InterStellar Dad

Chapter 35: Lips and Tongue

Jiang Miao was in a daze. It had been a long time since she had experienced this feeling. A living man, even his tongue had warmth and dexterity.

It’s evident that he has a lot of experience.

Indeed, among her colleagues, who hasn’t achieved feats of killing hundreds or thousands? Let alone someone with conditions like Yan He.

Yan He felt somewhat comforted both physically and mentally, so he let go of Jiang Miao. Seeing her eyes misty, as if in a dream, he couldn’t help but smile and kissed her eyes again.

With a whimper, Jiang Miao grabbed his collar. “Don’t…”


Could she still maintain the last bit of rationality at this moment? Yan He chuckled softly.

“Do you really want a child like this?” he asked.

Jiang Miao whimpered, “Yes!”

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Yan He lowered his head and kissed her again.


When they separated, the car had already stopped at the parking platform that automatically unfolded on the balcony.

Jiang Miao was held in Yan He’s arms, clutching his collar, her face flushed as she said, “Th-That’s enough! We can’t… go further.”

They couldn’t go any further, or else even a fire truck wouldn’t be able to put out the fire!

Yan He’s eyes curved with a smile.

Jiang Miao angrily grabbed his collar. “When will my physical fitness meet your requirements?”

Everyone has their own secrets.

Yan He said, “It won’t be long.”

“Okay, I’ll try my best.” The car door opened, and Jiang Miao got out and walked into the house, heading straight for the bedroom.

She was too hot; she wanted to take a cold shower quickly.

“Doctor,” Yan He suddenly called out to Jiang Miao in the hallway.

Jiang Miao turned back.

“About the storage room, don’t mind me,” he said seriously, “but I still recommend a live one.”


Ah, ah, ah! Who would have thought that such a serious expression could lead to such a bastardly remark!

And now he’s calling her “Doctor” again?

“Mind your own business!” Jiang Miao, flushed with anger and embarrassment, stormed back into the bedroom.

Yan He chuckled.

In a moment, Jiang Miao’s bedroom door opened again.

“Major!” Jiang Miao leaned out, trying to maintain a dignified demeanor on her face. “Let me make it clear upfront. Although we’ve, um, sealed the deal, there are still several years to go. During this period, I have no intention of developing anything with you. We’re just partners, colleagues! Our personal and, uh, intimate lives are not to interfere with each other.”

But you’re such a straightforward and simple guy who only accepts clear one-on-one relationships.

“Alright, Doctor.” Yan He smiled. “Goodnight, Doctor.”

Jiang Miao: “…”

Ugh, his smile and calling her “Doctor” just infuriate her even more.


“Goodnight, Major,” Jiang Miao said, her face sour.


She closed the bedroom door.

Sleep was out of the question now. Her mind was filled with thoughts of the next-door bastard, the master of flirting.

Thank goodness she had disabled Xiaona’s body signal monitoring function, or Xiaona would have been nagging all night.

She tossed and turned like a frying fish, touching her lips, and eventually drifted into a difficult sleep.

Yan He returned to his room, took a shower, watched some stress-relief videos, and closed his files after enough laughter behind his hands.

“Check on the status of my package,” he said.

The AI automatically checked, and the item he wanted was still on its way. Despite using military channels, there weren’t any direct flights to the capital’s star cluster recently, so it had to go through several hands in transit.

It would take a few more days, he thought, but he could give her what she wanted.

Although he didn’t know why she lied, her desire for a child was genuine, and her efforts were sincere.

This lovely and cheerful girl, wanting excellent genes, he would surely give them to her, helping her achieve her wish.

He imagined she would be very happy then, wouldn’t she?

Yan He didn’t expect to see Jiang Miao in the gym early the next morning when he fell asleep.


Jiang Miao got up very early. She took off her pajamas and put on her gym clothes before heading to the gym.

Sure enough, Yan He was already exercising inside.

Jiang Miao took a deep breath and stepped in! Although she was mentally prepared, she almost fell to the ground in an instant!

Jiang Miao pressed her hands on her knees and barely managed to stand still.

“Get out,” Yan He turned his head at the sound, somewhat surprised, and shouted, “Five times gravity, you can’t handle it.”

Five times? No wonder her body felt as heavy as a mountain in an instant. But could she actually withstand five times gravity? Training really did work!

Jiang Miao was about to say “Let me try,” but it came out as a grunt—her lips were too heavy to speak.

But her determined body language still conveyed her intentions, and Yan He understood.

He stood up, crossing his arms. “It’s too much of a strain.”

Although he said so, he calculated in his mind that, given Jiang Miao’s bone density, while it would be very tough under five times gravity, it wouldn’t cause her physical harm. He didn’t intervene or reduce the gravity multiplier.

He was curious to see how long Jiang Miao could hold out.

Jiang Miao gritted her teeth and slowly straightened her body, taking steps forward. She walked a small circle in the open space near the door. It wasn’t much, just ten steps, but by the time she finished those ten steps, she was sweating profusely, her whole body drenched, even more exhausting than the high-intensity training from the previous night.

As she took the final step towards the door, speaking was difficult, so she could only communicate with Yan He through her eyes.

Yan He’s eyes sparkled with amusement. “Xiaona, deactivate the gravity.”

As the gravity deactivated, Jiang Miao’s body became lighter, but she felt weak, on the verge of collapsing to the ground. Yan He quickly caught her around the waist.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Let… me,” Jiang Miao leaned against him to catch her breath, “take a break?”

Yan He was a bit skeptical. “Do you still have the energy for work?”

