If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 35.2: Favour

Senior Sister: “Which club?”

“Didn’t I work part-time in Tianying during summer break? Later on, I resigned. Mr. Hao Jie gave me a business card and recommended I go there.”

“So good, that’s awesome!”

Cen Ning remembered she was afraid of losing the business card, so she took a photo with her phone, so she pulled up the photo.

“Eternal Camera Club… what the hell?”


Cen Ning saw her Senior Sister’s face full of astonishment, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Cen Ning! Don’t delay too long, hurry up! This is the Eternal Camera Club!”


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“Ebs, obs?”

“Rv’p Zkd Nk!”

Uld Lkdt oyp pvwddle qsa y xsxldv, vbld pzsozu alynvle. “Zkd Nk…”

“Zlp! Rv’p y bwtl tykd!”

Zlyb… kv oyp y bwtl tykd.

Yspv rlsrzl eked’v jdso Zkd Nk, cwv yp y rbsvstayrbu ldvbwpkypv, bso nswze pbl dsv jdso Zkd Nk?

Yin Li was about forty years old this year. He has held film festivals all over the country and won many awards. Just five years ago, he won the gold medal in the International Natural Landscape Photography Annual Competition… It was also because of that instance that he became famous in the industry.


As the only Chinese person who has won that award, Yin Li has undoubtedly become a benchmark in the contemporary photography industry. He was indeed the predecessor of their generation of young people!

“I didn’t expect that Mr Hao Jie would introduce me there—”

“It can be seen that this teacher Hao Jie recognizes your talent very much. The Eternal Camera Club recruits new photographers every year. Do you know how precious your quota is? Why don’t you hurry?”

Cen Ning was having a bit of a hard time. “I want to join quickly, but I’m worried that I won’t even have a camera when I go. Wouldn’t it be awkward if there is any activity or work?”

“That’s right, but…”

 “I’ll lend mine to you.” Suddenly, a boy’s voice came from behind.

Cen Ning turned her head to look, only to see Xia Yi, whom she had not seen during all of summer break. “Senior brother.”

Xia Yi stepped forward. “Cen Ning, I can lend you this camera. I’ll just use my old one temporarily.”

“No need. I’ll just wait for mine. It should be fixed soon.”

Xia Yi: “That can’t be accurate. What if you lose this opportunity because of the delay? Take it, it’s useless recently anyway.”

Senior Sister: “Yes, yes, hurry up to report and show your face!”


It was a rare opportunity, and naturally, Cen Ning didn’t want to lose it, so after thanking Xia Yi repeatedly, she borrowed his camera.

It was after four o’clock in the afternoon by the time she left the photography studio.

Just as she was about to head to the dormitory building, she received a phone call from Yan Xingzhi.

“Come to the school gate.”

Cen Ning: “Huh?”

“I was passing by, it’s just in time to have dinner together.”

“Have dinner, now?”

“You ate already?”

How could she have eaten so early?

Cen Ning told him to wait a moment and hung up the phone.

After getting into Yan Xingzhi’s car, the two went to a restaurant for dinner. Cen Ning remembered that this was the private kitchen restaurant they had been to last time. Yan Xingzhi seemed to like the dishes here.

During the meal, Cen Ning chattered about the Eternal Camera Club. She was worried that Yan Xingzhi would not know who Yin Li was, so she specially introduced him.


Seeing her glowing and happy face, Yan Xingzhi felt relieved in his heart. At the same time, he also remembered the camera he put in the car that he specially asked a professional friend to choose.

He’ll give it to her when they go back. She should be very happy.

“Is the camera repaired?” Yan Xingzhi asked.

Cen Ning shook her head. “Not yet.”

“Then if you go to that club, you need a camera.”

“Mhm, I need one.”


“But luckily I have one.”

Yan Xingzhi’s hand that was holding onto chopsticks paused, and he looked up at her.

Cen Ning: “I borrowed one from a senior brother of my photography club.”

Yan Xingzhi looked at her steadily, his eyes deepened slightly: “Senior brother…”

Cen Ning was focused on her food, so she didn’t notice Yan Xingzhi’s sudden change in expression. “Just… you’ve seen him before.”


A Senior Brother he has seen.

Xia Yi.

The only little smile in Yan Xingzhi’s eyes slowly disappeared.

After eating, he sent Cen Ning back to school.

He was silent all the way. Cen Ning was not the kind of person who would pick up topics, but she was sensitive and could naturally feel that the air pressure in the car was very low.

Cen Ning secretly turned her head and glanced at Yan Xingzhi, the handsome profile, the sharp and indifferent eyebrows, and… the unbearable coldness.

What was wrong?

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