InterStellar Dad

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 星际奶爸
Release Schedule: Sun,Mon,Sat
Author: 袖侧 Sleeve Side
Total Chapters: 123 (117 chapters + 6 Extras)
Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy Fluff Interstellar Military Mystery Romance Slice of Life Transmigration
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In the interstellar era, with the advent of artificial uteruses, women are liberated from the constraints of childbirth. Jiang Miao works hard, earns money, and pays five years of social security contributions, finally qualifying for “Gene-Optimized Parenting Program.” Surprisingly, in the first round of the lottery, she matches with a suitable parenting partner:

“Congratulations on your successful lottery! We have matched you with the most genetically compatible parenting partner!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to artificial insemination!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to carry the fetus and give birth!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to give the child to you!”

Jiang Miao: Absolutely perfect!

That is until she meets Yan He, who wears a black military uniform and is as cold as an iceberg. Jiang Miao realizes that her plan might have taken a small deviation. Actually, natural conception wouldn’t have been a problem either. The allure of uniforms is hard to resist.

Iceberg Interstellar Colonel vs. Earth-crossing woman

Tags: Sci-Fi, Interstellar, Sweet Romance, Future Setting, Light-hearted, Transmigration









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