So It’s Me, I’m The One Who Has A Crush On You.

Chapter 15. ☆ Pure Yogurt.

There were eight classes in the first year of high school, except for the ambitious class, that is. There were two experimental classes in the arts and sciences and three ordinary classes each. Lu Zhengyuan was in the experimental science class, and today’s basketball game is a competition between the two experimental science classes.


A group of boys in loose basketball uniforms were sweating it out in the newly built indoor basketball hall of the first secondary school. The sound of dribbling and rip-roaring shoeshine and the cheers of incoming baskets; the excitement and fervour on and off the court; the testosterone of youthful exuberance simply exploding.


“Wow! It’s in, it’s in, it’s in again, ” Chen Linjia stretched out her arms and shook them vigorously, putting on light make-up before she left home, her bright goose egg face fluttering with joy, “Mengmeng see, Lu Zhengyuan is super handsome, isn’t he?”



Lu Zhengyuan had just shot a three-pointer to end the first half with a two-point margin over the other team.


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“Eh, you have big guts.” Chen Linjia patted her shoulder, smiling gossipy.



The students around her stopped shouting at some point and looked at her with surprise and interest. Ruan Mengmeng was a little embarrassed, biting the corner of her lip and whispering, “I, I was just following a shout.”


“Hahaha, but Lu Zhengyuan only heard this sentence of yours ah. No one else’s heard of it. “


Chen Linjia did not care about Ruan Mengmeng’s embarrassment, and she did not make fun of it too obviously.


“It’s just a coincidence!” Ruan Mengmeng heard the tiny mutterings and slapped her friend’s arm in annoyance, “Don’t be a fool, it’s not good.”


At their young age, ninety-nine percent of the girls here don’t know anything about basketball, and ninety-eight percent of them have a crush on a boy or just want to watch him sweat and look cool on the basketball court.


The furore over He Yiyang’s princess hug on the playground had not yet died down, and Ruan Mengmeng did not want to add another frivolous piece of gossip.



But gossip doesn’t care about the people involved.

“Who’s this……?”


“You don’t know? The one the school grass princess hugged two days ago…


“Oh…” the girl’s extended voice was full of mockery, “the fat green plum who stirred up the school forum to build two tall buildings. The good sister is her, ah! “


Ruan Mengmeng pursed her lips and endured it. Chen Linjia, who was next to her, could not endure it. She stood up and pointed at the girl nonchalantly, “What did you say? Say it again!”


The girl stood up without fear and glanced at Ruan Mengmeng from the corner of her eyes, “Am I wrong? She’s not fat? She is not He Yiyang’s green plum? “



The word “gan” [1] she used was originally fine, but these days it has derived indescribable meanings. The tone had become a fourth sound that could change the word and make it vile and nasty.


And although the girl had just pronounced it in the first tone, combined with her expression and context, it was hard not to make the connection to the fourth tone.


Ruan Mengmeng blushed a little white and tugged on Chen Linjia’s hand, “Jiajia, forget it.”


This type of person was self-cleaning. As He Yiyang had said to her, why bother with those irrelevant people? Others stink, so just stay away.


Chen Linjia was more direct and fiery.


She didn’t want to avoid it and glared at the girl. The two of them started to fight. “Classmate, I’ll buy you some pure yogurt to clean your mouth. Don’t think society is so complicated, okay?”



“You say that my society is complicated?” The girl was so angry that her nose was crooked, but she obviously knew Chen Linjia, so she directly hit below the belt and said, “Which is better than you, Chen Linjia, who follows her remarried stepmother to live in Gu Residence, a famous real estate owner in C City. You can eat and drink hot food even after your father has died. Who knows about your type of society?”


As soon as Ruan Mengmeng heard this, she stood up and cried out in her heart, but before she could persuade her mouth or stop her hand, Chen Linjia scraped a big slap across her face.


The girl’s short hair was flung halfway across her face, and she glared at Chen Linjia with a vicious glare sideways.


The sudden change only took half a second. The girl screamed and lunged with her hands, and in a flash, Ruan Mengmeng, Chen Linjia, the girl, and the two girls she came with tore into each other.




Lu Zhengyuan had sent a WeChat invitation to Ruan Mengmeng to watch the game and apprehensively waited for two sessions of evening study. It wasn’t until the next morning that Ruan Mengmeng responded to the WeChat, which let his heart fall back into place.


He was so happy that he ran two extra laps for his morning workout.


Having taken his first step and with a rare monthly break, Lu Zhengyuan could not hide his excitement and sent a second invitation to WeChat.


He wanted to go to the movies, but after successfully sending it, he quickly withdrew it. He thought that he should not be too quick to scare people away.


Just now, when Ruan Mengmeng said, ‘super handsome’, his blood was boiling and he was so happy that he couldn’t contain himself.


Looking at that little head shyly bowing its head, Lu Zhengyuan only felt sweet all over his body, wanting to be by her side.


The captain rushed over and slapped him on the back, and the players rushed over to give him a high five, praising him for his last shot that completely suppressed the momentum of the other team. He couldn’t get away as everyone was gathered around him.


Having used up too much energy in the first half, Lu Zhengyuan listened to his captain’s new strategy and lifted the hem of his shirt to wipe his face, causing the girls next to him to wail.


Li Manle was in Lu Zhengyuan’s class and was also the captain of their cheerleading squad.


She looked down at the screaming girls in the stands and swept her gaze over to Lu Zhengyuan, with his taut muscles and six sexy abs. She really didn’t expect that after not seeing him for one summer, this ‘big fat junior high school’ alumnus could transform into a hormone-pumping athletic guy.


Handing Lu Zhengyuan a bottle of drink, Li Manle said thoughtfully, “You’re tired, have some water.”


