InterStellar Dad

Chapter 36: Lipsticks

There are many things in this era that make Jiang Miao feel excessively wonderful. For example, one can choose not to marry, giving birth doesn’t hurt, taking care of children isn’t tiring, and it doesn’t affect one’s career.

Besides these, there is one thing Jiang Miao feels can never be praised enough, and that is—the Aunt blocker1menstrual interruption.

Ah, of course, it’s not its official name; that’s just Jiang Miao’s nickname for it. But from the name itself, its meaning can be understood.

In reality, due to the advancement of medicine, here, both men and women undergo interruption procedures after entering puberty.

For the people of this era, it’s just like getting vaccinated. It not only interrupts ovulation in women and sperm production in men but also protects the interruptee from over 720 sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.


All thanks to the Women’s Crusaders of Mary, this interruption was initially aimed at women, relieving them of the worries of pregnancy, and they could choose to undo the interruption only when they wanted to conceive.

Later, it gradually became a widespread practice for everyone.

Not getting pregnant, not getting sick—this is the fundamental premise for people of this era to completely return to their natural attributes regarding sex.

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“Not yet,” Yan He said, “But considering the recovery period after undoing the interruption and your current training intensity, it should be about right by then. So, let’s schedule it.”


After Yan He finished speaking, he looked at Jiang Miao’s sparkling eyes. He believed that if there wasn’t a table separating them, she would have pounced on him again.

What a pity.

As she was about to leave, Jiang Miao stood outside the door, turned around and clenched her fist: “Yan He! I will work hard!”

This time, she didn’t call him “Major.” Only when they were intimate and familiar would she address him by name.

“I know.” Yan He stood in the hallway, smiling, and gave a thumbs-up gesture in front of his chest.

The excellent genes you want, I will give them to you.

Although Jiang Miao was sore all over and weak, she left with a heart full of joy.

Naturally, she couldn’t see it, but as the door closed, Yan He’s expression faded, and his eyes revealed a complex emotion.

Jiang Miao went to the biochemical department to grab some repair solution, soaked for twenty minutes, and became lively again.

Dr. Taylor from the biochemical department was a bit surprised: “Jiang, what did you do? Do you know how high the lactate content in your muscles is?”

Jiang Miao thought to herself, if you carried a mountain for ten steps, the lactate secretion would be even higher than mine.

“It’s nothing, just did some exercise in the morning,” she replied vaguely. She didn’t want her colleagues to know that she came from a high-gravity planet and become known as the “strong woman” among men.


“Exercise must be moderate, otherwise it’s easy to injure your muscles,” Dr. Taylor kindly advised.

Jiang Miao thanked him and returned to her own laboratory.

Dr. Taylor muttered to himself, “What kind of exercise secretes so much lactate?”

“Don’t you know?” a colleague slid over on a chair, “Dr. Jiang got herself a new boyfriend, and according to her, she’s very satisfied. They often do things that leave Dr. Jiang feeling sore and weak.”

Dr. Jiang Miao was famously proud and had extremely high standards. Many people in the company pursued her, but regardless of gender, none could meet her standards, and she rejected them all.

Perhaps because her standards were too high, she had very few boyfriends, to the point that it was appalling, only four to be exact. This time, she got herself a new boyfriend, immediately becoming the headline of gossip in various departments’ chat rooms and groups in the company.

Dr. Jiang just mentioned that she did some “exercise” in the morning.

Taylor’s body was almost emitting acidic water!

“It must be that kind of strenuous physical activity! They are all rough guys, lacking in culture, and have no common language. I really don’t understand what’s good about them!” He snorted heavily.

Only then did his colleagues remember that Taylor was also one of Dr. Jiang’s pursuers—they hurriedly chuckled and retreated.

Of course, Jiang Miao was oblivious to all this, as she was immersed in the joy of making significant progress in her parenting plan.

“Tanaka!” She hugged Tanaka’s head. “Quick, tell me which hospital is good?”


“Let go! Let go! My hairstyle is messed up!” Tanaka struggled out, threatening discontentedly, “Don’t treat me like your gay confidant, I’m into both men and women.”

“Come on, you have no gender here. Tell me quickly, which hospital did you go to for the interruption?”

“What do you mean, no gender? I can go both ways… Oh, you’re considering interruption?” Tanaka said in surprise. “You’ve only been living together for a short while. You’re already at this stage?”

“He brought it up, this morning!” Jiang Miao boasted.

“Are you sure he’s the right one? Are you both so satisfied? Haven’t you looked around more?” Tanaka questioned with crossed arms.

There’s no time to look around anymore. If she delays further, Jiang Miao is really worried that one day she won’t be able to resist and Yan He will be swept off his feet, then it’ll be troublesome.

“No, it’s him!” she said decisively.

“Okay, okay. I was on Moto Star at the time. Don’t worry too much. Just find a AAA-rated hospital, any of them will do,” Tanaka reassured her.

“Okay, I’ll ask Xiaodu.” Jiang Miao called her office AI, “Xiaodu!”

Xiaodu replied promptly, “Doctor, what do you need? I’m at your service anytime.”

This is… Yan He’s voice.

And he found out himself!


Tanaka raised his eyes and asked inexplicably, “What’s wrong with you?”

Jiang Miao: “Huh?”

Tanaka: “Why is your face red?”

Jiang Miao: “Um… It’s hot.”

