InterStellar Dad

Chapter 34: Stamp

The ginger-colored moon descended, the cyan moon rose, and the red moon hung there all along, appearing particularly gigantic due to its proximity, with the silhouette of man-made structures vaguely visible on it.

The three moons of Capital Star shone brightly together.

If Yan He were to delay speaking for just one more second, he would have achieved the accomplishment of transitioning from partners to lovers with Jiang Miao.

He really shouldn’t have brought up the child when the atmosphere was so good.

Jiang Miao had been single for a long time. She had already been difficult to resist after being deliberately teased by her ideal type and was about to succumb to hormones. At this critical moment, the word “child” sounded like a loud bell ringing in her ears, awakening her!


Jiang Miao was someone who executed plans diligently once they were made, and who relentlessly pursued her goals once they were set.

Yan He held Jiang Miao’s chin, his thoughts fluctuating as he leaned in to kiss her luscious lips. In the end, he only kissed Jiang Miao’s fingertips.

He looked up, their noses almost touching, and they could see each other’s reflections in their eyes. At such a close distance, Jiang Miao reached out and blocked Yan He’s attempted kiss.

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“No, Major,” Jiang Miao hurriedly said, “You are a very attractive man. Please don’t belittle yourself.”


“Why is that?” Yan He asked.

It’s no wonder Yan He would ask such a question. He was currently single, as was Jiang Miao, and they lived under the same roof, naturally having hormonal attractions to each other.

Coincidentally, Yan He also discovered that he was Jiang Miao’s preferred type, and because of his arrival, Jiang Miao even put away her frequently used toys in the storage room. With the moonlight shining just right, the two of them were alone in a confined space… Yan He really didn’t expect to be rejected.

It didn’t make sense.

Since they had come this far, and considering that even her K70 had been discovered by him, Jiang Miao decided to open up and speak frankly.

“Major, I want to show you this,” Jiang Miao activated her smart brain and skillfully pushed some content to Yan He.

Yan He directly projected that content onto the windshield of the car. He read quickly, and in a moment, he finished reading, understanding. “Just because of this? But you haven’t even tried, how would you know…”

“Major!” Jiang Miao interrupted him, saying, “I think what these people said makes a lot of sense. Since we are two strangers deciding to have a child together, we should treat it as a job, shouldn’t we?”

She took a deep breath and continued, “I don’t know what your past relationship experiences have been like, but I, I’ve been through two breakups, neither of them pleasant. We’re supposed to live together for four years in the future. If we develop a romantic relationship now, there’s no guarantee how long it will last. If our relationship falls apart while raising the child, these unpleasant experiences will surely harm the child’s young mind. So, Major, I hope that at least during the process of raising our child, our relationship can remain within the category of partners or friends, and not cross the line.”

It’s not to say that in the interstellar era, rapid romantic relationships and breakups can happen without causing harm. Setting aside Jiang Miao’s own experiences, just based on what Jiang Miao witnessed, Tanaka is an example.

Last year, Tanaka had a boyfriend. He was charming, but quite fickle, and they had differing speeds in understanding the progression of their relationship.

While Tanaka was still deeply in the throes of passion, her partner’s ardor had faded, and he fell in love with someone else, breaking up with Tanaka.


Tanaka was in a low mood for quite a while back then. He didn’t even want to attend the big boss’s birthday banquet, but Jiang Miao persuaded him and accompanied him.

During that birthday banquet, they were fortunate enough to strike up a conversation with the big boss, which led to them securing the project they now had in their hands. The research funding was substantial, and Tanaka was revitalized on the spot.

“Is it okay, Major?” Jiang Miao asked nervously.

Yan He held his chin, looking at Jiang Miao calmly, as if contemplating. After a while, he slowly spoke, “Two times?”

Jiang Miao: “!!!”


“You, you, you’ve got the wrong focus!!” Jiang Miao’s face flushed crimson.

There was a low chuckle from Yan He in the car, almost causing Jiang Miao’s ears to conceive.

“Only two?” Yan He reached out and touched Jiang Miao’s face, his thumb gently brushing against it. “I always thought you were a bit peculiar, but now it makes sense…”

Although twenty-six years old was still very young, having only experienced two relationships could be considered quite innocent. Given her beauty, it’s almost unbelievable.

As those slender fingers, which she often couldn’t help but sneak glances at, caressed her cheek like this, Jiang Miao’s body half-softened. She bit her lip and awkwardly turned her head, trying to evade this magical hand.

However, Yan He took the opportunity to play with her earlobes, pinching and twisting them.


“Don’t do this to me,” Jiang Miao said, her cheeks flushed with anger.

“Do what?” Yan He teased, tugging at them. “This?”

What’s with this person!

Jiang Miao now deeply missed the serious and solemn young man she first met!

“You, you, you…”

“What about me?” Yan He said bluntly. “Jiang Miao, how much pheromone have you been emitting towards me these days? How many hints have you given me? Have some self-awareness.”

