I’ve come back after being reborn

Chapter 2

The instant Fang Yuan said he believed him, he took out a self-defense stun gun and pointed it at his own neck.

In a peaceful world, this thing was prohibited and wouldn’t pass a single safety check. However, he didn’t feel comfortable unless he had it with him.

“Have you touched those corpses?”

“Relax.” The youth raised both his hands in a surrender gesture to indicate that he was harmless. No one knew where his cola had gone. “Although I’ve touched it, you needn’t worry. I’m not carrying the virus.”

Indeed, he knew what he was saying.


Thinking for some time, Fang Yuan felt a layer of cold sweat forming on his nose. This period of peace and security had nearly made him forgotten the threat of death.

“Why should I believe you?”

“You can do a body search.” The man took a step back but didn’t show any signs of running. This room’s layout was such that the walls and the doors were heavily reinforced, there was nowhere he could run. “I’m not injured which is evidence that I haven’t been bitten by the zombies.”

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That’s right, warmer and kinder, as if what he was facing wasn’t sharp enmity but a cute and soft little fellow.


“I understand your caution. But really, the more wary you are, the happier I am.”

Fang Yuan: “?”

“At least, you didn’t tell me to go for a brain check or a CT scan. You also didn’t think I was joking or persuade me to surrender and return the stolen corpse as a sign of respect for the deceased…”

The man recognised his distrust and laughed. He explained, “Heavens, you’re just a step away from pointing a gun at me. This is truly the best reaction I could ever dream of, the one I wanted to see the most—you really believe me—how could I not be happy?”

“Fine…” Fang Yuan frowned slightly. After hearing this explanation, his confusion and doubt faded somewhat and he half-believed this person. They were both reborn from the apocalypse so he could understand this logic.

But understanding was one thing. In Fang Yuan’s heart, he believed that a person who was able to laugh so heartily in a situation where he could be attacked at any time should see a doctor.

In the apocalypse, there was no normal person. But now, there was no apocalypse.

Naturally, Fang Yuan didn’t drop his guard completely. He was afraid that once he displayed a hint of trust, the man in front of him would throw himself at him in agitation, like those fans who’d seen their idol.

Suddenly, the man moved. Fang Yuan instinctively retreated and a hand reached for the safety button on the wall.

However, the man didn’t plan on attacking him nor was he throwing himself forward for a warm hug. He also didn’t go crazy but merely stood on the spot as he began to take off his clothes.

“What are you doing?”

“Showing you the evidence.” The man told him frankly. His dark eyes shone, as if in anticipation of something amazing.


“I don’t have any injuries. Come and check, my beloved future landlord.”

“I think I have yet to agree to let you stay…” Fang Yuan watched his overly nimble movements and couldn’t summon enough confidence in his voice. He shouldn’t treat this person as a normal person. “Fine, but at least not here. There’s a toilet over there.”

The man’s behaviour and personality made it hard to reject him. Fang Yuan conceded and decided that he needed to see the evidence and personally see for himself that this man was completely fine without injuries. He needed to ensure that he didn’t have a single speck of injury.” 


Fang Yuan watched him walk towards the toilet as he stood by the door. With a bang/clap, the lights turned on.

This light was something he had specially bought, its ultraviolet light was sufficiently intense. It was capable of slowing down a newly created zombie.

“Thank you, you’re really thoughtful.” He didn’t know if the man was unaware of this fact or merely acting dumb. He treated Fang Yuan’s act of turning on the light as simple concern for him catching a cold.

“No problem.”

Fang Yuan swept a glance over the man’s body. From the looks of it, he could finally relax a little. He reclined against the door frame with a stoic expression akin to a doctor checking his patient and not some stranger wantonly examining another stranger’s body.

“Alright, I’ve taken everything off. Do you believe me now?”

“Spread your arms out and turn around 90 degrees.” Fang Yuan was a meticulous person. In the apocalypse, he had survived with all sorts of groups and people so he naturally kew how to be cautious. “Turn another 90 degrees and let me take a look at your back.”

The man turned around upon hearing this, his posture straight. He didn’t forget to crack a joke.


“It’s hard to believe that I’ve actually allowed a stranger whose name I don’t even know to see me completely naked. Speaking of which, do I have to keep referring to you as my beloved landlord? Or would you like to tell me your name?”

“Since you’re able to find your way here, there’s no way you don’t know of my name.” Fang Yuan wasn’t fooled and simply shot him a glance. “All the people nearby know of me. You’ve probably asked them for directions and questions about me before you came. Turn again.”

“But those are other people.” The man turned around again such that his side was facing Fang Yuan. His gaze fixed on him without the slightest hint of evasion. “I want to hear it from you.”

