Rebirth As A Human Cauldron


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In the end, Qin Duan moved back into his own cave.

Just after waking up, his body still weak from not fully recovering its strength, he was taken care of by those four people, lying in bed while they attended to his every need, feeling like a young master for a while… Of course, he didn’t miss out on tofu either. Whether it was face-to-face or mouth-to-mouth, they fed him tofu, and later they became bolder, hands slipping under his clothes, even leading to a fight…

Every time he recalled this, he couldn’t help but laugh. Anyway, he didn’t know who made the first move, but in the end, they all ended up with bruised faces, and they all ran to his bedside to act pitifully. He admitted that he couldn’t bear to see these pretty faces suffer, but both sides were at fault, and he couldn’t do without any of them. It was indeed the truth.


Thinking of this, he sighed and casually broke the barrier in front of the cave. It had been well-preserved, still looking the same as hundreds of years ago, just a bit deserted from not being lived in.

He found a stone stool nearby and sat down, summoning a cup from the cupboard with a wave of his hand and slowly poured himself a drink.

His strength was gradually recovering since his return, but now he wasn’t the same as before. He had the ability to regenerate infinitely. For those four people, he couldn’t undergo another transformation. He sealed it temporarily in his right hand, gradually digesting it with time.

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The person hesitated for a moment and finally looked up, holding back the trembling in his hand. He pursed his lips, a shallow furrow appearing on his forehead, seeming somewhat conflicted.


“I have something to ask you.” Qin Duan’s tone became serious, tapping his fingers on the table. “Sit down. I don’t want to talk to people with their heads bowed.”

Seeing that he seemed a little angry, the person finally got up and sat down on the chair, sitting as straight as a coffin board. He placed the frosty sword on the table and carefully pushed it in Qin Duan’s direction.

“Senior… what do you want to ask?”

“Um, just… about my return, how did you know?” Qin Duan recalled his embarrassing appearance when he was resurrected, feeling a bit embarrassed. He coughed a few times. “I just… didn’t adapt at the time, but I didn’t really care.”

He was speaking the truth, without any falsehoods. “So if you really feel guilty, why not change those three words you said earlier… How about saying ‘I love you’?”

The person was stunned, almost reflexively repeating, “I love you.”

Qin Duan chuckled and slowed down his tone, coaxing, “Good, drink this glass of wine, and you’ll be mine.”

So the person drank the wine in a daze. When he realized what had happened, he blushed from his neck to his ears and lowered his head, almost afraid to look at him.

Qin Duan laughed even more happily, half of his body leaning, reaching out to play with the long hair of the person in front of him, twirling it around his fingers. “What? Just as you said you love me and now regret it?”

“Senior…” Fan Lie stammered, teased by him. “Do you really… not hate me?”

“Do you want me to love you or hate you? Choose one.” Qin Duan “You are such a stubborn child. I felt it when we first met. I tried to push you away with a sword, but you didn’t listen. Now, see, you’ve entangled yourself here, right?”

Reaching the end of his words, he picked up Frost Sword, “Put your hand out.”


Fan Lie looked at him somewhat puzzled and obediently extended his hand.

Qin Duan, with a mouthful of wine, gently touched his fingertips, creating a shallow scar. Then, he lowered his head and used his lips to wrap around it. The taste of alcohol stimulated the slightly painful wound. After slowly swallowing the liquor mixed with blood droplets, he licked the wound a few times. When he pulled back, there was no more bleeding.

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

Fan Lie shook his head, “Not hurt.”

“But I hurt.” Qin Duan blinked, “My heart hurts.”

Fan Lie blushed again, about to withdraw his hand, but Qin Duan held it firmly, fingers intertwined.

“So, if you don’t want to hurt my heart, don’t say such things in the future.” He said calmly, watching the unease on Fan Lie’s face gradually diminish, leaving only a trace of shyness and deep affection.

Fan Lie said, “Okay.”

…And then, naturally, he stayed with him and refused to leave. Qin Duan couldn’t help but smile wryly, thinking, is the Sword Master also such a childish person?

However, he didn’t have much time to think about it. The prohibition at the entrance of the valley was triggered again, and the second visitor arrived.

At that time, after sending the increasingly clingy Fan Lie to deal with the abandoned spiritual field in the back mountain, before he could rest, a flash of bright red figure approached. In the blink of an eye, it crashed into his arms.

Qin Duan staggered back a few steps, not yet stable, and felt a lightness under his feet. Bai Lingzhi, for some unknown reason, hugged him and turned in a circle, pressing him against the wall.


Leaning against the uneven stone wall, Qin Duan awkwardly moved his shoulders, saying, “What are you doing…”

“Master left without a word, making it hard for me to find you.” Bai Lingzhi buried his face in Qin Duan’s chest, sounding muffled and pitiful. Qin Duan rolled his eyes and lightly patted his head, “You’re too presumptuous, let me down.”

