Childhood Sweethearts


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 燕宁飞
Total Chapters: 1
Genres: Josei Modern Oneshot School Life Slice of Life


Childhood friends, perhaps, represent a kind of emotion: overly familiar and intimate, to the extent that they become like air for each other. Even if unseen, they hold great importance.

Childhood friends, many feelings may not have the chance to sprout before transforming into a deeper bond. Clearly, he is my childhood friend, but he is not mine.

The so-called companionship is about journeying together, and each person must navigate their own life path.

Content Tags: Urban, Flower Season, Childhood Friends, Farming, Light-hearted

Search Keywords: Protagonists: Mingming, Aning | Supporting Characters: | Other: Childhood Friends, Growth

One-sentence Summary: A short story about the realistic route of childhood friends.


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