I Decided to Go on a Trip Since I Received Consolation Money

Chapter 17 Part 2: The healer is innocent. (Probably)

Translator: Michiko

Editor: Elena

“The aphrodisiac hasn’t worn off yet. Rei, you might not like it, but just bear with it.”

Gio quickly prepared the balm and applied it to Reiru’s back h*le.



Gio’s calloused fingers penetrated inside with a strange liquid. 

The foreign sensation frightened Reiru.

“Uwah, ah, there, no…There’s a fear of hygiene aspect in an@l intercou─”

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At times like this, Reiru wanted to feel Gio’s weight on him, as he always did, but Gio was single-mindedly fingering Reiru’s insides and wouldn’t even look him in the eye. 


Reiru was at a complete loss. He thought it was humiliating that Gio, who usually wouldn’t look away from him while they were on the bed, wouldn’t do so today.


As Reiru tugged at Gio’s clothes and pulled at his sleeves, Gio looked down at Reiru in surprise. 

Gio wiped Reiru’s sloppy face from tears and sweat with his shirtsleeve, ran his fingers through Reiru’s hair to cool his heated head, and pulled Reiru’s beautiful face closer.

“Shh, Rei, don’t cry. Look, it’s not scary.”

Gio’s low, cool voice whispered sweetly and his lips sucked the tears from the corners of Reiru’s eyes and touched his lips. 

All the while, the finger that had been slipped inside Reiru never left. Nevertheless, Reiru felt a sense of security like he could finally breathe freely, since Gio’s attention was finally on him.

“Hng…nuh, ah…ha, uh.”

Reiru’s tension gradually dissolved and the sense of discomfort faded as his insides were massaged while receiving gentle kisses. 

The insides of his belly tingled, and Reiru found the cautiousness of Gio’s fingers frustrating.

“Do you still feel uncomfortable?”

Reiru shook his head softly in response to Gio’s concerned voice. The place that Gio had been discreetly rubbing since a while ago was slowly burning up and expecting more.


“There… it tingles.” 



Gio’s fingers pressed deliberately up on that one point, and Reiru screamed at the pleasure that seemed to be directly connected to his brain. 

Reiru clearly reacted differently than before, and Gio increased even more fingers and rubbed his insides.

“Ah, uh, there, not there…nguh!”

Gio calmed Reiru, who was bewildered by the intense, unaccustomed pleasure from the inside, with a kiss and stimulated there without going overboard. 

Eventually Reiru’s coquettish voice became higher with sweetness, and his eyes softened like honey. 

Gio rubbed harder while sucking Reiru’s tongue in a manner that could be called ravenous.  Reiru’s intestinal wall squeezed as it coiled around Gio’s fingers. 

The rim twitched restlessly, signalling that Reiru’s climax was near.


Reiru’s high-pitched screams filled Gio’s ears. 


Gio brushed Reiru’s messy hair gently and pecked him to avoid overstimulating him. 

Reiru’s climax, which was not accompanied by ejac*lation, brought Gio an intense feeling of satisfaction as well.

How many more times do I have to do this to completely get rid of the drug? 

Reiru had work tomorrow. While Gio was thinking of a way to put him to bed soon, Reiru’s hand reached up to Gio’s thigh. 

Reiru said something surprising to Gio, who was about to ask him if he was thirsty.

“Gio’s, too, is hard…”

Reiru’s golden eyes, still feverish and moist, looked up at Gio seductively. The way his voice, hoarse from too much crying, babbled those innocent words sounded shockingly sexy.

Don’t say that to me now. 

Gio thought so from the bottom of his heart. 

Reiru probably has no idea what those words mean in this situation. 

There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t wished to be received deep into Reiru’s body and finally be connected as one. 

However, I don’t have any intention of carrying out my long-cherished desire with Reiru; he’s not even in his right mind due to the effects of the aphrodisiac. 


This situation is probably a disaster for Reiru. Even though I am trying my best to get past my savage instincts screaming at me to take advantage of him. 


“Don’t worry about me. You have work tomorrow, right? If you take care of me too, your body won’t be able to take it.”

Reiru, who planned to resign from the inn after the next payday in a couple of days, began to recite the events that happened at work over the past few days. 

Listening to them, Gio thought that Reiru must be sad that he wouldn’t be able to see the little girl and his colleagues from work anymore. 

But at the same time, Reiru also wanted to hear about the children entrusted to the beastmen’s territory. It seemed as if the day when Reiru would express his desire to visit them was drawing near.

Gio didn’t know Reiru’s future plans after this. Surely Reiru himself didn’t know either. 

If Reiru couldn’t decide, Gio planned to suggest that they go to the royal capital for the time being. 

Whatever Reiru chose, Gio made up his mind to stay by Reiru’s side.

And at the moment, Reiru wanted to avoid having to miss even one of those precious few days before he resigned because of poor physical health. 

Of course, if he wakes up and still doesn’t feel well, I will encourage him to rest, but I am sure Reiru will try to go to work, even if he has to push himself a bit.

“You still got a little bit of the drug left. Can you hang on a little longer?”

Reiru’s member was less than half er*ct, but Gio decided that it would be easier on Reiru tomorrow if they got the drugs out of his system now rather than to leave unfinished, so he encouraged him to continue. 

Reiru nodded his head slightly with a dazed look in his eyes, and he went along with Gio as usual. 


Ignoring his own desires, Gio devoted himself to providing pleasure for Reiru’s comfort.

That service continued until Reiru, exhausted of energy, fell asleep as if he had fainted.

It was a hellish, sweet night.

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