I’ve come back after being reborn


Translation Status: Hiatus

Raw Title & Source: 我重生回来了
Release Schedule: Wed,Sporadically
Author: 醉书南飞
Total Chapters: 24
Genres: Apocalpypse Comedy Fantasy Rebirth Shounen Ai


The protagonist was reborn from the apocalypse, back into the present. In order to prepare for the inevitable, he decided to build his own fort.

However, after waiting and waiting, three months had passed but the apocalypse did not come. The world was still peaceful.

At this time, a familiar guest arrived and proclaimed himself as the saviour of the world.  

“To be honest, I really like this fort of yours. It helps my PTSD recovery. Can I know what’s the rent?

“What kind of PTSD?”

“To tell you the truth, you probably won’t believe me but it’s the PTSD as a result of the apocalypse. I’ve just prevented the apocalypse from happening.”

“I believe you.”  

Shou: “I’ve returned after being reborn! I’m ready for the apocalypse!”

Gong: “I’ve returned after being reborn! I’ve prevented the apocalypse!”

Shou: ?

Gong: ?  

CP: The hero who stopped the apocalypse after his rebirth x an ordinary person who reborn back to the time before the apocalypse








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  1. Faceslappingisalwaysgood

    Lol, sounds interesting, but if I was MC I’d hate ML cus I’d probably get myself into trouble trying to get money to get supplies because I’d think they will probably die during the apocalypse (the sources I got money from) then I’d got to jail, sorry I’m trying to come up with th something else to talk about but I can’t, I’ll be reading this then, I’m probably going to make a fool out of myself if I keep writing so ill stop here.