Linjia swept a glance at Li Manle, her mouth turning up, “Not pretentious enough. Mengmeng, cold face, we are together.”

“What do you mean, cousin ……” Li Manle immediately sought support, but Gu Tingzhi looked at her and went straight to the wave tumbling. She looked at the two remaining boys again.

Qin Tian put his hands on Lu Zhengyuan’s shoulders and said with a smile, “Junior, are you afraid of heights? Let me lend you a shoulder to lean on.”

He dragged the man to play with excitement too.

Yang Yutong felt that it was meaningless and pulled Li Manle, “Let’s go, together.”

Li Manle was unhappy, but it would be more awkward to ride the merry-go-round without a boy than not.

“Brother.” Ruan Mengmeng shouted. Seeing that no one was paying attention, she quietly put her hand over and took He Yiyang’s hand.

He Yiyang didn’t say a word. His face was just as usual, expressionless and unable to see his emotions.

He quickly interlocked his fingers with hers; his palm was damp.

Ruan Mengmeng was worried because she was scared before she even started. She had forgotten that He Yiyang was afraid of heights.

Clang, the equipment started to move and they slowly ascended to the highest point – AH!!! Next to her, Chen Linjia began to scream loudly.

Then, they suddenly fell violently from the highest point, and their straight line of sight also began to flip, swaying and swaying, spinning upside down.

Ruan Mengmeng wasn’t afraid at all. Her eyes were shining with bright excitement. She stared at He Yiyang the whole time, only to see his eyes wide and half-open, unable to make a sound or close his eyes. Her own hand was held tightly by him.

The device stopped at the highest point in the air for two or three seconds, and Ruan Mengmeng stretched her neck and kissed the side of He Yiyang’s face with a gentle smile.

He Yiyang was in a daze. His chest kept puffing and he didn’t notice.

Ah! Another round of fierce 360-degree rotation, and He Yiyang finally let out a scream.

Hahahahaha …… Ruan Mengmeng followed suit and laughed out loud freely.

In the midst of a flurry of hissing, screaming, or crying for their mother, Ruan Mengmeng’s silvery laughter was extremely magical.

She just wanted to laugh at the moment, even though her knuckles were about to be broken by He Yiyang.

It didn’t take long for the waves to stop rolling in and everyone with different faces got off the game deck.

Chen Linjia stroked her wind-blown hair and looked back to see that Ruan Mengmeng and He Yiyang hadn’t come down yet. They were standing in place and hugging.

“Ruan Mengmeng, do you still have any talent? Come down quickly.”

Ruan Mengmeng listened to his fierce heartbeat and said in a muffled voice without raising her head, “You guys go first. Let me take a break.”

Chen Linjia scolded her friend for being a wimp, but she gave her friend face and left first.

When the crowd was almost gone, Ruan Mengmeng asked, “Brother, are you done?”

He Yiyang licked the corner of his lips and pinched Ruan Mengmeng’s face to threaten, “Don’t say anything!”

“Nnn, don’t say anything. It doesn’t scare you.” Ruan Mengmeng said in a soft voice.

You are a high-cold male god, the president of the school, and a school tyrant. The pot that has damaged your image, I am willing to carry.

He Yiyang: “……” He was spoiled by Ruan Mengmeng?

He Yiyang, coughing, was slightly uncomfortable and gave Ruan Mengmeng a fierce hug before saying, in a gruff voice, “Let’s get going!”

[1] The Kanji for Mengmeng is cute, so in English her name would literally be “Cute Cute”.

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