Lu Zhengyuan grabbed the towel with both hands, signalling that he was not comfortable taking it, and politely said, “It’s okay, thanks.”


Li Manle didn’t expect him to refuse. Her face was a bit stiff, but then she smiled and said, “Take it. You scored 15 points in the first half. You’re a big contributor. Our cheerleading team is still very excited for you. Don’t be disrespectful by sending me to carry back the water.”


Lu Zhengyuan looked at the girls in his class. Today was the monthly break, and most of the boarders had gone home, so having ten girls here to cheer was really a great honour.


He took it, “Thank you.”


Li Manle raised her hand and shook her fist, “Keep cheering in the second half.”


“My stamina is not as good as the captain’s. I will rest in the second half. You guys give the captain a plus ……”


Lu Zhengyuan was halfway through his sentence when a sudden commotion in the stands drew his attention to a figure in a goose yellow jumper being pushed out by the crowd, and he exclaimed, “Mengmeng!”

The girls fought without any rules, lunging with both arms outstretched in a death-defying manner, pulling at whatever they could grab.


The long nails she kept as weapons made up for her lack of strength, and with the sonic attack of her shrill voice, some of her classmates were startled when they came over to advise her. They felt that she was too tough and quickly moved away to avoid hurting innocent people.


In the 2V3, Ruan Mengmeng’s meek and soft personality was the most injured of the five in the fight. She was attacked several times in a chaotic and indiscriminate manner. Her hair was scratched loose, her arms were bruised, and her chest was slapped several times, which hurt her to death.


Chen Linjia was a different story. Relying on her height and long hands, it was almost 1V3! She was also attacked in the face by her opponent’s group. The girls were a bit more jealous and didn’t forget to carefully destroy the most obtrusive beauty during the fight.


Ruan Mengmeng was pushed out by her opponent for the second time. She stumbled and almost tripped over a chair in the lower row. She ruffled her loose hair and saw Chen Linjia being scratched in the face. She rushed in again after holding back her strength.


One shove and she was out again!


She was so angry! All this flesh was bubble flesh, and she was no use at all!




Lu Zhengyuan stepped behind Ruan Mengmeng, holding her arm steady as his eyes swept over, shocked, “Your neck is hurt!”


“Huh?” Ruan Mengmeng ruffled her loose hair and touched her neck, “Hiss~ it seems to hurt a little …… leave me alone and help me break up the fight.”


The four girls stirred up a mess, squealing and shouting. Lu Zhengyuan hurried off-court for help, “Referee, captain, come quickly.”


In a good basketball game, halftime was busy with technical analysis of how to beat the other side, but now they have to waste time on the audience to break up a fight. It was also really ironic.


The four of them let go at the same time, and Ruan Mengmeng pulled Chen Linjia’s arm, saying nervously, “Jiajia, you have several marks on your face.” Let’s stop messing around and go to the infirmary first. “


Ruan Mengmeng was so anxious that she dragged Chen Linjia away.


The girl who started to reveal Chen Linjia’s shortcomings was cut the worst by her. She touched the blood stain at the corner of her eye, and let out a yell. She grabbed a string of hand-cranked bells from the chair and rushed over.


Ruan Mengmeng noticed it from the corner of her eyes and staggered her steps, shielding Chen Linjia, whose back was turned.




There was a yell at the entrance to the basketball gym, and the girl stopped with her hand raised to the back of Ruan Mengmeng’s head.


He Yiyang couldn’t believe his eyes. It was so close that Ruan Mengmeng’s head was in danger of opening up!


A hand bell was a lump of iron!


He braced himself against the railing and jumped off the bleachers. His skills were sharp and handsome, but his face was so grim that he wanted to beat someone. The girl who had been stopped shuddered in fear and threw the bell away with a clang.


He Yiyang strode over and grabbed Ruan Mengmeng with a shout, “Are you lacking a heart!”


The messy-haired Ruan Mengmeng froze at the yell, and her eyes instantly turned red.


Chen Linjia was anxious and violently pushed He Yiyang, “What are you yelling at her for!”


It was to protect her just now. He Yiyang’s eyes were red, “Shut up!”


Ruan Mengmeng also had lingering fears. She tugged at the hem of He Yiyang’s shirt, mumbling with a trembling voice, “Brother…”

The high frequency of his heartbeat caused He Yiyang to gasp for breath, and his grip on Ruan Mengmeng’s wrist became tighter and tighter.


Ruan Mengmeng lowered her head in shock and panic. She was so scared that she wanted to jump into He Yiyang’s arms, but his face was stinky. She didn’t dare to move, even though her hand was a little sore from the grip.


She sucked her nose in a small voice, so pitiful.


Next to her, Lu Zhengyuan couldn’t bear it. “Senior, Mengmeng’s neck is scratched. It’s time to go to…


He Yiyang narrowed his eyes and looked at Lu Zhengyuan, who was wearing a basketball uniform. His face darkened a few more times. Last night, she said she was going to the remedial class today to understand her work. Was the remedial class in the basketball hall?


After the nervousness, the anger value shot up, and He Yiyang said, “Good for you, you dare to lie to me!”


With tears in her eyes, Ruan Mengmeng shook her head, “I didn’t.”


He Yiyang didn’t want to stay where he was, “Come with me!”


Chen Linjia tried to chase after her, shouting behind her, “What are you doing there?”




A clear, male voice appeared behind Chen Linjia.


She paused and turned back, her face instantly stiffened and her eyes averted, “What are you …… doing here?”

[1] Gan generally means one of three things depending on the context. 

And the fourth meaning they referred to was 

  1. Dry, clean or in vain etc.
  2. To work, to manage, or to do.
  3. To concern, to interfere, or to shield.
  1. To f*ck or to kill. 

In this case, they were referring to the first option. 

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