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  • If The Moon Won’t Hold You

    Translation Status: Ongoing

    Raw Title & Source: 如果月亮不抱你
    Release Schedule: Fri
    Author: Liu Mang Xing 六盲星
    Total Chapters: 71+3 Extras
    Genres: Fluff Josei Romance Shoujo


    Cen Ning was taken to the residential compound1those in the military in China can bring their family, including children, to live in the residential compound of a military institution to live together at the age of thirteen. The kids in the compound saw that she was non-threatening and timid, so they bullied her fervently.

    Cen Ning was filled with panic, so she could only build up her courage to run towards Yan Xingzhi:

    I heard that I’m your wife, can you back me up?

    After growing up, Cen Ning left because other people said that Yan Xingzhi already had someone else he liked.

    Cen Ning was a little sad, but she still went to greet him before leaving:

    I heard that I won’t be your wife anymore, so can I like other people now?

    How time flies.

    Yan Xingzhi pressed down against the little white rabbit in front of him, all his emotions transforming into a faint smile: Ningning2nickname for Cen Ning using the last character in her name, have I backed you up in vain for all these years?

    Content tags: wealthy family, special fondness, childhood sweethearts, sweet novel

    One-sentence introduction: A little white rabbit’s cute daily life.

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