Boyfriend For Hire

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Raw Title & Source: 出租男友
Release Schedule: Sat
Author: 作者:莫里_
Total Chapters: 102
Genres: Fluff Josei Modern Romance School Life
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【Who says money can’t buy love? —— You just haven’t found the purchase link yet!】

Yang Xiao is charming, beautiful, and makes a lot of money, but unfortunately, her eyes aren’t very good. Her first two boyfriends were nothing but beasts in human clothing. 

Her first boyfriend was a domineering CEO from a prestigious family. His only requirement? For her to get pregnant before marriage. A marriage license in exchange for giving birth to a son. 

—Yang Xiao: “Scram.” 

Her second boyfriend was a talented and highly respected university professor. However, this scholarly young man also had dozens of secret girlfriends and lovers on WeChat.

—Yang Xiao: “Get lost.”

In order to deal with her concerned parents and stop her relatives from gossiping, Yang Xiao opened the “Rental Boyfriend” app, planning to hire a fake boyfriend to take home for the holidays.

The next day, a younger guy wearing a sports uniform and holding a basketball appeared outside Yang Xiao’s house. He was tall, young, and very handsome, with short, fluffy hair on his head and eyes that curved into beautiful arcs when he smiled. Even the sky seemed to brighten up when he grinned.

——“Thank you for hiring me! I’m Meng Yufan, your boyfriend.”

Personality: [Beautiful and hot variety show choreographer big sister vs. basketball forward wolfdog]

One sentence synopsis: [Batter your ex-boyfriend, embrace the little wolf dog, become a rich white girl and become a big director!

Content Tags: Romance, contract

Search Keywords: Main Characters: Yang Xiaoxiao, Meng Yufan ┃ Supporting Characters: Tang Shuge

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