Oops! I Mistook the Target of My Strategy. Now What?

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Raw Title & Source: 認錯攻略對象了怎麼破
Release Schedule: Wed
Author: Shan Ye Xing Yue
Total Chapters: 77
Genres: Comedy Fantasy Fluff Martial Arts Romance Shoujo Transmigration Xianxia



Sui Ning transmigrated into a novel, and, as soon as she opened her eyes, she found herself at the scene of an assassination attempt on someone else. A man dressed in white was covered in blood and holding a long sword. He was her target for conquest: Xie Changzhou. Xie Changzhou was the biggest villain in the original book, with a stunning appearance but a black heart. He caused chaos in the world of cultivation, disrupting peace and causing trouble. Sui Ning was chosen to stop him from turning into a villain. In order to return home, Sui Ning had to complete her conquest mission by saving Xie’s life, healing his injuries, finding medicine for him, and detoxifying him. Finally, when the mission was complete and she could see the halo of her return, Sui Ning excitedly said goodbye to the villain while carrying her small package. “I’m leaving now; be a good person from now on.”

Amidst the towering flames, he stood with his ink-black hair flying and his body bathed in blood. His once gentle and compassionate eyes are now filled with cruelty and paranoia. The system, which had already disappeared, hastily came back online. “Host, the book transmigration agency made a mistake. Xie Changzhou is not the villain; he is the male lead!” Sui Ning: “The agency has caused me a lot of trouble.” When Xie Changzhou was in danger, he met a woman who didn’t want him to become the White Jade Sword Saint and sit on the high platform but just wanted him to be Xie Changzhou. She saved his life, helped him detox, and constantly urged him to be a good person, even mumbling to him when he was drunk to prevent him from becoming bad. At first, he was only helpless, as his heart was focused on the well-being of the people, and he had no intention of becoming a bad person. But later, he wanted to become a little worse so that he could keep her by his side without any hesitation. Forever and ever, never to be separated.

Three-sentence summary:

  • The protagonist mistakenly tries to seduce the wrong male lead and has to fix the resulting chaos.
  • The initially gentle and righteous male lead gradually becomes more paranoid and twisted as a result of the protagonist’s actions.
  • The story features strong characters and a plot-driven narrative in the genre of Xianxia (immortal cultivation), with a system that helps the protagonist correct the male lead’s personality.

Reading guide:

  1. The protagonist appears as a cute and silly girl on the outside but is actually extremely brave and resilient.
  2. The male lead is initially portrayed as a kind and righteous figure but becomes increasingly twisted as the story progresses.
  3. The story is not a pure comedy but has a strong focus on plot and character development.
  4. The novel features a male lead without an original female lead, and the protagonist is the only person he falls in love with throughout the story.
  5. The novel features a hierarchical system of cultivation with stages such as Qi refining, foundation establishment, core formation, nascent soul, etc.

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