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  • I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy


    Translation Status: Completed

    Raw Title & Source: 我爱上了白月光的死对头
    Release Schedule: Wed
    Author: 三月桃胡 San Yue Tao Hu
    Total Chapters: 11
    Genres: Short Xianxia Yaoi
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    Burmese Translation


    I used to have a white moonlight.

    He came from a prestigious background of the righteous path, an immortal lord of noble and benevolent character and was highly revered by the masses.

    He took me to his monastery when I was young and allowed me to live in his residence standing at the mountain top. In other people’s eyes, the me who wasn’t able to cultivate was trash.

    I didn’t mind being called trash as long as his Immortal Lord loved me.

    But not only did he not love me, he even wanted to gouge out half of my soul to nourish his little lover.

    His Immortal Lord’s arch-enemy was a little highness in the demon realm, known for being a scoundrel in all three realms. He was treacherous and ruthless in nature, and whenever interest struck him, he would take up his sword and go to the spiritual pool to massacre evil ghosts.

    But when I was in a tight spot, the fiendish little prince in everyone’s eyes would exasperatedly bully me while helping me wipe my tears.

    To say something completely tasteless, I love him.

    Strong overbearing protective gong x beautiful but pitiful shou
    Xianxia redemption story
    Written in first person narrative

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