If The Moon Won’t Hold You

Chapter 42.2: Moonlight

Secret kiss? He couldn’t be talking about that one time many years ago? The one on the night of Xin Zechuan’s birthday, when she secretly kissed him while he was sleeping.

“You were not sleeping! You, you were pretending to be asleep!” Cen Ning was shocked.

Yan Xingzhi replied nonchalantly, “I just so happened to wake up.”

Cen Ning’s ears were terribly hot. It turned out that the little secret she once thought was a secret was not a secret at all. It turned out that he knew already, so… How did he think of her all along?

“Yan Xingzhi, you!”


Yan Xingzhi’s eyes narrowed slightly. “What did you call me?”

Cen Ning was angry. She felt as though she was being spread apart and exposed, embarrassed and awkward. She stretched out her hand to push him away, but after struggling a few times, she found that she was confined so tightly that she couldn’t move. “Let go!” Cen Ning pushed him hard.

This time, Yan Xingzhi groaned, and he has really pushed away.

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“Lso kv kp obyv R oydv,” pyke Zyd Dkdtgbk.

Uld Lkdt: “…”

“What, not convinced?” Yan Xingzhi gently pressed his hand on her neck, forcing her to look up. “If you are not convinced, you can ask me to pay you back.”


What paying him back and owing him? Wasn’t it still kisses in general?

Cen Ning had always spoken little and was not good at logic. After such a series of words from Yan Xingzhi, her consciousness was not clear.

The fire in Yan Xingzhi’s heart finally found an outlet. After he let it out, he looked at the little girl with red eyes in his arms, and he was both angry and unbearable.

He didn’t want to scare her so suddenly, but he couldn’t bear it.

“Cen Ning,” he whispered to her. “You were mine originally.”

Cen Ning’s eyes trembled. “Do you like me?”

Yan Xingzhi: “If I don’t like you, did you think I’ve been rushing to find you because I have nothing else to do?”

Cen Ning’s hand on his waist clenched tightly. She endured and endured, and finally asked, “You said before, you don’t like me being your fiancée. That it’s forced and cumbersome since that’s the case… Why do you say you like me?”

It was rare for Yan Xingzhi to be dumbfounded. “When did I say that?”

“You said it before. I heard it.” Cen Ning bit her lip, “Xingzhi Gege, you don’t like to be forced, and neither do I. You don’t need to suddenly… suddenly do this because I saved you. I’m not used to it.”

Yan Xingzhi: “…”

There was silence for a long time. Thinking about it, Yan Xingzhi did not have the words in her mouth in his mind, when did he say such a thing?


“Cen Ning…”

“Hurry up and go on the bed to rest. I, I have to catch up with my homework.” Yan Xingzhi had released his strength, so Cen Ning slipped out of his arms easily.

Looking at Cen Ning who ran into the living room, Yan Xingzhi took two steps while pressing his waist and abdomen. “I never said those words.”

Cen Ning’s figure paused.

Yan Xingzhi: “Did you misunderstand something?”

Cen Ning turned and looked at him, only to see him standing in the dark, with a grim and lonely face. “Also, you said that I did this because you saved me? Cen Ning, you are a little unreasonable.”


The room was silent.

Yan Xingzhi stepped towards the bedroom. When he reached the door, he stopped and said, “You sleep in that room. If you don’t want to stay, you can go back tomorrow. It’s very late now.”

After speaking, he entered the bedroom and never came out again.


The next day.


Coffee shop.

Cen Ning stirred the coffee in her cup with a spoon in a trance.

“Ningning, hey Ningning! Don’t get distracted, talk about it,” Zhang Ziyi was so anxious she wanted to flip the table, “You said Yan Xingzhi confessed to you? Just last night?”

Cen Ning glanced at her, her face flushed. “Speak lower, that, that really wasn’t a confession.”

“He said that you were his, and he said he liked you. If that isn’t a confession, that what is?” Zhang Ziyi took a deep breath. “Ningning, you waited for the clouds to open to see the moonlight.” (TLN: She waited and finally saw what she wanted)

Cen Ning: “Nonsense… I wasn’t waiting.”

“Yes, yes, you were not waiting, you always wanted to forget him, but Ningning, if you really no longer like Yan Xingzhi, you would save him like you did in Tibet?”


“One question. Do you still like him?”

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