Tanaka: “?? Is it? It’s always temperature-controlled in the office building.”

Jiang Miao told Yan He when she got home, “I’ve booked for next Wednesday morning at the best AAA-rated hospital in the area.”

Yan He, wearing an apron, was chopping vegetables, “Alright, I have time anyway. Just schedule your work time properly.”

He wielded the knife so fast that Jiang Miao could hardly see, and she felt that after a blur, the originally blocky pieces turned into strands with almost no difference between them.

Your dad even cooks with a sense of aesthetics!

Yan He gave a glance with his long eyes. “Caught you peeking again.”

Caught red-handed! Jiang Miao tried to deny it stubbornly, “Nonsense! I wanted to discuss with you about increasing the gravity factor!”

“Alright, got it, you didn’t peek.” Yan He chuckled, then suddenly walked over, leaned down, and gave her a kiss. “I’ve adjusted the training plan for you. Go ahead.”

“You you you you!” Dr. Jiang, who was caught off guard, covered her mouth and accused, “Didn’t we agree on something?”

“What did we agree on?” Yan He feigned ignorance.

“We agreed that after the parenting period ends, we won’t… no, we agreed that during the parenting period, we won’t do that!” Jiang Miao protested.

Yan He leaned on the door frame with his arms. “But we didn’t say we can’t kiss.”

How could this person be so different from when we first met?

“You’re really good at pretending.” Jiang Miao sighed. “The you from when we first met and the you now are completely different people.”

Yan He’s eyes flickered for a moment, then returned to normal.

“Back then, we were strangers.” He smiled, “But now, you’ve been officially booked by me.”

It’s so strange to make an appointment with a man for sex on a certain date in the future.

Jiang Miao’s ears were slightly burning, she turned around and ran away. “I’m off to exercise.”

Yan He watched her run off, the smile fading gradually, and he let out a sigh.

After a while, he suddenly said, “Xiaona, send me the footage from the kitchen door just now.”

Xiaona was very professional, “Is it the part where Major and Doctor exchanged saliva?”


In the blink of an eye, it was Friday, and it was time for the birthday dinner of the big boss, Helena Allison.

Without a second thought, even in such an important social occasion, Jiang Miao wouldn’t manually apply makeup. She spent ages in the bathroom, not on applying makeup, but on selecting the perfect look.

“Okay, this one.” Jiang Miao finally settled on a light makeup look for the dinner party, lightly tapping her finger on the mirror.

The makeup machine’s nozzle extended from behind the mirror, and in three seconds, a makeup look was completed.

Her hair was also kept simple; usually, Jiang Miao just tied it up into a ponytail. For occasions like this, she brought out the hairstyling machine.

A dinner party hairstyle was quickly arranged, but Jiang Miao, holding the pre-selected pearl hair accessory, didn’t know where to insert it to make it look best.

At this moment, a knock sounded at the door, and Yan He asked from outside the bedroom, “Jiang Miao, I’m ready.”

Such a tactful way of putting it. What he really meant was, “Have you recovered yet after all this time?” Even a man as patient as him has his limits.

Jiang Miao pursed her lips and smiled, saying, “Xiaona, open the door for him.”

Then she called out, “Come and help me check my hair.”

Footsteps approached from afar and gradually neared the door. Jiang Miao held up the hair accessory and said, “Help me see where it looks best.”

But after she said that, she didn’t hear a response from behind her.

Jiang Miao raised her eyes in confusion.

In the mirror, a young man dressed in a military uniform was staring at her intently, his eyes bright and dazzling.

So this is what a military uniform looks like. Similar to the daily officer’s uniform with a stand-up collar, but the shoulder boards are more square, and there are golden tassels on the chest, making the man’s face even more handsome and distinguished.

Jiang Miao instinctively straightened her back.

Her instinctive reaction made Yan He couldn’t help but let out a light chuckle. In that laughter, there was a meaning that only the two of them understood—on the evening they went for a drive, he even pointed out this habitual reaction of hers.

Jiang Miao’s ears were slightly burning, and she scolded, “Hurry up and help!” Then she scolded him again, “Show a little decorum!”

The embarrassed and slightly angry look of the girl was quite charming.

Yan He smiled and stepped forward, taking the pearl hair accessory from her hand and saying, “Don’t move.”

He carefully studied her for a moment, selected a spot, and gently inserted the pearl hair accessory.

The beauty and the jewelry complemented each other.

As Yan He’s hand fell, it landed directly on Jiang Miao’s slender waist, pulling her closer.

Jiang Miao straightened her back even more.

“I-I think it’s time to go.” She didn’t know why her voice trembled.

Perhaps it was the warmth of a man’s palm that made her tremble.

She didn’t dare to lift her eyes to meet the man’s gaze in the mirror; it was too intense.


For a long time, that deep and sexy male voice sounded above her head, “Turn around, let me see.”

Jiang Miao knew that turning around would only make things worse, but the man’s hands were firmly holding her waist, and his strength couldn’t be resisted. She could only follow his lead and turn around.

With her back against the washstand, she looked up to see the man’s long neck and distinct Adam’s apple outside of his stand-up uniform collar.

There couldn’t be a worse situation than this.

…No, she was wrong. There was!

Yan He leaned down and captured her lips.

Damn it! Her lipstick!

But Yan He’s intention was to devour that lipstick.

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