“Aren’t you afraid I’d give you a fake name?” Fang Yuan scoffed. In times like this, did it matter if names were real or fake?

“No.” The man reached out a hand towards him. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t have a single thread on his body, Fang Yuan would have thought he was asking him for a dance. “I want you to tell me your name with your own lips and then I’ll tell you my name with my own lips. This way, we can be friends.”


“I’m Jiang Heng. The Jiang from Jiang Shan and the Heng from contention.” The man didn’t need him to say it before he turned another 90 degrees this time to face back to the front. He took a step forward. “What about you?” 

“Lift up your leg.”


“I haven’t checked your soles.”


Jiang Heng shifted his position and sat on the toilet bowl. He lifted up his left foot followed by his right while muttering to himself, “What kind of zombie has such a heavy taste to want to eat my smelly feet…”


“Fang Yuan.”

“What?” Jiang Heng didn’t react in time. “Where?”

“That’s my name.” Fang Yuan picked up the clothes from one side and threw it to him, “The Fang from a square inch and the yuan as in destiny.”

After saying this, he left the toilet and shut the door on the way out, completely separating the two of them.

Three seconds later, Jiang Heng’s excited voice came from within. “I like your name!”

Fang Yuan took two steps with his back towards the door. Hearing these words, he turned back and glanced in the direction. His attitude finally seemed to have softened as he replied in a rather neutral tone, “I also like your body.”

When Jiang Heng came out once more, he was the neat and elegant youth from before.

Of course, Fang Yuan now knew that whether it was elegance or warmth, they were both facades to fool others. Neither of them were his true face.

He opened the refrigerator where all sorts of water and beverages were neatly lined up. He casually took out a bottle of lemonade for himself and threw one towards Jiang Heng.

“My beloved landlord…”

“Let’s make this clear.” Fang Yuan interrupted him. “It’s not impossible to allow you to stay but I have a condition.”

“I’m willing!”

“…I haven’t even said it yet.”

Jiang Heng laughed with a ‘hehe’ and played with the bottled drink in his hand. “Anything is fine, be it my wealth or my body but I don’t have anything else.”

“What about ashes?”

Jiang Heng paled. “You can’t be serious. I’m still alive yet you’re already asking for such a thing…”

“I mean the zombies.” Fang Yuan was extremely close to punching him. “Didn’t you say that you’d burned them?”

“Ah, this. You should have said so earlier.” Jiang Heng reached into a dimension and a ceramic jar appeared in his hands. Then, two and three…

Later on, there was a whole row of them on the table.

With a click, Fang Yuan had sheathed a knife from his pants. This time was much better than the last considering that he didn’t point it directly at Jiang Heng. But he also didn’t loosen it.

“Where did you take them out from?”

“From the space.”

“…” Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, “What was the point of allowing me to search your body then?”

Jiang Heng laughed lightly. “Isn’t it because… I was worried that you’d be too wary?”

A space ability user. It was actually a space user, that explains it.

No wonder Jiang Heng didn’t mind his caution, his guard as well as the houseful of impenetrable iron walls and numerous traps.

Turns out he was confident in himself.

Fang Yuan sucked in a deep breath, feeling his mind buzzing with anger.


In the apocalypse, the space ability was truly the most useful one.

A space was symbolic of a reliable strength. One needn’t worry about having their supplies stolen and in the face of danger, they could hide in it.

Fang Yuan glanced over the bottles of ashes and confirmed that they weren’t counterfeit.

A strong ability user like him had no reason to trick an ordinary person like him. No matter how secure this fort was or how much supplies he has, they were nothing in comparison to a space ability user. This was something he knew better than anyone else.

Since there was no motive or need for him to lie, Jiang Heng’s trustworthiness increased.

“If you like them, I’ll gift these ashes to you as a memento.”

“I don’t.” Fang Yuan rejected him immediately. “Why must I like them?”

Not only did he not like them, he didn’t even want to look at them. It would be for the best if they disappeared from the Earth and fired off into space.

Jiang Heng immediately put them away. “Then, what do you like?”


Fang Yuan thought for a bit before adding, “And a peaceful world.”

Jiang Heng began to seriously consider his own interests.

Watching him silently for some time, Fang Yuan threw down the second condition for him to stay here.

“Since you’ve awakened an ability, there’s a possibility that others might too. As long as you can ensure that my life remains peaceful without any need to fight nor will there be any dangers to my life, your period of stay can be extended indefinitely.”

“This you needn’t worry about. There will be no one else who will awaken.”

“Apart from you?”

“Yes, except for me.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Probably… the fact that I’ve just saved the world and prevented the apocalypse?”

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