The white-haired snake demon lifted his head, blinked his golden pupils, and half-pleaded, half-begged, “If Master forgives me, I’ll let you down.”

Qin Duan was first stunned, then quickly understood what the other party meant. He coughed lightly, “How do you know?”

Bai Lingzhi’s strong hands hugged his waist, the two of them were very close. Due to the posture, he could rest his chin on the person’s head. Before Qin Duan could react, Bai Lingzhi suddenly raised his head, extending his slender tongue to lick his jaw. The wet and cool sensation made Qin Duan shiver slightly, unavoidably recalling those embarrassing and hard-to-mention memories. His face darkened, and he pushed the person away, “Stop fooling around.”

Unlike Fan Lie, he still cared about his face in front of this only disciple. But now, the other party knew that the person who was… was him. It was a subtle feeling that was hard to express.

Bai Lingzhi, following the force, took a step back, but his hand still held Qin Duan’s wrist tightly, and the unwithdrawn tongue circled around his red lips, licking once. “If Master is really angry, you can punish me however you like. Whether it’s breaking tendons or skinning, with just a word from you, I’ll do it myself…” He said, then raised his hand to cut his wrist. Immediately, blood flowed.

Qin Duan was stimulated by this sudden bloody smell. He grabbed the person’s wrist, and magic power poured out from his fingertips, rapidly and visibly healing the wound. Bai Lingzhi lowered his eyes, suddenly smiled, and spoke in a very soft voice, “Master can’t bear it after all…”

Qin Duan felt a slight tightness in his chest, and before he could break out in anger, a crystal clear droplet suddenly hit the back of his hand, scalding hot.

In an instant, Bai Lingzhi buried his head in his arms and cried loudly, completely losing his composure.

This cry extinguished the tiny flame that had just risen in Qin Duan’s heart. He sighed, his hand hanging over the person’s head hesitating for a few seconds before finally coming down, smoothing the silver hair. “You’re so grown up, but you still know how to cry…”

“Who made you not want me…” Bai Lingzhi sobbed, “Why is it only me who forgot about you? It’s unfair…”


Qin Duan sighed and raked his brain for comforting words, “Alright, It’s just that you were a bit… impulsive at that time.”

He vaguely felt that maybe he was being too soft. Just as he was about to command the other not to cry again, Bai Lingzhi, arms around his waist, suddenly tightened his grip, “Because I love you…”

“Always, always have.”

“So, I don’t regret it… I don’t regret what I did. At least, I had you, even though I didn’t know how fortunate I was at that time, and it was a bit forceful.”

“Please, Master, give me another chance…” Bai Lingzhi sobbed, lifting his tear-streaked face. The golden pupils, now moist, shone like sunlight sprinkled on a calm lake, unbelievably beautiful. “This time, I won’t hurt you again.”

Qin Duan, who was hesitant before, now fully awakened. He ground his teeth and used two fingers to lift Bai Lingzhi’s chin, “You brat… you dared to use charm on me? Huh?”

Bai Lingzhi, not panicking at being exposed, teasingly stuck out his tongue, licking his fingertips.

“I’m telling the truth. If the Master doesn’t believe, you can punish me as you wish.” The shameless tone didn’t match his words, but he accurately seized Qin Duan’s unwillingness to be harsh, leaving Qin Duan gasping for breath. “Alright, you’re clever.”

He turned around and tried to leave, but Bai Lingzhi, with his injured hand, firmly grasped his robe. Softly, he said, “Master, are you going to abandon me again?”

Back then, for the sake of erasing desires, Qin Duan had forcibly sealed Bai Lingzhi’s memories for a hundred years, disregarding the other’s struggles. When Bai Lingzhi recalled everything, Qin Duan had already tragically fallen, leaving more than three hundred years of unbearable pain to the man.

Now that everything had settled, Qin Duan had let go of the past. Was it necessary to inflict the same pain again?

While thinking, his steps involuntarily slowed, and Bai Lingzhi took advantage of the opportunity to intensify his approach. From behind, he encircled Qin Duan’s waist.

“You can cut off my limbs, pull out my tongue…” Bai Lingzhi’s voice, sweet to the point of nausea, licked Qin Duan’s earlobe. “You have to leave my eyes so that I can look at you; you have to leave my hands so that I can hold onto you.”

This was a beautiful yet poisonous snake. He would use all means to entangle his prey, even if it meant breaking bones and tearing flesh, so that the prey couldn’t escape.

He would use the most extreme and childish methods to threaten you, pure and crazy. And all of this was just to keep you.

Qin Duan closed his eyes and struggled to utter some words for a while, eventually turning into a sigh.

“Alright, I don’t have such bloody hobbies…” he casually said, lowering his head to untangle the arm around his waist. “Did you forget what I taught you earlier? The alchemy room in the valley hasn’t been used for a long time, it’s already dusty. Go clean it up for me…”

He paused, squinted, and revealed a mischievous smile. “Once it’s done, there will be a reward.”

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