“Me? What? I haven’t!” Jiang Miao protested, feeling unjustly accused. “I haven’t said or done anything!”

“Oh? Is that so?” Yan He’s tone raised slightly, as he calmly listed, “You stare at my collar, peek at my hands, your back straightens suddenly when you lean in to talk to me, and you get goosebumps when our skin touches…”

Just now, Jiang Miao accidentally revealed that she had only experienced two relationships. This number was unbelievable. Someone her age, even if they were not particularly attractive, would have experienced at least double digits.

For a moment, Yan He even doubted whether Jiang Miao might be frigid, but he immediately dismissed the thought.

Jiang Miao was clearly attracted to him, and both of her ex-boyfriends were athletes who preferred physically strong men in terms of sexuality. This was a pursuit of male hormones. It was so obvious; it couldn’t possibly be frigidity.

She was simply… innocent.


If it were another woman, Yan He wouldn’t have laid it out so plainly. Adults could understand each other with just a glance or a smile.

But Jiang Miao was so pure and innocent, almost as rare as a rare animal. Yan He felt he had to lay it out clearly.

“These… these are all normal reactions!” Jiang Miao stubbornly insisted. Peeking at things was just because she couldn’t control her eyes!

“Well, then what about the AI voice in your office?” Yan He smirked, casting a sidelong glance.

Oh no no no no no! Jiang Miao wanted to pull her hair out. “How did you know?”

Yan He’s eyes gleamed mischievously. “I was originally planning to call you to ask what you wanted for dinner. Since you couldn’t answer, it was automatically answered by AI.”

Unexpectedly, what he heard was his own voice. Yan He felt that Jiang Miao understood his thoughts very well.

Jiang Miao felt like crying. “I just like your voice, really! I’m not doing it on purpose…” Sob sob sob!

Yan He sighed helplessly. “Dr. Jiang, do you really have no idea about your attractiveness?”

Jiang Miao stopped sobbing, widened her eyes, and looked a little dazed.

It was precisely this dazed look, with her bright, watery eyes and rosy lips. She didn’t need to do or say anything deliberately; she could already make a man’s hormones stir.

But she was completely unaware of it.

“You,” Yan He said with a hint of frustration as he gently rubbed the slightly parted, rosy lips that he had impulsively wanted to kiss but didn’t, “need to have some self-awareness!”

Was he… praising her? Was he saying that he was also attracted to her?

Jiang Miao felt both wronged and happy again, unable to help biting her lip.

Such a gesture, in the small, ambiguous space, was particularly enticing.

“Keep biting, and don’t blame me for being rude,” Yan He said.

The young man’s gaze was intense, with a hint of aggression.

Jiang Miao quickly backed away. “Stop, calm down.”

“Jiang Miao, you have to admit, there’s a strong attraction between us. Living under the same roof, how could nothing happen?” Yan He said.

“But those are just primal instincts. We’re humans; what distinguishes us from animals is that we can use reason to control our desires!” Jiang Miao disagreed.

Yan He countered, “Why should we control them?”

Jiang Miao was taken aback.

Feeling hungry, we eat; feeling thirsty, we drink. When we’re in the mood, men and women come together in a passionate embrace, fully indulging in desire. Only then do we truly live.

Why not restrain hunger? Why not restrain thirst? Why only restrain sexual desire?

This is a society where, after gender equality, the societal attributes and constraints imposed on sex in the male-dominated society of ancient times have been stripped away, returning sex to its natural state.

In such a value system, Jiang Miao couldn’t answer why one should restrain oneself.

When sex is neither dirty nor shameful, why restrain it?


“For the sake of the child, as I just mentioned!” Jiang Miao tried to steer the conversation back on track.

You’re really good at changing the subject!

“Can’t we relieve each other’s desires?” Yan He asked.

His fingers still refused to release Jiang Miao’s lips, indicating his unsatisfied desires today. When a man gets aroused, it’s like a fire that’s hard to extinguish.

“Better not, no, it’s not possible!” Jiang Miao gritted her teeth, then confessed bluntly, “Yan He, you also need to be aware. You’re a very attractive man. If I were to have a fling with you, I… I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t develop feelings, and that’s the last thing I want to happen during the child-rearing process.”

“What about after the child-rearing period?” Yan He asked.

The child-rearing period refers to the first three years when parenting partners jointly raise their child.

“Well… we can consider it then,” Jiang Miao’s ears warmed up.

After the child-rearing period, they could live separately. Jiang Miao felt that in this era, the probability of finding an ideal partner and being able to stay together was close to zero. In that case, having a child would be enough, and being with the child’s father as a lover, or even friends with benefits… seemed more acceptable.

“Very well,” Yan He said, “then I’ll make a reservation and stamp the deal.”

Huh? Stamp what deal?

A “?” popped up in Jiang Miao’s mind.

Yan He leaned in, kissing the enticing rosy lips he had been longing for all night.

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