“I’m fine, just need to… go to the Biochemical Department, for… repair fluid!” Jiang Miao gasped heavily.

“Let’s get you cleaned up first,” Yan He bent down and hoisted Jiang Miao onto his shoulder.

“Hey!” Jiang Miao pounded on him. “What happened to the princess carry?”

“This is easier,” Yan He said casually.

Jiang Miao: “…” You handle five times gravity with ease, and this is too much for you?


“You managed to walk ten steps under five times gravity, exceeding my expectations. But don’t be so reckless in the future,” Yan He said. “If you want to speed up the training, just let me know, I can adjust it for you.”

Jiang Miao grunted a few times.

If he hadn’t intervened, she wouldn’t have been so reckless. Couldn’t they just be polite partners? It’s all his fault!

“Exceeding the limits with high gravity is a method typically used by athletes or the military,” Yan He continued, “It’s not something ordinary people can withstand.”

Jiang Miao muttered something.

Though mumbled, Yan He understood. She was saying, just as he had mentioned before, that she “wasn’t an ordinary person.”

“How did you come up with this method?” he asked.

“Isn’t it the same principle?” Jiang Miao finally spoke clearly, “Pushing yourself until your lungs feel like they’re about to burst while running, so that next time you can run even farther.”

She wouldn’t tell him that her inspiration came from a long-tailed individual. This long-tailed individual constantly pushed their limits under high gravity, eventually becoming a super saiyan1lol. DBZ’s Gouku.

Yan He carried Jiang Miao into the bathroom of her bedroom and set her down. “Feeling better?”

“Much better.” Jiang Miao stood up straight, clenched her fists, tensing the muscles in her arms. The feeling of exhaustion had passed, but she still felt weak.

Although it was uncomfortable at the time, once she recovered, it wasn’t a big deal. After all, Jiang Miao was born on a high-gravity planet, so her foundation was different.

“If you still need help, I can assist,” a certain Major said seriously.

Jiang Miao: “…”

“Get out, get out!” She pushed him out and closed the door. “Quickly go take a shower, you’re all sweaty!”

Muffled laughter came from outside the door.

Men, once you let them cross a certain line, they’ll spare no effort to test the next one!


Jiang Miao had dated three boyfriends in her two lifetimes. This number might seem pure to Yan He, but it was simply a misunderstanding caused by cultural differences between eras.

It’s like in the Ming and Qing dynasties, a woman might be seen as promiscuous if she dared to smile at a stranger. But such a woman in the 21st century would undoubtedly be considered conservative and old-fashioned.

Jiang Miao, considered naive by Yan He, had dated three men in the 21st century. Though not exactly promiscuous, she certainly wasn’t lacking in experience.

Deep down, Jiang Miao understood this very well.

But whenever she encountered Yan He, it was like being hit by Aunt Flo, unable to resist his hormones… (:3∠)

After hurriedly taking a shower, she arrived at the dining room feeling somewhat weak.

Yan He, who had finished his shower much faster, was already sitting at the table.

“How desperate must humanity be to go live on planets with such high gravity?” Jiang Miao mused as she ate breakfast.

“They were left with no choice,” Yan He said. “Just like when the Earth’s environment deteriorated to the point of being uninhabitable, humanity had to flee the Earth and seek out other habitable planets. During the era of interstellar colonization, after experiencing population control measures similar to those of the Age of Exploration, and finally finding habitable planets, there was a population explosion. Within a few hundred years, the population grew to the point where the planets could no longer sustain them, forcing them to search for new habitable planets. But there weren’t enough habitable planets available, so people had no choice but to turn their attention to low-intensity, high-gravity planets. Through genetic modification and population relocation, a portion of the population was adapted to high gravity. Over generations, their genes were passed down and selected, completely adapting to high gravity and continuously expanding to even higher gravity planets. As a result, they could explore a much wider range of planets than non-modified humans.”

Jiang Miao shrugged. “I read in history books that those who underwent genetic modification and relocation were all criminals. But it was a crazy time back then. Even stealing a piece of candy from a supermarket could land you in prison. So, in a way, we descendants of the high-gravity planets are all descendants of criminals.”

“Compared to this era, later on, with the rise of feminism, women refused to marry and have children, leading to a drastic decline in population. After several generations, it dropped to a dangerously low level that the government couldn’t sustain, which is quite ironic,” Yan He said.

“But that’s not a reason for them to legislate that fertile women should be considered national assets and force them to bear children!” Jiang Miao snorted, recalling the bloody history of women during that era. “They got what they deserved in the end.”

“Indeed,” Yan He, a man of the equal rights era, never thought there was anything wrong with women’s resistance during that time. He nodded in agreement. “It was too difficult for men to give up their privileges. Without the bloody sacrifices of the Maria Women’s Crusade, there wouldn’t have been various equal rights laws later on, nor would we have gender equality now.”

“Yeah. Everything we enjoy now—equal pay for equal work, equal opportunities for education and employment, shared parental leave, government subsidies for childbirth—all of it, we owe it to them,” Jiang Miao said.

She finished her breakfast, still feeling hungry, and couldn’t help but glance at Yan He’s plate.

Yan He pushed his untouched food toward her. “You eat first.” Then he instructed Xiaona to make another serving.

“I’ve been expending too much energy. Every step feels like moving a mountain,” Jiang Miao defended herself.

Yan He smirked and glanced at the time on the wall. “Don’t rush. Take your time eating. It’s not time for you to leave yet.”

After a pause, he continued, “Arrange your schedule. Let’s go lift the blockade first.”

Jiang Miao’s eyes widened in surprise as she took a bite of the meat bun.

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